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Things You Should Know About Pergolas And Gazebos.

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Your outdoor space is essential as it can add value to your home and give extra space to go about your activities or enjoy your free time. 

It’s vital to invest in your yard and make it a peaceful haven for you. 

You almost have an endless amount of choice when renovating your outdoor space, specifically if you wish to create a specified entertainment area. 

Out of the various options, two of the most common ones are pergolas and gazebos

These structures share some similarities, and their unique forms make it hard for people to distinguish between the two. 

It’s easy to come across someone who wants a pergola for their garden, describing a gazebo. 

Here we will highlight the critical difference between pergolas and gazebos and help you pick a suitable one for your outdoor space. 

What is a Pergola?

This is a special structure found in gardens with vertical posts or beams that support a set of cross beams. 

The overhead lattice of beams is meant to offer some shade to the area below, but some people use it to support climbing plants such as vines and wisteria.

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These structures come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and an expert should help you design one that suits your garden at the right budget.

A garden pergola can serve different functions depending on how they are built, and a small one can work as an arch in a pathway or gate. 



See more of the benefits of a pergola.

The larger ones can be built in a specific corner of the garden to give shed and ambiance to your garden and give you a place to relax and get entertained. 

You can enhance this space by planting vines, honeysuckle, and jasmine to enhance the atmosphere.

Pergolas are built using several materials, and the one you settle on depends on the area you stay and the rules that apply for that neighborhood. 

Wood pergolas are the most desired option since they blend in nicely with their immediate surroundings and can be painted the way you want. 

Vinyl pergolas are the other popular option, and they are ordered in a wide variety of colors, but you cannot paint them, thus limiting you on the color options you have.

What is a Gazebo?

This is an octagonal or hexagonal-shaped structure with open sides. 

They can be installed over grass, a concrete floor, or its deck. 

They offer shade and a beautiful place to relax in during the rain and sun. 

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For massive properties, the owners put these structures in areas where they want to stay away from the main house, such as near a bush or close to a river. 

The inside of the gazebo might be susceptible to the elements of the weather, and it is advisable to have some form of enclosure on the sides. 

If you want temporary enclosures, you can use curtains.

Picking the Right Outdoor Structure for You

When deciding the best outdoor structure for you, look at several features of the two and compare them with what you expect. 

Do you want a landscape patio that will complement your style well? 

Or do you want to opt for a garden gazebo wood to bring out your home’s charm complete with a garden water feature?

This way, you will quickly determine the one that suits your one.

The first thing to analyze is structures. 

Pergolas are sturdier than a gazebo, but they can be free-standing if you put them on a deck. 

Note that the expert can always adjust sturdiness if you request them to do it. Gazebos can be fixed on the ground, but they are generally free-standing structures.

Another thing to look at is the purpose of the structure in your yard. 

Gazebos are stand-alone and serve as the focal point of a garden due to their aesthetic value. 

They are mostly used for entertainment, and you can easily fit chairs and a table in them. 

Pergolas are meant to offer protection to outdoor equipment such as furniture or a barbecue. They are mainly designed to provide shade and can even be used as a carport.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to entertain your visitors and add some decoration, a gazebo is the best pick. 

Alternatively, if you want to create a multipurpose shaded area, then a pergola is your most suitable option.

Benefits of a Gazebo

Installing a garden gazebo in your yard is beneficial to you in several ways. 

Here are some of them:

Protection from Weather

One of the advantages of installing a gazebo is that you get a place where you are protected from the elements of weather. 

Regardless of the climate, you will need some time to spend outside the house without the disturbance from the sun or rain.

Increases Property Value

People who are looking to buy homes pay extra attention to the outdoor spaces. 

This way, installing a gazebo will increase the aesthetic value of the place and give potential buyers a good impression of the place. 

While you can not rely much on a gazebo to increase the price of your home, it can work as a great selling point for interested buyers.

Multipurpose Outdoor Space

A gazebo offers you a multipurpose outdoor place to engage in a wide variety of activities. 

During the summer, you get a place to sit and relax while having a couple of drinks. 

outdoor gazebo space - Big Easy Landscaping

It offers an excellent location for social engagements or an excellent place to meditate and spend your time quietly. 

If you want to host a barbeque or enjoy a meal outside, a gazebo is the best feature to host it. 

Lastly, gazebos are picturesque and offer a nice place to take pictures, especially if you are having an event such as a birthday or a wedding.

 The differences between a pergola and a gazebo have been highlighted. If you want a small garden gazebo for you, it is advisable to find a reliable expert that will help you build it. 

A reliable can build a steel gazebo frame or a wooden gazebo one depending on your requirements.  

Big Easy Landscaping offers reliable gazebos and pergolas for you to pick from. 

Feel free to reach out to us today if you want one for your garden or yard.


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