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Big Easy Landscaping - Landscaping Stone Design

How to Lay Landscaping Stones and Upgrade Your Yard

Landscaping your own yard involves several phases or processes. 

Some of these are definitely required steps that you have to do at one point, while some are just additional steps that can be skipped.

Most of the time, these additional steps are done to further enhance the space according to one’s taste levels. 

But no matter the differences are, both of these converge at a single end goal which is to make the most out of your space.

Some may consider that landscaping stones is not a major need or a necessary step in the landscaping process. But we think otherwise. 

Stones and rocks are definitely needed in your landscape. Besides, who would not want a variety of elements in their yard?

Decorative Landscaping Stone: A Simple Way to Make Your Garden Stand Out

A landscape bed and a pathway leading to your house, these are just some of the most common ways of landscaping stones. 

Basically, this specific type or process of landscaping involves the use of stones, rocks, and or sediments.

Most homeowners do this landscaping to add more texture to the whole space; a way to eliminate blandness in your garden. 

Likewise, stones are not just ornaments. They serve specific purposes and functions catering to whatever your needs are.

Just think of any landscape of a park or a friend’s home that you have visited before. Chances are, these spaces incorporated several types of stones. 

Maybe you’ve seen it decorated in a Koi pond. Stone landscaping is a major element of every pond that was ever built.

Maybe the stones served as steps or pathways to connect every cluster in a neighbor’s property. 

Sometimes, you can see these stones as layers to flower beds and plants. Unity is a major element of design that can be achieved through linkages. 

And pathways or steps made from stones are primary examples of these linkages.

Uses of Stone Landscaping

Big Easy Landscaping - Landscaping Stone DesignAlthough stone or rock landscaping can be very subjective in the sense that it will rely mostly on someone’s taste, they all converge into its functions or uses.

  • Pathways and Steps. There are no better examples of stone landscaping than pathways and steps. Whether the rocks you have are mulches, gravels, sediments, or huge rocks – these all can be repurposed and be made into links in your property.

Normally, pathways and stairs are made from concrete. However, it would be better if you tweak this traditional concept. 

Having pieces of rocks put together will have a more natural look compared to finished cement. Besides, don’t you want your garden to stand out from the rest?

Just make sure to assemble these rocks tightly and fill unwanted spaces with smaller rocks.

  • Sidewalk Landscape. If you have scattered rocks all over your yard, better line them up to the sidewalk.

Stones as sidewalk linings can both serve as decorative pieces and as markers to your property. Bare plant beds without lining can definitely get an upgrade with the use of river rocks.

  • Rock Garden. Apart from being used for pathways, a rock garden is a popular use for stones. Plotting a garden with plants, soil, and stones can be the best combination of designs you can do on your own.

There are many techniques and ways on how you can achieve this. You can use the rocks as pots by arranging them in random geometric shapes. On the other hand, the rocks can also serve as bedrocks to your flower beds.

What we would suggest here is to use pebbles and boulders to have a great contrast in your landscape.

  • Alternative Centerpiece or Focal Point. A centerpiece is a great addition to every landscape space. However, some centerpieces like water fountains and gazebos can be very expensive. But you don’t have to worry because a great alternative to this is a rock.

A huge rock sitting on your yard can definitely be the focal point of your whole landscape. Visually, this rock will give more vibrancy to your garden especially if you are aiming for a natural look.

  • Fence. If you don’t want slabs of wood or pieces of metal as materials to your fence, then rocks can be your option. A rock wall or fence traces its roots back to hundreds of years ago but because of its beauty and practicality, they are still done today.

A traditional way of doing a fence rock involves piling them up, or side by side. However, if you want a faster way, brick stones will also do.

Best Types of  Landscaping Rocks to Choose From

Big Easy Landscaping - Types of Stone for Landscaping

1. Gravel. Pea Gravel and Crushed Gravels are great stones you can use because they come in various colors. These stones usually function as cover layers for driveways, but they can also be used as a mulch to your plants.

2 . Flagstones. Flagstones are sedimentary rocks that are perfect for walkways and steps. If you are aiming for a more natural look, these stones can be great picks for their earthy shades.

3. River Rock. Like what its name suggests, a river rock is a type of rock that can be mostly seen near bodies of water. Its shape was greatly influenced by the movement of water such as rivers. This rock can be the best materials for a wall façade in your yard.

4. Lava Rock. Although this rock can be more expensive than other types of rock, we can say that it’s worth the price. If the river rock comes from a body of water, the lava rack is of igneous or volcanic origin. For its very bold colors than can be easily seen, a lava rock can make your garden more lively.

Landscaping stones in your yard can be a great boost to achieve your dream garden space. Whether you want it for its beauty or for its great function, you can always rely on stones.

If you need professional assistance in setting up this landscape especially if you want the best pavestone driveway, Big Easy Landscaping is here to help you.

Whether you want to go all out with decorative landscaping rocks or make something unique out of your existing rock landscapes, we’ll make it happen. 



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