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Landscape Construction
Landscape construction company New Orleans - Big Easy Landscaping

New Orleans Landscape Construction – Enhance Your Yard Today!

Your yard should be a retreat from the hustle-bustle of life. Serene gardens, peaceful pools, winding walkways, and standout patios – does your landscape represent the outdoor environment of your dreams? If not, read on or reach out to us today!

Many homeowners hesitate to change their landscaping due to the immense amount of work involved and the perceived high price tag. At Big Easy Landscaping, however, we’re happy to handle your New Orleans landscape construction and can work to fit in impactful improvements within almost any budget.

Our landscape contractors have designed many spaces in New Orleans, Louisiana, from small-budget facelifts to major overhauls. Our end goal: turn your landscape dreams into reality.

Interested in learning more about our our landscape construction? Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you!

Our Landscape Construction Service in New Orleans

The thought of landscape construction can be overwhelming for some. Flowerbeds must be planted in places with proper drainage, walkways must be laid correctly to prevent damage or slipping, porches must be carefully constructed to ensure durability, lighting must be installed correctly to prevent fires – there is a myriad of details to consider for both safety and longevity of your yard.

With our landscape construction services, however, you won’t have to worry about all these complications. Instead, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the joy of designing your dream backyard. Our landscape architects can help you create the atmosphere you desire, pick quality materials, and install your landscape correctly. When you work with Big Easy, you have the peace of mind you deserve.

Even if you’re considering moving soon, landscape construction is an important investment. Homes with appealing landscaping can increase their value by 5-10%; for many homeowners, this amounts to thousands of dollars in extra cash. Call us to find out more about landscape construction service that can increase your New Orleans home’s curb appeal.

  • Big Easy Landscaping offers landscape construction services that are guaranteed to deliver successful results
  • Our New Orleans landscape contractors will create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space for your property
  • Let out landscape architects deliver to you the yard of your dreams without the need to spend a lot of money

Elements of a Landscape

Landscape View - Big Easy Landscaping There are a wide variety of elements that can be incorporated into any landscape. Some of these include:

Water features – Do you fantasize about spending afternoons sitting by a quiet koi pond? How about showing off your tiered water fountain to friends and family? We offer a variety of great water features as part of our landscape construction service for New Orleans residents.

Path lights – When the sun goes down, path lights can provide enhanced safety for your visitors and yourself. They can also be placed around a garden, fountain, or other feature, to highlight it and enhance the atmosphere of your landscape. Path lights should always be installed by a professional. Our landscapers are qualified to install your path lights safely.

Patios – From quiet evenings to family parties, patios offer a welcoming gathering space in your yard. We’ve built patios from a variety of materials: poured concrete, tile, cobblestones, crushed stone, bricks, and more. Talk with our landscape architect in New Orleans Louisiana to find out more about the custom-built patios we offer.

Pergolas and gazebos – There are few things more romantic than an elegant gazebo. Additionally, gazebos and pergolas provide shelter from rain and heat for you and your guests.

With our landscape construction services, you can finally have the pergola of your dreams in your backyard.

Walkways – Walkways can gently wind through your garden, or they can boldly provide a safe passage to another area of your yard.

Proper drainage – With our New Orleans rain, landscaping can quickly become eroded and dangerous. Proper drainage channels excess water away from your yard.

Big Easy Landscaping landscape construction services can assist in selecting materials and design features to fit your budget, match your home’s exterior aesthetic, or enhance a specific atmosphere. Call our landscape architect to find out more about what we can do for your home.

Why Choose Big Easy Landscaping

Big Easy Landscaping has offered a variety of landscape architecture services in Louisiana for over 14 years.

Below, we’ve listed a few things that set us apart:

Our landscape construction contractors use high-quality materials that won’t quickly wear, chip, or fade.

We believe a good job is a job that ends in customer satisfaction – our landscape architects aren’t happy until you are. Big Easy Landscaping’s professional contractors have years of experience: they’ll expertly navigate through your yard to ensure your finished yard boasts long-lasting, safe, and beautiful landscaping.

When you work with us, you’ll notice our great customer service. We’ll work around your schedule, finish your lawn in time for your upcoming barbeque or family event, and clean up after ourselves every time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We enjoy serving the New Orleans community through our landscape construction services. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a client’s face light up when they see their new yard.

When you work with us, we’ll walk with you through each step necessary to design and construct your dream landscape.

Take a look at what just a few of our happy customers had to say about us and our team:

“When I saw the design I was shocked in a good way because his design was marvelous! Since I am obsessed with my lawn I had to have that design and from the design to the actual service, they didn’t disappoint! No wonder they really are the best here!” – Dorothy Humphries

“We are very particular in our lawn, that’s why we needed the best lawn care services to maintain it. I called Big Easy Landscaping when I came across it online and I was given an initial quote right away and a visit the next day. I met up with the landscaper and I was very impressed with how thorough he was when it comes to explaining everything in detail to me. I was sold right away and I hired them and their workers started pruning my lawn the next day. Now, they are my go-to when it comes to my landscaping.” – Wesley Ron

“Every penny spent with them is worth it! Their landscape architects are very experienced and they really know how to turn all types of yards into something wonderful. I am so happy that I made the right decision!” – Donna Miller

About Big Easy Landscaping

We’re a husband and wife team and we are landscapers who enjoy serving the community by creating beautiful spaces. Our company began over 14 years ago – and continues to offer landscape architect services in New Orleans, Louisiana with the same passion we had on day one. Our team’s purpose is to bring a little more beauty to your life. Give us a call to book your consultation today!

Our Other Landscaping Services

Landscape Construction Design - Big Easy Landscaping Maybe you don’t want to overhaul your whole yard – that’s alright! Many times, we find only small tweaks need to be made to an existing landscape to make it fit a homeowner’s vision.

In addition to providing landscape construction services, we also offer:

Landscape Lighting, Path Lighting, and Accent Lighting: Lights add a level of complexity and elegance to any landscape. We can professionally install garden or path lights to increase visibility and highlight features of your landscape, even after dark.

Walkways: Enjoy wandering through your yard? A walkway enhances the safety of afternoon strolls while increasing the aesthetic value of your landscape. Call us to learn more about our non-slip brick, concrete, and stone walkways.

Water Features: If you’re looking for a single element to transform your landscape, a water feature may be the best choice for you. These elegant fountains and ponds are a peaceful retreat from the hustle-bustle of everyday life and the center of any well-designed landscape.

New Orleans Patios: Patios are more than a landscaping feature – they’re a practical part of community gatherings. If you enjoy hosting, consider installing a patio to facilitate barbeques, family get-togethers, and more.

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