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What Happened to Our Garden During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

A lot of us are not used to staying at home for many hours or even days on end.

But this is the reality we are living in today.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to stay at home for their own safety.

The Coronavirus quarantine has provided individuals and families with the rare opportunity to engage in activities that they love and enjoy.

We now have more time to wake up in the morning and start painting, read a book, sing or dance on Tiktok (the trendiest app there is!) or even do some gardening.

Whether you have an elaborate landscape design or a humble small garden, the quarantine period is the perfect time to check up on your garden.

Is it still in good shape? Are your plants thriving or is everything in shambles?

The garden is an extension of our home. 

And here at Big Easy Landscaping, the quarantine has given us more time to make our garden flourish.

We’ve Taken Care of Our Garden to Stay Busy

What better way to spend your free time during this lockdown than taking care of the plants in your garden.

Gardening is one of the safest activities you can engage in during these difficult times.

On top of this, gardening can be quite engaging and fulfilling.

Remember, there is the possibility of reaping some beautiful and sweet fruits and veggies.

What We Did to Our Garden During The Coronavirus Lockdown

It’s Spring and your garden is soggy and wet due to the prevailing rains. The extra moisture brings with it plenty of weeds. This is the best time to take care of these weeds if you want your garden to flourish.

1. Weeding

This is the perfect time to pull those nasty weeds out. Why is this? Well:

  • The soil is currently soft due to the extra moisture. Pulling the weeds out will be a breeze as compared to doing it when the soil is coarse.
  • Manual weeding is the best form of weeding out there. Using chemicals such as herbicides is not recommended as they can have adverse effects on your plants.
  • The soils in your garden and the environment at large.
  • You engage in some much-needed exercise when you get rid of undesirable plants from your garden. Exercise is crucial to your health and well-being.

2. Lawn Maintenance

Spring is one of the best times of the year to maintain your lawns. 

Most lawns may be looking shabby due to the busy schedules you had at the beginning of the year. 

Now that you have a lot of free time, you can engage in that overdue lawn maintenance you have been postponing. What can you do to maintain your lawns during this lockdown?

  • Check on your sprinkler system to ensure that it is still functioning.
  • Topdress your lawn to rejuvenate it for the coming months.
  • Trim any overgrown grass and remove weeds and other unnecessary plants.

Upgrade the look of your lawn with our cheap landscape ideas!

3. Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming are one of the easier and more enjoyable gardening tasks you can engage in during the coronavirus quarantine.

You can decide to prune your roses if you have not gotten the chance to do so.

pruning plants - Big Easy Landscaping

You can also trim shrubs that have finished winter blooming. And, you can prune and trim your hedges during this lockdown as well. 

There’s no shortage of gardening tasks for you to do during this period. Trim away!

4. Checking On Your Tools and Supplies

If you are a true gardening enthusiast, you probably have a close attachment to your gardening tools and supplies. 

What better time to do an inventory and maintenance of these tools than during this lockdown period.

So, are gardening gloves still in good shape or are they torn and full of holes? 

Is your hand trowel blunt or bent from hacking tough roots? 

Does your wheelbarrow need to be lubricated or replaced? 

garden tools - Big Easy Landscaping

This is the time to check on all your gardening tools and supplies to ensure that they are fit for the coming months. No one knows how the coming months will be.

For this reason, it’s always best to be well-stocked and prepared with properly working gardening tools and supplies.

5. Checking On Your House/Potted Plants

Sometimes, people tend to forget about the plants they have inside their homes. Those potted plants need as much care as the plants in your outdoor garden.

Your house plants could use some much-needed care and attention during this Coronavirus Quarantine. 

You can water them, prune the winter growth off and check for any stunted or drying plants. 

potted plants - Big Easy Landscaping

Low humidity levels in your home can cause your house plants to develop brown leaf tips. If this is the case you can place a bunch of hydroton clay pebbles relevant to increase humidity.

6. Involve Your Kids In The Garden

Because your kids are also stuck at home with you, you can choose to involve them in any of the gardening tasks mentioned above. 

Gardening can be a fun, and engaging activity for the kids.

gardening with your kids - Big Easy Landscaping

The kids will get to run around, do some lifting here and there, and learn more about nature in the process. You can even set aside a small section of your garden for your kids to do their own gardening. How cool is that?

7. Buy Seeds and Plants Online

Now, you may already be wondering how you will buy seeds and plants during this lockdown period. This is a very valid concern as most businesses, which include garden stores, are closed.

Also, community seed nurseries, gardens, plant fairs, and flower shows are all shut down due to the pandemic. So, where will gardeners and landscapers get their seeds, plants, fertilizers, herbicides, and other gardening supplies?

Online stores, of course!

Most physical garden stores today have online stores where you can go to order for any seeds and plants you may need.

If you have never bought these kinds of products online, worry not as it is very easy. You can buy seedlings, plants, seeds on the internet. You can also get cuttings from your existing plants in your garden.

There’s really no excuse not to do some gardening or landscaping during this coronavirus quarantine.

Get that garden blooming and be your happy place despite this dire situation. We sure did!

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