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Wood Fences Stain

The Best Stains for Wood Fences: Oil Based, White, and More

Bare fences can be pretty boring.

It just stands on your property serving as a security and privacy structure. But there can be more that you can do with your fences.

Wood fences can be a great tool to enhance the curb appeal of your property or garden landscape.

By enhancing the appeal of the property, so does its value if you ever plan of selling it in the future.

But what if this fence looks shabby and is already chipping away?

You don’t have to worry because wood fences stains are your friend. A great solution to protecting and beautifying your own home fence.

Choosing Wood Fence Stain

Staining Vs. Painting

For some who are unfamiliar, painting and staining might be just the same.

However, there are actually some differences between the two from cost to application, especially if staining a fence that is already stained.

By definition, staining is a finishing process that penetrates the wood itself. It protects the wood material by retaining its original or natural appearance.

On the other hand, painting is a finishing process that transforms and covers the entire outer appearance of the wood by way of color.

A wooden or brown fence when painted will lose its natural appearance to the color of the paint used.

Meanwhile, in terms of cost and pricing, staining might be relatively cheaper.
Painting incurs additional costs such as wood preserve which is already present in wood stains.

By application, staining is your way to go.

The usual preparations and things you have to do in painting like clearing off unwanted humps and bumps on wood, among many others, can be skipped in staining.

Basically, you can almost directly stain wood.

Likewise, it is easier to remove and reapply stain to wood.

Stain can go or wear off naturally, or you can just reapply. Basically, you can stain a fence that is already stained.

Meanwhile, paint might require you to peel it off before coating another layer. However, paint may last longer than stain.

Furthermore, another advantage of painting over staining if dealing with options and varieties of the market.

Name a color and you would probably see a paint bucket or gallon of it.

Stain options are usually native colors such as brown. But this is logical because staining is great for retaining the natural look of the wooden fence.

But overall, if you want and prioritize the natural appearance of your wooden fence which is basically what makes it special to begin with, staining might be the road to take.

Considerations in Choosing Wood Fence Stain

If you are already settled in staining, you are not exactly there yet.

There are still things you have to think about.

  • Type of wood. The type of wood used in your fence is a very important factor in determining the stain fit for it. There are specific stains that might be appropriate for hardwood, but would not work on soft wood.
  • Color. Generally, you would want to match the stain of your choice to the color of the wood. However, there can still be shades in the same color spectrum that you can choose from. Popular colors include dark walnut, special walnut, chestnut, and maple.
  • Oil-based vs. Water-based. These two stain bases are both important components of every stain that specifically function to protect the wood. Both offer different levels of protection that differ in various situations.This would be connected to the type of wooden fence that you have.Additionally, the type of weather you have in your area is a huge factor. Logically, if you experience higher exposure to sunlight and rain, you may want to opt for oil-based stain.

    In comparison, you may want a water-based stain if you prefer a richer color and the absence of fumes. Likewise, this is more environmentally friendly.

  • Additional substance. Available stains in the market either come with sealant or not. Sealant serves as a substance to even out the surface of the wood. It also serves to prevent the stain from bleeding.
  • Cost. An obvious factor is always the cost of the product or brand. You may want to opt for mid-price because this can be ideally better quality while having a great price.
  • Fence Sealant. A good sealant works wonders on a fence. Choose the appropriate seal for the type of wood you’re having.

Popular Wood Fences Stain

Popular Wood Fences Stain in the Market

We have searched the internet for blogs and articles for recommendations as well as expert advice for the best stain wood fences available in the market.

Here are some of it:

  1. Ready Seal 112 Stain and Sealer for Wood.
    This comes with a sealant already and doesn’t require any primer to be used. This is available in as many as 8 colors.
  2. DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Wood Stain
    If you are up for a water-based stain, this is one of the best options. It is marketed as an environmentally friendly stain that is extremely durable and easy to maintain.
  3. KILZ Semi-transparent Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain
    Available in red wood color, this coating is a great protection from rain, snow, and extreme heat. It is marketed as giving a mildew-resistant finish.
  4. SaverSystems Deck Premium Wood Stain
    This stain is available in multiple colors including walnut and cedar. The stain would allow wood grain to appear when applied. It can be applied in fences and decks.
  5. Glidden Penetrating Wood Finish
    This oil and acrylic resin is water repellent and mildew-resistant. It is marketed as very easy to clean up.

If you still can’t decide on what to buy, you may consider contacting Big Easy Landscaping for an expert advice.

And if you are yet to install wood fences in your property, our posts are stained and treated pre-installation.

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