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Cheap Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

How long have been you procrastinating over that landscape design project? 

Most of us assume that you need a lot of money to revamp your yard, but this is not true. 

There is no fixed way to go about a landscaping project, and you can put in place some cheap fixes that can still create a big impression in your home.

In this piece, we have listed several cheap landscaping fixes for your front yard.

Whether you want to have a landscape design for small spaces or have a big garden design, doing one doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Create a Low-Maintenance Pathway Using Gravel

A gravel pathway is a less expensive idea for a front yard especially if you have a lot of activity in this area.

You can contact a specialist or landscape architects to do this for you or go DIY. 

The average cost of a 100-foot gravel pathway can be above $600, but if you go DIY, you will spend much less than this.


The result is fabulous for your front yard appearance since it creates a designated route to your main door or any part of your compound.

Stones for a Pathway

If you don’t have much activity in your front yard, you can use stone slabs and rocks to create a route to your house.

These slabs are not costly, and you do not have to do much work with them.

stone garden pathway - Big Easy Landscaping

Buy flat slabs and place them from your gate to the main door.

You could space them a bit to create a unique path and save on the number of stones you have to buy.

The alternating labs and stones is an excellent asset for your front yard as it gives it an attractive look.

Use Mulching for Low Maintenance Costs

Mulching reduces your front yard maintenance costs by a significant percentage.

You do not have to water and weed your front yard anymore. But, note that the initial price of mulch can be high, but the good thing is that you can go for some alternatives.

mulching for garden - Big Easy Landscaping

Grass clippings are an excellent choice, and whenever you cut your grass, heap them up and use them as mulch. If you have trees that shed leaves during spring, collect them, shred and use them as mulch.

Compost is another great option but be careful to spread layers that are not too think as they could heat the plants and kill them. 

Stone is a delicate option as it does not suit all plants, but it can cut down the cost of weed tasks. 

Vertical is the Way to Go

A vertical garden is a good way to go if you love gardening but do not have a lot of money and space. 

This is a way of gardening where you use vertical space to grow plants. They allow you to use recycled materials like old plastic bottles.  Make it as landscape design in front of your house to save space and even money. 

You can use a wooden ladder, pots and other types of containers for a front porch vertical garden.

vertical gardens - Big Easy Landscaping

If you’ve recently remodeled your home, recycle old paint cans and fill them with soil and hang them up for a vertical herb garden. Make an old shoe organizer waterproof to create a vertical garden that you can move easily.

Plant a Tree

This is one of the simplest, old fashioned and inexpensive ways of revamping your front yard. 

All you need is a few tools to dig up the yard and the tree.

You can buy a young tree but make sure that it is one that will grow well and won’t disrupt your front yard. 

trees for gardens - Big Easy Landscaping

A good way is to plant a shade tree that will save you money and make the place more comfortable in the future.

You can always put seats around it after it grows and you won’t have to invest in a gazebo or pergola. 

You can refer to online catalogs and find out some of the best types of trees you can plant in your front yard.

Light it Up

Lighting your front yard can give life to that space when night comes, and you can do it on a shoestring budget.

Cheap outdoor string lights are an excellent option to go with owing to the unique feel they bring to your yard.

They can turn your yard into a good hangout joint, and you can always mix colors up to create the atmosphere you want. 

White twinkle lights can go for about $6 per strand, but for a better look, you can go for the globe lights.

The benefit of going with strand lights is that you can wrap them around poles, plants and any other fixture in your front yard.

Allow your imagination to run wild with these lights.

Get more ideas for a landscape lighting.

Low-Cost Seats

You might want to spend some outdoor time in your front yard, and you will need a place to sit and relax. 

You can buy or build low-cost seats and put them in a specific corner of the yard depending on what you deem fit. 

No need to run to the furniture store as you can find used pieces online or create makeshift seats at home. 

If you go on Craigslist or Letgo, you will find several antique used patio seats. You can find some of them listed under ‘free stuff’ and take advantage of it. 

garden seats - Big Easy Landscaping

Do not stick on outdoor seats as you can get indoor ones and make them waterproof and make them suitable for your front yard. You can use a tree stump or leftover tire to create a durable seat for your kids. 

The internet is full of outdoor seat ideas, and you can always get creative with some of the used stuff you have at home to create the perfect one for you.

Some cheap landscape designs for small spaces are above, and the secret to getting it right is recycling and reusing what you have at home.


There is no right or wrong way of getting your small front yard landscaping right, and it all goes down to your creativity.

Note that nothing is permanent in your yard and feel free to try out new things and see how they turn out.

If you need the help of an expert, reach out to an expert of landscape design in New Orleans today to get more ideas on how you can transform your front yard on a budget.


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