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New Orleans Best Choice For Wood Fence

A fence does more than just add security and privacy to your house.

It also improves your home’s overall appearance. A wooden fence is undoubtedly one of the best choices as it makes your house look more beautiful but what type of wood should you use for the fence?

Will you need permission from the state to build a fence around your house? Let’s find out.

Selecting the ideal wood

checking your deck's temperature - Big Easy Landscaping

Wood selection is essential in many ways. You need to consider various factors before choosing the type of wood.

This will make the fence more durable and worth every penny you spend. Here are the factors that you should remember while selecting the wood for a fence around your house.

1. Budget

There is one simple way to understand this factor: the more you invest, the better quality wood you get. Wood provides aesthetic value that aluminum or vinyl can’t offer.

Any landscape management company will recommend you install a wooden fence if you want the fence to look nice. But you don’t get only one type of wood for wooden fences.

The most expensive options come from premium-quality wood that has the highest durability, and uniform appearance, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

But if you don’t have a big budget, you can scour through construction-grade woods. These are less expensive but are good enough to last as your home fence for a few years.

2. Insect vulnerability

Is the wood susceptible to insect infestation?

If yes, you should install it a few inches above the ground. The wood you choose for the fence should have a natural repellent.

You can consult about providing natural repellent wood with companies offering landscape enhancement services. They would arrange for such type of wood accordingly.

The wood shouldn’t be pressure treated. It should have a natural repellent to keep insects like termites away.

You can also ask the installation team to spray pet repellant on the wood before installation.

3. Local weather

You should also consider the weather conditions in your city throughout the year before selecting the type of wood.

New Orleans outdoor wood fences usually last long as it receives moderate rainfall during monsoons.

Apart from monsoons, you also need to think about the maximum and minimum temperatures you experience during summers and winters and whether the weather fluctuates or not.

Selecting the wood according to the climate conditions will provide a durable fence as it will not decay quickly.

An average-quality stockade fence can last anywhere between 10 and 30 years.

Of course, you need to also consider its maintenance and quality of installation, along with the other factors mentioned above.

It is best if you consult with a fence panel specialist before selecting the type of wood.

Types of wood in New Orleans

With a variety of options to choose from, which wood is ideal for your fence?

Here are some of the most common types of wood that landscaping companies use:

1. Cedar

Cedar is the king of backyard fencing.

cedar wood deck - Big Easy Landscaping

It is widely popular for its long-lasting looks – fewer knots, desirable red hue, and tight grain. Plus it doesn’t shrink or warp due to extreme weather conditions.

But although cedar can keep insects away, it isn’t as impervious to soil compared to treated wood.

This means the lower part of the fence is mostly like to rot after several years.

If you want to install a cedar fence around your house, make sure you do it on a concrete platform or on a base made of treated wood.

The installation process is quite easy and you can create various designs with this wood to make your fence look attractive.

It is wise to apply a penetrating sealant right after installing the fence to increase its durability. In fact, you should apply this sealant once every year if you want the fence to last long.

2. Redwood and teak

redwood deck - Big Easy Landscaping

You will have to pay top dollar to install a teal or redwood fence.

But this type of fence is worth every dollar you spend.

There is no wood that compares to their luster and softness. Like cedar, both teak and redwood can resist insects.

They won’t warp, shrink, or decay easily. But since they are so expensive, you may want to limit the fence to small areas like your pool or garden.

Similar to a cedar fence, you should apply a coat of penetrating sealant once or twice every year to maintain its natural color.

Also, you should sand the wood lightly before installing it. It will remove surface weathering.

3. Treated wood

treated wood for decks - Big Easy Landscaping

Treated wood is widely popular these days because of its affordability.

This type of wood goes through a combination of pressure and chemical treatment to make it look like a cedar plank.

Anyone who doesn’t understand the difference between treated wood and cedar would say both are the same.

Most landscape improvement companies use treated wood to install pergolas, decks, and gazebos in backyards because they can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Treated wood can resist insects, pests, and moisture.

If you want to install a fence from the base of the ground, you should select treated wood. It wouldn’t warp or decay after a few years like cedar.

But make sure you take a look at the quality of the planks of treated wood before installing. Any plank that has a tinge of green on it means it is damp.

Try to stay away from these planks. Like other types of wood, treated wood also requires yearly maintenance. Paint the wood with your favorite color to make the fence look better.

It is hard to say which wood is ideal for your fence.

A middle-class person will prefer treated wood because of its affordability. On the other hand, a millionaire would prefer teak or redwood. But whatever wood you choose, you should contact Big Easy Landscaping for its installation.

We can provide a variety of fence designs that would be appropriate for your house. Plus, we can source the wood you prefer so that you don’t have to go out.

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