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10 Landscaping Ideas That Will Make Your Yard Look Nice

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Isn’t it wonderful when you step out of your home and walk past a line of potted plants, each sprouting colorful flowers?

Or come home from work and find yourself greeted by the sweet fragrance of the flower in your front yard?

It’s not just about potted plants and colorful flowers. Your front yard can become the focal point of your house if you decorate it.

Here are Ten Landscaping Ideas that Will Make Your Yard Look Beautiful

1. Use Potted Plants

Potted plants will hardly cost you a few bucks but they can improve your yard’s look altogether.

Using potted plants will make your yard more versatile.

They add color to different parts of the yard.

Potted Plants Plus, you can change their positions whenever you want. It is an absolute treat to watch your yard full of colorful flowers right after you wake up.

You can also coordinate the potted plants according to their colors and seasons.

For example, keep plants that produce pink and white flowers on one side as they are the colors of summer and spring.

You can switch to red and yellow-colored flowers in the fall.

2. Consider Artificial Grass

Do you want to exercise in the open? Or have pets that want to play with you in the nearby ground?

You can create your little playground in your yard by installing artificial grass.

It’s hard to tell the difference between artificial grass and real grass from a distance.

Unless you touch it, you may not be able to identify it as artificial grass.

Cover your yard with artificial grass and make it your go-to place for morning exercises and yoga sessions. It will also keep your yard dog-proof as it will be unable to run around and tear up the grass.

3. Add Outdoor Seating

With greenery around, your yard can become an outdoor escape; a place where you can recollect your thoughts for the day or spend time reading books.

Install a bench or patio near the edge of the lawn. You can make the seating arrangement permanent by using stones, pavers, or concrete. Make sure you surround the lawn with potted flowering plants.

4. Choose Native Plants

Native plants don’t need too much upkeep.

potted plants - Big Easy Landscaping

If you want to give a new dimension to your yard without putting too much effort and money, then adding a few native plants will do the trick.

Native plants grow in a specific area if it gets good-quality soil.

You don’t need to worry about pruning the plants or watering them at regular intervals.

These plants thrive even if they get less water than other plants.

5. Create Curved Lines

You will often see many houses with stone edges around flower gardens.

Apart from flower gardens, these stone edges run throughout the driveway and the sidewalk.

These edges increase the curb appeal of your yard. It gives a specific shape to your yard also.

The edges along the curves add character and appeal to your yard which straight lines wouldn’t provide.

Since the edges are permanent, they will enhance the yard’s landscape throughout the year. It also gives an easy way to make your mundane yard look beautiful.

6. Combine a Variety of Plants

You may like roses but adding only rose plants in your yard will make it look monotonous.

Instead, you can add a variety of plants that bloom at different times of the year.

Try picking plants that have ornamental leaves. These will make your yard look beautiful even if they don’t produce flowers throughout the year.

Adding many perennial plants can make your yard look colorful all year long. Make sure you water the plants timely.

7. Illuminate Walkways

If you put time and effort into making your yard look stunning during the day, you should make arrangements for it to shine at night also.

Landscape lights can illuminate your yard so that you can see the plants while coming back home.

From illuminating sidewalks to making your home look attractive, the lights will come in handy for many purposes.

Try placing amber-colored lights along the walkway so that it illuminates the yard in the evening.

Keep the lights on alternate sides to break the monotony of creating a straight line.

8. Go Waterless

Xeriscape landscaping involves adding plants that hardly need any water throughout the year but can transform the look of your yard completely.

They can offer colorful blooms throughout the year without requiring too much maintenance. If adding greenery to your yard is your sole goal, then xeriscape landscaping will suit the yard well.

9. Add a Natural Water Feature

Even a small water feature in your patio, together with the green surrounding will take your yard to the next level.

A self-contained stone unit with water flowing down the stone steps, together with sidewalk lights nearby, will make your yard look heavenly.

garden pond - Big Easy Landscaping

Try the three-element rule to make the water feature look natural. Use stones to make permanent seating so that the water feature doesn’t look out of place.

Keep plants that you already use in the yard, and lights that illuminate the sidewalk.

10. Connect Points on the Walkway

Instead of creating a makeshift path through your yard, you can create an attractive walkway with natural flagstone, decorative bricks, crushed stone, or stepping stones.

It is best if you use the same material for the walkway that was used for your home’s exterior. This will make the path look more aesthetic.

Call a Landscaping Designer to Make Your Garden Dreams Happen

Although some of the landscaping ideas above may seem easy, the others may need professional help.

It’s best if you don’t try them alone.

You can get in touch with Big Easy Landscaping.

Our landscaping in New Orleans can provide many more landscaping ideas for your yard so that you can choose from a wider range.

Allow us to do the legwork while you sit and relax and see your yard transform into a work of art within a few days.


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