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Your House But Better: Boost Your Property’s Value With Landscape Upgrades

A house can say a lot about its owner. From the interiors to the exteriors, these aspects affect the feel and value of the house. That is why a lot of homeowners look for ways to have better property value. In the long run, whether they sell their house or not, they are sure to have a better house they can enjoy.

If you feel the need to increase the value of your home, start with the landscape upgrades. Interior design and style changes depending on trends and the season. But landscaping can be a worthwhile investment that will stand the test of time.

Have A Better Landscaping Plan

This part is the most important yet often overlooked rule about landscaping. It might be tempting to install a built-in pool but there are better and necessary upgrades you can make.

SFGATE says that a home with maintained landscaping has a better price increase. You can have an increase from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent. This depends on your original home value and the type of landscaping you have.

If you are looking into selling your house in the future, it will help to know what home buyers are looking for. When it comes to landscaping, they look for manicured designs. It adds appeal if your plants are mature and well-grown. It shows regular maintenance and the dedication given to invest in these areas.

Organized Landscaping Yields Better Value

A common mistake homeowners make is to add whatever they think looks good without going by a theme. This makes their landscaping ideas look random and unappealing. Whether you plan to work with landscaping experts or do the work yourself, having a plan can help you.

Build Quality Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas like kitchens and lounges give an idea of a bigger home area for potential home buyers. These areas have improved many homes. This is a major improvement that brings the most advantage. You can enjoy more activities without leaving the comfort of your house. Though this upgrade can be more expensive than other options, you can expect a 12.4% increase in value.

Make Your Outdoor Area Stand Out

Other backyard improvements that add value are outdoor kitchens. This makes a great venue for outdoor parties and gatherings.

For less formal cookouts, a fire pit can give that rustic feel than having a simple grill. Built-in fire pits are also key elements that set properties apart. Choose outdoor furniture that will also add appeal and comfort for seating.

landscaping ideas - Big Easy Landscaping

Add Outdoor Lighting

An important upgrade of your landscaping is lighting. This also prevents a proper showcasing of the beauty of your landscaping. You can enjoy your outdoor spaces and activities even during dark nights.

A well-lit property can also lessen burglary. Thieves often look for dark spaces so they can enter properties faster. This will help make your property safe while maintaining its value and appeal.

Solar Lighting

You do not need to go all out if it is only for the sake of lighting design. There are smarter lighting options like solar power. This is easier and cheaper to install and you don’t have to worry about higher bills.

 Install A Patio

If you are looking for a simple, appealing way to spruce up your house, go for a patio. This home addition can be in front of your house for guests instead of your private living room.

Having a patio at the back of your house gives you more space for and get-togethers with family and friends. This also gives you a separate space to lounge in while viewing your backyard or lawn. Patio ideas include incorporating patio covers like wood, vinyl, aluminum, or awnings.

Homeowners with well-maintained porches have seen a return in investment of 55.2%. For potential home buyers, a patio is an attractive addition and a good selling point. This will also help boost your home value with designs like bricks and cobblestones.

Fences Can Do Magic

Fences serve many purposes for properties. The main feature that it gives is security and privacy for homes. This also helps keep children and even pets safe without worrying. This is a great upgrade to make in neighborhoods with few houses with fences.

Some considerations about fences are that some HOAs have certain standards about fences. Make sure to check with local regulations about installing fences. Be ready as well to maintain your fences to keep it in its best shape.

popular backyard tree - Big Easy Landscaping

Invest Through Planting Trees

Adding trees to your landscaping is a timeless investment. Homebuyers still look for houses with at least one tree in the property. This also adds color to any neighborhood.

This can also help to lower energy costs as tree shade can affect your house’s temperature. Make sure that your tree is in the right place or you will encounter more problems. Make sure to check with local authorities about tree regulations.

Popular Backyard Trees

No tree is the same and every tree has its own appeal. Consider these trees for your own landscaping needs.

  • Dogwood – One of the most popular trees in America. This tree looks good at any time of the year. Pink and white in the spring. Lush green in summer and bright red during fall.
  • “Green Giant’ Arborvitae – If you want privacy, this tall tree can line in a hedge for your backyard.

Do Not Forget Lawn Sprinklers

Keeping your landscaping in its best shape needs a lot of work. Irrigation is important to keep your plants healthy and alive. Installing lawn sprinklers helps for maintenance and boost your home value. Those who have irrigation have seen an 86% return in their investments. They also do not have to worry about forgetting to water the plants.

These upgrades can do wonders for your home, especially on its value. Look for experts that can help you with upgrades that you need.

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