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Things You Should Know About Pergolas And Gazebos.

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Your outdoor space is essential as it can add value to your home and give extra space to go about your activities or enjoy your free time. 

It’s vital to invest in your yard and make it a peaceful haven for you. 

You almost have an endless amount of choice when renovating your outdoor space, specifically if you wish to create a specified entertainment area. 

Out of the various options, two of the most common ones are pergolas and gazebos

These structures share some similarities, and their unique forms make it hard for people to distinguish between the two. 

It’s easy to come across someone who wants a pergola for their garden, describing a gazebo. 

Here we will highlight the critical difference between pergolas and gazebos and help you pick a suitable one for your outdoor space. 

What is a Pergola?

This is a special structure found in gardens with vertical posts or beams that support a set of cross beams. 

The overhead lattice of beams is meant to offer some shade to the area below, but some people use it to support climbing plants such as vines and wisteria.

New Orleans pergola - Big Easy Landscaping

These structures come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and an expert should help you design one that suits your garden at the right budget.

A garden pergola can serve different functions depending on how they are built, and a small one can work as an arch in a pathway or gate. 



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The larger ones can be built in a specific corner of the garden to give shed and ambiance to your garden and give you a place to relax and get entertained. 

You can enhance this space by planting vines, honeysuckle, and jasmine to enhance the atmosphere.

Pergolas are built using several materials, and the one you settle on depends on the area you stay and the rules that apply for that neighborhood. 

Wood pergolas are the most desired option since they blend in nicely with their immediate surroundings and can be painted the way you want. 

Vinyl pergolas are the other popul