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What is the Perfect Color for Garden Fences and Gates?

Fences and gates. Not the movie and not the founder of Microsoft, but the enclosing structures that almost every house should consider having.

In fact, in Robert Frost’s popular poem Mending Walls, he exclaimed the significance of garden fences and gates.

According to him, “good fences make good neighbors”.

There are various reasons why a household builds these structures. For a starter and probably the most important function, they give better security.

By having a fence around your property, you are given the power to protect your valuable belongings, while keeping out unwanted elements that might want to trespass or worse, do harm by crimes like robbery.

This is not only applicable to humans but also with critters.

There have been incidents of animals like bears and raccoons trespassing properties in the United States.

Putting up a fence surrounding your property would be a great investment to avoid this.

Likewise, having gates give you another layer of privacy.

Here’s how to achieve a successful landscape design.

Having concrete walls in your house probably would not suffice in shielding you from nosy neighbors.

Well, sometimes you have to chill outside in your garden or patio and enjoy a sip of a cold drink.

Why Privacy Matters

Privacy is very important to every homeowner. Logically, you would treat your outdoor space as just an extension of the indoors.

Having tall fences and thick gates would be much preferred if you want to have more privacy for your family.

Aside from security and privacy, fences also serve as boundary markers while gates are the entrance point. Both serve as the beginning and end to your property.

Having both of these can prevent unwanted clashes between neighbors because a boundary has been set.

These boundary markers can also serve as location markers for your property.

Other than maps, the color or design of these structures can function as landmarks if you are giving directions to someone coming to your house.

On the other hand, while we know that fences and gates conventionally function as an added layer of security, both can serve another purpose.

A well-constructed and designed fence can improve how your garden or landscape looks.

You have probably seen cozy homes with white picket fences in a lot of Hollywood movies, and then told yourself you wanted one.

The curb appeal that these structures give can also add value to your property if in case you have plans of selling it.

But the design or material used, whether made of wood, metal, and vinyl, would not be complete without a fitting color painted or stained on it.

wooden garden gates

Color Options for Your Fences

Fences and gates without color may appear very bland to the eyes.

If you already have a fence or gate to your property, you might as well maximize things you can do with it.

  • Painted fences that match your home or garden will add appeal to your entire property. Think of it like the cherry on top of your landscape. You might want to pair the color of your exterior wall or the bloom of your plants to the color of the fence.
  • Colored garden fences and gates add value to the property. As mentioned earlier, property buyers would be more interested to buy a property if they see vibrance and elegance.
  • Painting or staining the fence would protect it from rotting or rusting. Depending on the material used, adding paint color or coat to the fence would protect it from being destroyed right away. Having it painted is like adding additional years of life to it. Without color painting, your wooden garden gate would easily rot or your metal gate would rust away.

While there are a lot of color options you can choose from, we listed a few that we think will give you the best value.

  1. Dark Colors: Black and Brown.
    Dark colors particularly black and brown tend to be very popular to a lot of homeowners. The reason for this is that these colors do not require much maintenance especially in terms of cleaning.Dirt would not easily appear or stain into your fence if you have black, brown, or dark shades of gray.However, always consider the color theme of your house and landscape before choosing this.You would not want your fence to upstage the main attraction which is your house or garden.
  2. White color
    At least once in your life, you have probably dreamed of having a white picket fence. No one can blame you because who wouldn’t want that?In American popular culture, a white picket fence symbolizes the ideal suburban life of peaceful living.Sometimes, people even liken it to the American Dream where the neighborhood having white picket fences are having peaceful and harmonious lives.A white garden fence and garden can match a house and landscape with bright colors. A possible downside of this color however is maintenance.
    Dirt and mud can easily appear especially if it’s always raining in your location.
  3. Cool Colors: Blue and Green
    If you are in search of a more vibrant fence and curb appeal, you may consider light or semi-dark shades of blue and green.These colors have always been known as the “cool colors” because they can soothe and calm, like what the blue skies and waters give.Green-colored fences can also match your landscape especially if you are very meticulous with the appearance of your landscape.
  4. Natural Stain Color: Wood and Gray
    Staining is different from painting.If you want to retain much of the texture and enhance the natural look of your fence material, the natural stain is your way to go.Natural stain colors usually come in either wood or gray.This would be a fit for houses with rustic or ‘foresty’ vibes. Like having dark colors, staining with natural colors requires lower level of maintenance.
  5. Contemporary and Neutral Colors
    Pastel colored-fences are just new to the scene but more people are already loving it.Colors like blue-green and light pink can be the options for exteriors with light and bright colors.Pastel colors are known to be neutral colors that are soothing to the eyes because they evoke relaxation and openness. A downside of this would be the same as the white color. Dirt would easily appear if not maintained properly.

In choosing the color of your fence, there is really no “one size that fits all”.

The color would always depend on your taste and how you would want it to match your house and landscape.

There is no specific color that is perfect for everyone. But there is definitely one fitting to yours.

For expert advice and service on the color of garden fences and gates, don’t hesitate to reach us at Big Easy Landscaping.

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