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Are Sunrooms Even Worth It? Reasons Why Should Consider Having One

Most Americans love sunbathing. But who wouldn’t anyway?

Whether you are reading a great book in your yard or playing board games with family members, doing it under the light or heat of the sun really hits differently.

There is always that inviting warmth that the sun gives when you are doing your favorite activity outside.

But there is a catch. A strong wind blows and some uninvited annoying insects decide to be party poopers and ruin the mood.

Apparently, it can’t all be fun basking in the sun when you’re outside.

The good news is, there can be a solution to this dilemma. It is a solution that dates back to as far as the medieval times – sunrooms.

But are sunrooms really worth it?

What is a Sunroom?

Sometimes called solarium and sun porch, a sunroom is a room or extension of the house that allows abundant sunlight to pass through while being protected from weather disturbances.

Likewise, the sunroom permits you to view the landscape outside without being exposed to some things that might distract you.

Basically, it is a structure that somehow mimics what you can do in a room with a huge window, but you get to enjoy more with a sunroom.

This room is dedicated for you to enjoy any activity you usually enjoy under the warm rays of the sun.

And here, you need not to worry about insects crawling and or rain coming all of a sudden.

Whether you want to do yoga or workout, sun bathing, bond with friends and family, or you just enjoy the view outside, you can have all of these because of a sunroom.

Sunrooms Date Back in History

You might think that it is a new concept but actually, it is even way older than your grandparents.

There are conflicting studies about the origin of sunrooms.

Some researchers say it originated in European countries such as Italy and Greece from hundreds to thousands of years ago.

Other studies mention that it can be traced to ancient China. Some studies even said that its origin was inspired by the greenhouses.

Furthermore, the term sunroom is an umbrella term for various kinds of sunrooms.

ideas for sunrooms - Big Easy Landscaping

There is a sunroom that caters to every level of need and purpose

Four-Season Room

Like what its name suggests, a four-season sunroom is designed for every season there is in the States.

Whether dealing with spring, fall, summer, and particularly winter, the structure of the sunroom can withstand it.

This sunroom is insulated and designed to be heated during winter and cooled during the summer.

Basically, it’s like an extension of your own house. People who live in states where it snows or gets very cold should opt for this.

The main components and foundations of this sunroom include glass, insulation, and or HVAC system.

Three-Season Room

Take away a component design of the four-season and you’ll have the three-season room. It is designed for every season except winter.

Unlike the all season room, this sunroom is not insulated for the cold climate. Sometimes, insulation or a HVAC system can still be added here but on most occasions, it can be omitted.

This room is fit for states and areas that don’t experience snow or winter.


This sunroom is sometimes called a green house.

In most cases, it functions like a four-season room because insulation is added to its design.

The major difference is that the solarium is made almost entirely out of glass. Even the walls and the roof are made out of glass.

Because it is built from glass materials, the solarium is more expensive than the usual sunrooms.

But if you have the extra budget, why not try having this over other options?


The conservatory is characterized by its traditional design and its segmented roof system made from glass or polycarbonate.

This is built to accommodate more sunlight than regular sunrooms.


The most noticeable design feature of this sunroom is its gabled roof and slanted ceiling. In most cases, the triangular shape of the sunroom complements the design and structure of the house.

A downside of the gable is you might have lesser exposure to sunlight compared to other types of sunroom.

However, you can take advantage of the slopes of its design by transforming into a useful corner or space.


This sunroom can be one of the cheapest sunrooms to build because it can be just an extension of the house.

Its roofing system is characterized by a single slope that can be traced or connected to the roof or wall of the house.

The reason for this is to allow a proper drainage system as it slopes away from the wall to where it is connected.

Most of the time, the shed is used as a studio.

Reasons Why You Need a Sunroom

After knowing the kinds of sunrooms and you are still not convinced if you want it constructed in your house, here are more reasons why you should consider having it.

  1. More enjoyable activities. If you are the type of person who loves basking in the sun or specifically tanning, the sunroom is perfect for you. This is fit for those who don’t have the time and leisure to go sunbathing at the beach.Aside from sun bathing, you can do more activities here like uninterrupted reading, gardening, and arts and crafts making.
  2. Space is multi-purpose. The sunroom can be used and transformed into basically anything. You can use it as an office, studio, workout room, green house, extension of living room, and more.
  3. Adds home value. Think of it like an investment that you can reap if you plan on selling the house.
  4. Can help reduce energy bills. Since this can be like an extension of your house, turning on lights during the day wouldn’t be necessary. The abundant daylight you can get is more than enough.
  5. Healthier for the family. Exposure to the morning sun can help your body generate Vitamin D.

Should you decide to have it installed or constructed in your house, Big Easy Landscaping is here to give you the best services.

Check our New Orleans sunrooms today!

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