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Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Dream of having a beautiful backyard but afraid of breaking the bank? 

We got good news for you! There are plenty of cheap backyard designs and ideas that will not only look great but will fit your budget as well.

Below are some of our top landscape design and garden ideas to help spruce up your home.

While reading these amazing backyard landscape ideas, don’t forget to check out Big Easy Landscaping for your landscaping design needs & unique backyard landscape ideas in New Orleans.

Plant Perennial Plants

Perennial plants can last for several years and do not need to be replaced every year, like annual plants.

Annual plants have a life cycle of only one year. Perennial plants come in various shapes and colors and sometimes require less maintenance.

garden plants - Big Easy Landscaping

By planting perennial plants, you can save money and make a beautiful landscape design.

Some popular perennial plants are daisies, saffron, sage, poppy, catmint, agave & lavender. Our favorites are daisies and lavender.

Light Up Your Garden With String Lights

This is one of the best yet cheap backyard ideas you can put in place.

Most of the time string lights come in LED, cutting down your energy bill in the long run. You can match or set any look and tone you want for your backyard.

landscape lighting - Big Easy Landscaping

Our designers love using string lights in their landscape design because they are versatile.

Whether it’s a New Orleans bohemian look or a modern & sophisticated style, string lights go a long way to brighten up any space.

Make A Garden Path With Stepping Stones

Another one of our favorite backyard landscape ideas is laying down stepping stones to make a garden path that will make it elegant.

stone pathways for gardens - Big Easy Landscaping

You can lay a simple stone pathway that goes through your yard or garden. These stones are affordable and easy to install. There are many types of stones you can buy: brick, wood, gravel, concrete, pavers, and many more.

The plethora of options make this one of our most recommended garden ideas, especially in NOLA!

Replace Your Lawn with Rocks and Pebbles

Replacing the classic lawn with a more modern look with rocks and pebbles is growing very popular among landscaping design.

With plenty of rock and pebble options to choose from, you can turn your yard into the most unique yard in the neighborhood.

You could even choose plastic and composite rocks.

The best part of replacing your lawn with rocks & pebbles is there is basically zero maintenance.

Imagine the costs you can save without worrying about watering your lawn or mowing the grass!

Plant a Tree

A Lot of people believe planting a tree is very expensive and very labor-intensive. This is far from the truth.

When our landscape designers discuss backyard ideas, we often explain that planting a tree is one of the most budget-friendly options they can do!

With some common gardening tools (shovel, trowel, etc.), mulch, and the tree, you’ll be on your way to planting a tree in no time. A small investment in buying a tree today can pay for itself many times in the future. By reducing your energy costs (by providing shade against the hot sun) and also by increasing your property value on your home.

Lay Down An Outdoor Rug

Prefer not to do a huge renovation? No problem.

Buy a beautiful outdoor rug to spice up the look of your garden.

Outdoor rugs are built to last in the outdoors and can add some pop to your landscape.

You can sell these almost everywhere and can score an amazing deal at your local flea market.

garden rug - Big Easy Landscaping

Put these rugs under your favorite outdoor patio and you’ll be begging to spend all your time in your newly-designed garden!

Landscaping on a Budget 

As you can see, there are many ways you can do landscaping on a budget.

With our beautiful backyard design ideas above, you can save money and impress the neighborhood with how unique and beautiful your garden is!

Don’t feel afraid to start on your DIY landscaping projects because you don’t want to break the bank.

If you need more landscaping ideas on a budget or need help implementing these beautiful backyard ideas, schedule a call with our expert landscapers!

No matter what your inspiration or landscaping design goals are, Big Easy Landscaping has the experience and solutions you are looking for that can bring your dream backyard into a reality.

Our reliable landscape designers can help you create the lawn of your dreams, sculpt the perfect pathway, or bring out your yard’s beauty through proper landscape maintenance.

For decades we’ve been helping individuals like yourself reap the rewards and satisfaction of a pristine and jaw-dropping landscape, all without the need for you to get your hands dirty.

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