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5 Types of Landscaping You Should Know About

Types of landscaping

The first thing that a person probably notices in a house property is the landscape.

Usually, the garden welcomes you first before the house itself.

Some people even say that a house is not a home or it’s never complete without an inviting landscape.

Thinking about this much significance of having a landscape, you might scratch your head out of fear and pressure in choosing the appropriate types of landscaping that will match your house or property.

But that should not be the case because the internet is your friend.

There are many references you can find there and some of these even contain comprehensive steps.

More importantly, Big Easy Landscaping is always here to provide you different types of landscaping services ranging from pathways to gazebos.

And to further help you in your quest to create that beautiful garden or landscape, we have created a simple guide for you.

What is Landscaping?

The first step is to know more about the concept of landscaping itself such as the types of landscape architecture and the types of landscaping jobs that come with it.

You might have heard this word a thousand times already but there is more to it than meets the eye.

In the most basic level, landscaping is defined as an activity that transforms and enhances the existing design or look of a terrain.

Through landscaping, a barren land or a bland space in your yard can be maximized or transformed into something you can consider as beautiful.

Landscaping has been used interchangeably with gardening especially now that there is an ongoing plant craze amongst homeowners.

Selling, potting, and planting plants are all the rage these days especially for millennials.

This is correct but not entirely true because there is more to landscaping than a typical gardening or planting.

common types of landscaping

What are the Common Types of Landscaping?

There are a lot of landscaping ideas that you can do in your yard but here are some of the most commonly used amongst homeowners.

  1. Gardening

    Gardening is the most popular and practiced type of landscaping anywhere you go. If you ask homeowners about their landscapes, you will most likely get an answer related to gardening.

    This is really not surprising given the fact that gardening is a great way to beautify the overall look of your property, especially your yard.

    There are so many things and activities that you can do in landscape gardening.

    Having plants strategically placed in your land is the most obvious way. Here, you can also choose a specific theme or style that should match your needs and the façade of your house.
    Some of these include English Style Garden, Oriental Garden, and more which you can also read here.

  2. Structure Installation

    This type of landscaping involves the installation or building of 3D structures on a surface. Usually, this is done in tandem with gardening.

    Having structures in your yard improves its total look because it can serve as a central focus.

    Emphasis is one of the core elements of design. Your whole landscape, a yard or lawn, needs a main object to stand out. This is to avoid blandness and too much of a simplistic design.

    Common structures that are built in a landscape include water fountains, gazebo, pergola, table and chairs, and a swing set.

    Having a structure will not only serve as an ornament but also as a great utility.

    You can have your guests chilling in the yard with a gazebo or have dinner with the family with your table set.

  3. Pathways and Steps

    Not every homeowner opts to have these in their properties. But this is definitely a great type of landscaping in your home.

    Unity is an important element of landscaping and having pathways can help achieve this.

    Pathways can link the elements in your landscape like plant pots and boxes. This is almost a necessity when you have a wide yard or you live in a place with weather disturbances.

    Meanwhile, steps or stairs can also help elevate the look of the whole space, literally and figuratively.

    Steps can be customized according to your taste or to the theme of the landscape. You can have the usual steps or you can be more playful with the design.

  4. Informal Landscape

    Informal landscaping or gardening banks on natural and organic aesthetics. Generally, the materials that are used in this landscape are natural.

    The elements are also characterized by being flexible or less rigid and free flowing.

    An advantage of this landscape is how it is low maintenance.

    Frequent trimming won’t be needed because plants and bushes can be overgrown.

    Some plants you can consider using include shrubs, creeping thyme, and cornflower.

  5. Formal Landscape

    In contrast with informal landscape’s natural look, a formal landscape employs geometric shapes and lines.

    This can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical. The clear structure or layout of the yard is very visible in this type of landscape.

    Frequent maintenance and trimming are needed in this landscape because overgrown plants might deviate from its original shapes. Order and transparency are the main elements that are seen here.

    Usually, formal landscapes make use of topiaries as its main plants.

different landscaping services

Factors in Choosing a Landscape

Before designing and building the landscape of your dreams, these three factors should be considered.

Budget. Money can always be a huge factor in the field of landscaping. But of course you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you are only aiming for a simple landscaping.

The lesser the elements you want to have, the cheaper the expenses will be.

Topography. Topography should always be a main factor in choosing the type of landscaping and kind of landscape design that you will have.

You shouldn’t have plants that are not suitable for a winter season if you live in an area where snow is a usual occurrence.

House theme and style. Treat your landscape or exterior space as an extension of your home.

As much as possible, your home theme should match the design of your landscape or garden to accentuate its look.

If you are having difficulty in landscaping your yard, Big Easy Landscaping is here to assist you.

We offer different landscaping services to bring out the hidden potential of your yard.

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