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8 Landscape Channels on YouTube You Should Know Follow

The world of landscaping is ever-expanding.

Nowadays, you would often see people raving about gardening on social media. This is a pretty stark contrast to how some people view the activity years and decades ago.

Plants for sale. This is an ongoing trend and craze globally for millennials and other age groups. 

These plants are major elements used in landscaping particularly in gardening. 

Although some of these plants are placed indoors, a huge percentage are still placed outdoors.

A huge factor that contributed to this whole phenomenon can be attributed to ‘influencers’ such as those in landscape channels on YouTube and Instagram. 

Whether the term influencers holds little or huge weight, it can’t be denied that they continue to influence a huge number of people.

Landscaping can be pretty tough for a lot of people especially if you just started doing it. 

For starters, some may think that it is just a simple activity where you just fix some available resources. 

If your knowledge of this is likened to a pie, it can be just a tiny slice. There are more spaces to fill up.

In the simplest sense, landscaping is defined as the process of developing exterior lands such as a yard into attractive spaces.  

The comprehensive process involves several stages that are mostly done chronologically.

The two major or umbrella stages are designing and constructing. 

Before the actual landscaping is done, the design or layout should be produced first. 

This will serve as the blueprint of the construction and development that will be done to space. 

Landscaping without a design plan is like constructing a house and building without a plan or going to the grocery store without a list. 

It will not yield desirable results.

It may sound like a tough process but it is still doable. 

All efforts and resources you will pour into it are going to be worth it once you see the results. Who knows, you will have the best landscape or garden in your neighborhood.

And you are definitely not alone in this. 

Aside from having the option of just contacting a landscaping company like Big Easy Landscaping, YouTube channels dedicated to landscaping can be your best support.

Garden - Flowers

Reasons Why YouTube Channels Can Help You

YouTube has become the platform of many content creators from various fields. 

Gamers, beauty gurus, and fitness enthusiasts are some of the popular and most subscribed to channels on the platform.

And of course, the landscaping community would not back down from this trend. 

Landscape designers, architects, and groups have taken to YouTube to build their own channels. 

There are many reasons why they can help you in landscaping.

  • Expertise. The first and probably the most important reason is they know what they are talking about. Personalities on these channels are experts in landscaping, by either educational background or broad experiences, or both. 

Basically, you can trust what they are discussing and suggesting to you. Maybe they have the solution you have been looking for to your gardening problems!

  • Easy instructions. These experts know the drill. No one started immediately as an all-knowing in landscaping so they can empathize to your needs. Most of the time, they give the easiest and most understandable steps you can have. If their steps are pretty advanced, it is almost certain that they include specific details so you can catch up.
  • Diverse content. It is educational and entertaining. The contents they produce daily or weekly are dynamic. They are never treading on a single note. Their contents span from techniques in gardening, how to efficiently mow the lawn, ways to take care of your land, how to design a landscape, and more.
  • Visuals. Having a video to follow and learn from can be better than just reading a thick book. You don’t have to imagine what an expert is talking about because there are actual examples you can see through video clips.
  • Product and material recommendations. Most of the time, these channels would suggest equipment, materials, and plants they have. These can either be sponsored by brands or just straight up their own recommendation from good experiences. Through this, you can at least have a clue on the things of best quality that you can use.
  • Question and Answer. The great thing about YouTube is that it enables you to comment on the videos. Oftentimes, handlers or owners of the channels would respond. If they don’t, they add these to the video contents either as a concept or by mentioning it directly.
  • Sense of community. The mere presence of a channel signifies the existence of a growing landscaping community. This is amplified by the support they are getting from viewers who are interested to learn more about the process of landscaping their own homes.

Landscaping Designs- BigEasyLandscaping

So if you are having some difficulty in transforming your yard or someone who needs better solutions, consider visiting and subscribing to these channels.   

1. Lowe’s Home Improvement

This channel has almost 1 million subscribers. Their contents are not just for landscaping but also everything about improving your home.

Sample video on building a garden pond – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EbcSqPP5Bk

2. The Gardening Channel with James Prigioni

James has over 500,000 subscribers on his channel. He focuses on organic gardening and growing food forests.

Sample video on building a hinged hoop house for a garden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef_TS19TRQg

3. TSK-24

TSK-24 has amassed almost 300 Million views since its inception in 2011. Recurring contents on the channel are references you can use in landscaping.

Sample video on ideas for outdoor terraces – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlHfaBSWzXI

4. Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

With more than 100,000 subscribers, Brian is one of the experts you can rely on in terms of lawn maintenance.

Sample video laying stripes on the lawn –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ_lqriDFy4

5. HortTube with Jim Putnam

Jim has over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial landscaping. His videos usually feature his beautiful home and garden.

Sample video on how to install sod –


6. Garden Answer

This DIY gardening channel is owned by couple Laura and Aaron. They have over 966, 000 subscribers.

Sample Q and A video with Laura –


7. Connor Ward

Connor’s contents span from lawn maintenance to landscaping tips. He’s approaching 70, 000 subscribers.

Sample video on improving a yard –


8. Lovely Greens

Tanya Anderson who owns the channel lives in the Isle of Man. She is an organic gardener and a beekeeper.

Sample video on building garden beds –


Putting the fun in landscaping is possible! With the help of these channels, you’ll be able to upgrade your own landscape in no time. 

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