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How To Easily Maintain Your Backyard During COVID-19?

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Now is the time to stop and smell the roses. More so, because people have more time to do this in this stay-at-home era of the year.

Not only has the pandemic given way to smell the roses more, but it has ticked the desire for gardening, specifically, for edible plants.

Now, this may be a come-back of the victory gardens.

Come-back or not, it is deemed necessary that the landscape maintenance industry continues operating during the pandemic.

There are places in the US and Canada where landscaping maintenance has made their area in the world a much better place to live.

Landscaping companies continue to respond to the needs of the community in landscape maintenance services.

The University of Texas

Plants, trees, insects, and wildlife never stop growing. They seem to grow overnight without continued landscape maintenance. Landscape Services in this university perform landscape maintenance activities to improve aesthetics and maintain environmental stability.

New York

Team members of Landscape maintenance companies remain hard at work during this pandemic doing spring clean-ups, mowing, bed care, and chemical treatments. They consider landscape maintenance services essential.

London, Canada

Landscape maintenance crews have begun outdoor maintenance of parks, golf courses, and sports fields. They do so for the purposes of safety, security, and sanitation.

Landscape Maintenance Benefits

Landscaping Maintenance

Challenges in the profession of landscape maintenance have been curbed because of the immediate benefits of being able to keep a garden or lawn clean and beautiful.

Because homeowners are more observant and keen on the looks of their front lawn or backyard staying-at-home, landscape maintenance activities become imperative.

Akin to the reasons why landscape maintenance companies remain in full force amidst the pandemic, there are immediate benefits to keeping your landscape in check.

  • Insect Population Control
    Insects never stop multiplying, especially in very favorable dwellings. Pest Control supervisor at the University of Texas said, “ Unmaintained grounds provide harborage for insects and rodents. Long grasses can lead to high flea and tick populations, which carry disease. The buildup of debris, leaves, and such can lead to excessive pooling, creating mosquitoes, and the illnesses they bring.”

A famous landscape architect in New York, Michael Derrig, also explained that removing limbs and other debris reduces places for rodents to the harbor. He added that significantly helping the control of insect populations such as mosquitos and ticks in our landscape can further benefit public health later in the season.

  • Long Term Health of your Garden
    With more time to spend digging the soil during this pandemic, adding compost and other organic materials can beef up available nutrients in your soil. You may even want to begin building your own compost pit.

Landscape Service at the University of Texas explained that regular mowing improves the health of the turf and enables irrigation to function correctly.

  • Provide Safety for Pedestrians, Vehicles, and Storm Drains
    If you have trees in your landscape near the path walk or the road, fallen leaves can affect foot traffic by obscuring walking surfaces. Fallen leaves can likewise easily clog storm drains in streets and potentially cause floods. A tree, itself can be a potential hazard to both pedestrians and vehicles if it’s branches are not regularly trimmed.
    Manual collection of fallen leaves can be done by street sweeping, raking, or using an industrial vacuum. This tree pruning can be serviced by local landscape maintenance companies.
  • Aesthetics
    This is one, if not the topmost reason for landscape maintenance. Natural beauty itself is a much-desired element in building or maintaining a property nowadays. What is pleasing to the eyes, they say, calms the soul. There is profound peace felt in being surrounded by nature that is a well-kept and simple aesthetic. Who would snub this benefit in a distressing time?
  • Therapeutic
    Fruth-Dugstad, a horticulture professor at Rochester Community and Technical College reminded me that gardening is important for therapeutic effects and psychological benefits. This was in support of what Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota announced that garden centers had been added to the list of critical industries exempt from the state’s stay-at-home order.

Mental and emotional well-being are homegrown goodies that come along with gardening and landscape maintenance activities. Stress relief and relaxation get welcome boosts along the garden path.

Lawn Care During COVID-19 Lawn Care

Here is a quick guide from Indy on landscape maintenance during this pandemic. It is a list of landscape maintenance services you may do on your own or ask a landscape maintenance company to do for you.

  • Replenish your plant supports like vegetable cages and trellises.
  • Prune trees and shrubs need to be cut back. Old wood can inhibit the plants from starting to engage in the regrowth of healthier architecture.
  • Clear out organic debris and weeds in the yard, unless you’re starting with bare soil. Pull out weeds by the roots to prevent regrowth and competition for nutrients.
  • Loosen the soil. Add your compost and mix it in for nutrients to completely incorporate.
  • Set up garden beds and windows and patio planters. Do not forget to use soil mixed with compost.
  • Divide clumping flowers and plants. This is the best way to propagate your garden. Dig them up around the perimeter of the clump in the form of a root ball, and pull apart the rootstocks and tubers.
  • Apply a thick layer of mulch around the area where you planted to keep weeds from sprouting.

Landscaping in a Nutshell

Start small and grow big. This pandemic will not stop plants from growing nor insects and pests from harboring. From the words of Fruth-Dugstad, “Just with the idea that people can’t go anywhere, so let’s stay on our yards and try to grow something.”

You can trust your local landscape maintenance companies to assist you to carry out the needed work in your backyard, front yard, or garden landscape. Your yard’s beauty can be that piece of heaven in your home.


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