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How to Create an Edible Garden: Guide & Tips To Get Your Started

edible gardens

Growing your own food is no longer a thought you can only dream of. These days, anyone who is willing to take the time and effort can grow their own food in their own space. Many have picked up gardening as a hobby during COVID-19 pandemic. Edible gardens are all the rage among homeowners all …

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How to Build An Eco-Friendly Landscape: Your Road To Sustainable Living

eco-friendly landscape

We invest so much in many things and that includes our landscaping. We expect results from our choices but we tend to forget that these can also affect the environment. Having an eco-friendly landscape can seem impossible when you want your lawn to look good. But that should not be the case. You can start …

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5 Best Practices That Help Conserve and Save Water In Your Landscape

save water in your landscape

Water is a vital necessity that we cannot afford to run out. It is essential, especially to maintain your landscaping and garden. Save More Water With These Landscape Tips There are many ways you can save water. Here are some easy ways that can help you get started today. You can do this whether you …

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Beat The Heat: Have You Prepared Your Landscape For Summer?

Landscape for Summer

Summer is an exciting time of the year for all. This season signals that there are more activities that you can do. Though summer this year is different from past summers, the parties shouldn’t stop. You can still take the party outdoors: on the lawn or in your backyard. But before you take out your …

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The Time Is Now: Make Gardening and Landscaping Your Hobby This COVID-19

landscaping hobby

What has been an activity that you have tried during your time in quarantine? Many people have begun or rekindled their hobbies during this time. It includes landscaping and gardening. The hype of making landscaping and gardening their new COVID-19 hobby is intense. Those who have spent some time with landscaping and gardening have seen …

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Best Alfresco Reasons Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Dining alfresco is a trending concept with home and business owners. Living spaces inside are finding their way to the comfort and beauty of outdoor living. Outdoor kitchens emerged with this trend together with outdoor bedrooms and living rooms. There are new styles and designs emerging capturing the luxury of open-air dining with trendy outdoor …

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Add a Sunroom to your House and Business for an Extraordinary Outdoor Space

If you are looking for a way to increase the living space in your home or business, adding a sunroom might well be the answer to your woes. Big Easy Landscaping will give you ideas about adding a sunroom to your house. The sunroom has been a popular choice over the conventional solid wall and …

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Spice Up Your Outdoor Space with the Right Tree for Your Patio Landscaping

Right Tree for Your Patio Landscaping

A patio is considered a valuable outdoor living space in addition to your home or business structure that provides an area for enjoying the outdoors. An array of the right trees on your patio landscaping will provide extra shade and a cooler environment during summer. Talk about the comfort and calm that natural beauty brings. …

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