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A Fight to Lawn Diseases: How to Do Proper Lawn Maintenance

Damaged Lawn in New Orleans

You have been doing everything you need to for your lawn. You’ve even been minding about New Orleans weather and planting the best grass seed. Although you have been following the right methods and doing what’s best for your lawn, you should know that even the most well-maintained yards are prone to diseases. Lawn diseases …

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New Orleans Landscaping And Management Usual Cost

Professional landscaper

Landscaping can help you create a visually appealing yard, enhancing the curb appeal of your home or business. If you’re planning on investing in landscape design for your home or commercial property in New Orleans, you may be wondering where to start, and how much money you will need. Landscaping prices can vary massively, and …

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Winter Is Coming – Weatherproofing Your Outdoor Kitchen For The Colder Months

Outdoor Kitchen in New Orleans

Long summer days and lazy warm evenings make having an outdoor kitchen an absolute pleasure. It’s the perfect setting for gatherings of family and friends – and the smell of barbecue and the taste of that homemade potato salad make the everyday cares of the world fade into the background. But even the most glorious …

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What Are The Best Apps For Landscaping Design?

Landscape Design

  Every homeowner wants the perfect landscape, but planning and designing it is no walk in the park. It becomes especially hard to visualize exactly what your home will look like once the project is complete, and that’s primarily because landscaping involves changing seasons, or simply, time. What your plants look like will be very …

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How to Expand Your Yard: 8 Types of Landscapes to Help You

New Orleans deck builders - Big Easy Landscaping

Would you rather prefer walking past a bed of flowering plants or broken furniture and damaged appliances dumped in the corner of your yard? Which setting do you think your guests will appreciate more? There are many factors to consider, really: the one with beds of flowering plants will provide a warm welcome to everyone. …

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10 Landscaping Ideas On How to Make a Relaxing Backyard

wooden chairs - Backyard

No matter the size of your backyard, you can turn it into a place where you can relax, unwind, and have fun. A cluttered backyard with broken patio furniture, unused wooden logs, and damaged electrical appliances can make it look untidy. Instead of using your backyard as a dumping ground, you can convert it into …

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