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Trusted New Orleans Land Leveling Services – Land Leveling Done Right

We specialize in land leveling services to ensure that every construction project will start right. Our ground leveling services include all aspects of leveling to prepare your residential or commercial property in New Orleans for your next project.

If you need an expert ground leveling team in New Orleans with the experience, skill, and equipment, we got you covered. We will help increase the value of your property by making your ground better-looking through the best Louisiana ground leveling services.

Our team at Big Easy Landscaping in New Orleans has the experience and skills to provide you with the best land leveling services in Louisiana. We have the right equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

What Does Leveling of Land mean?

Leveling of land involves the use of mechanized grading of a piece of land based on a detailed engineering survey, design, and layout. It can be accomplished with proper equipment like a laser-controlled scraper pulled by a tractor.

Our professional leveling services are done by qualified and trained experts who will get the job done right. We make sure that your area will be properly leveled so that irrigation and drainage will not become a problem that you have to deal with.

To be more precise and efficient in our services for contact ground leveling, we perform the following procedures:

  • Excavation

Excavating Land

We use special equipment like a bobcat or an excavator to dig down the high points of your piece of land. Precision is one of the features of excavating land in the land leveling process that we are experts in doing. Our ground leveling expert technicians will make sure that we will not cause damage to your piping or drainage system and other utilities under the ground.

  • Grading

Our technicians understand that land has its natural high and low points. Grading is one of our land leveling services that we do with precision and efficiency. It can help prevent a potentially devastating situation that can happen when excess water can erode your foundation because it seeped into your structure.

Our efficient grading services will polish your drainage system, reduce many issues that can complicate the construction process, smooth the surface for your construction project, and provide a healthy substrate of topsoil for your plants to grow.

  • Hauling

To prepare for new construction or installation and home building, we haul excavated material from your site that was leveled and dispose of it properly. We get a graphical view of the material that has to be moved. We carefully haul the excess dirt that we remove after grading the land.

What Is the Importance of Land Leveling?

Large Loader

When you work with us to have your land leveling service done, we will assure you that your land will be prepared for your residential or commercial landscape and construction project. You will be able to enjoy these benefits with our leveling services:

  1. Make the area surface uniform for construction with no disturbing high and/or low spots.
  2. Optimal slope for water movement across the area for new construction or farming when irrigated.
  3. Prevent erosion
  4. Improves plant growth and crop establishment
  5. Increases farming or construction area
  6. For farming purposes, leveling can reduce the growth of weeds, reduce farm operation times, and increase yield
  7. Efficiency of water, labor, and energy resources utilization

Contact us any day to know more about how our land leveling services can benefit you as you prepare for your new project. We will make sure that your land will have the perfect slope which fits a water supply and level the area of your property to its best condition. With land leveling, you will have well-irrigated land adapted for your project.

What Are the Criteria for Land Leveling

For every land leveling project that we do in New Orleans, we follow strict area criteria. These criteria include:

  1. Soil Profile: Our team surveys the area to be leveled before undertaking any ground leveling work, including understanding the nature of the soil of the property and noting all needed information that is needed in planning for the layout of the land.
  2. Land Slope: We make sure that the land on your property will undergo the major land grading operation services needed to prevent soil erosion and other construction problems in the future. We level land that will allow uniform distribution of water and make the infiltration rate of the soil optimal to prevent erosion during heavy rainfall.
  3. Rainfall Characteristics: To achieve the maximum grade for your soil’s properties to make it non-erosive, we determine the rainfall characteristic in your area.
  4. Cropping Pattern: If your property is for farming purposes, we will level your land to be suitable for the kind of crops that you choose to grow. We will help reduce labor and production cost with the land grading criteria that suits your needs.
  5. Irrigation methods: Our ground leveling services are always adapted to the level of irrigation that your slope requires.

Difference Between Land Leveling and Ground Leveling

There is not much difference between land leveling and ground leveling since both terms are used interchangeably. Both refer to preparing the ground for new construction. We offer land leveling and ground leveling services to help you prepare your area for new construction and development.

Reliable New Orleans Landscaping Company

We are landscape contractors in New Orleans trusted by many residential and commercial property owners for land leveling services. We collaborate with licensed land surveyors to measure the land’s slope, survey the soil on your property, and other important factors so you can start your new construction project.

Other Services we offer

Apart from land leveling, we offer construction services like:

All these services that we can do together with land leveling can help protect your foundation and provide healthy soil for your plants to grow.

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Call us today for your land leveling needs and other services to prepare your land for new construction. We will reshape and smoothen your land to stabilize your slope and secure your foundation.

Big Easy Landscaping has the experience and equipment to work on any size property, commercial or residential. Let us help you increase the value of your land with our Louisiana ground leveling services! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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