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landscape flowers for summer

Best Landscape Flowers for Summer to Jumpstart the Season

You don’t have to settle with paper roses during the summer season. Big Easy Landscaping is here to give you a list of landscape flowers for summer.

There are a handful of blooms that beat the heat under the sizzling summer sun.  Adorning your home with landscape flowers for summer will keep your garden life overflowing with bold hues and fascinating aromas.

Summer flowering plants for pot new orleans la - Big Easy Landscaping

Stunning Landscape Flowers for Summer

Summertime boasts of the biggest blooms of flowers.  You can enjoy summer flowering plants in pots, on flower beds, or just letting them hang loose on the porch or pergola.

There are a variety of ways you can use flowers to beautify your home and property.

The hot sun is not a hindrance to the riot of color, texture, and substance that beautiful flowers can bring to your landscape.  Enjoy this list of landscape annual and perennial flowers you can delight in during summer:

list of seasonal flowers new orleans la - Big Easy Landscaping

Beautiful Flower Annuals

Flower annuals are plants that live for only one year.

Their life cycle from seed, bloom, seed production lasts for one growing season.

They are usually replanted each Spring or they can grow back the following year if some of their seeds are dropped on the soil surface and germinate come springtime.

Annuals are efficient plants because they germinate and grow in one season.  They grow faster and bloom for a longer duration. Annual blooms come in a variety of bright and vivid hues.  Since they complete their life cycle in one growing season, you get the flexibility of changing your landscape design every year.


These beautiful annuals stand out in containers, landscape beds, borders, and any sunny spot in your property.  Its mauve, purple, pink, blue, or white flowers blossom throughout the summer months and will highlight any garden setting.  Angelonia can be complimented beautifully with other container flowers that bloom all summer like Calibrachoa, Dahlia, and Geranium.


You will well be visited by a bunch of butterflies with these nectar-rich flowers.  Being one of the hardiest flowering annuals, lantana thrives very well in hot, sunny weather and is tolerant of humidity and drought.  Grace your landscape beds, pots, or planters with its red, yellow, white, orange, lavender, pink, and bicolor flowers.


Enjoy a star-studded landscape with stunning star-shaped flowers in bold hues of red, white, lavender, purple, or pink.  This is a sun-loving annual that grows 18 to 36 inches tall and maybe complemented attractively with Angelonia and Marigold.


The colorful large and small, trumpet-shaped blooms of petunia look amazing as ground cover on your landscape or the “spiller” in your containers or boxes.  They are a true summer favorite because of the gorgeous color choices of their flowers.


If you want to carpet your flower bed, border, or container beautifully or simply let loose some flowers on your porch on a hanging basket, you can do so with this mat-like plant that grows pretty yellow, orange, rose, or white blooms.

Other heat-loving annuals include begonias, geraniums, marigolds, snapdragons, vinca, and zinnias.  You may want to check the complete list of landscape flower annuals for summer that thrive best in your region so you can make a better choice for your garden design.

Decorative Flower Perennials

Perennial flowers are typically hardier because they can adapt well to weather conditions.  They are planted once and flower every year for just a short time, but they stay green throughout all seasons.  Because they have a robust root system, it is important that you consider very well their placement in your garden design or landscape since they are difficult to transplant.


An all-around winner for your garden design, this woody perennial with its appealing pale purple flowers, silvery foliage, and tempting fragrance, will project a classic beauty to your landscape.

Butterfly Bush

Your summer garden will attract a flutter of butterflies with the large, fragrant, and colorful flowers of this wonderful bush.  This genus can be grown by any novice gardener.  Planting them in full sun can give you the largest number of flowers.   Spruce up and scent your garden with this beauty.


Commonly called “tickseed” and a member of the sunflower family that will certainly be a cheerful sight in your landscape.  They are drought-tolerant and long-blooming plants that are perfect for a flower border or filler with their bright yellow, orange, pink, or red daisy-like flowers.


These are flowers with a pleasant clove fragrance which can be a welcome addition to your container garden, garden beds, borders, or rock garden.  Its beautiful flower hues are white, lilac, red, and all shades of pink.


If you want a serene color add-on to your landscape, this plant which is also called “garden sage” or “meadow sage”, is a pleasant choice.  The most common outstanding color of its flowers are blue and purple, but you can have a red-white-blue color triad to accentuate your garden.

Decorative flower perennials that are worthy additions to your landscape include Scabiosa, Rosemary, Black-eyed Susan, and Firewitch.  Take a look at other desirable landscape flower perennials for summer to help you carefully plan out a garden or landscape layout.

Summer Flowering Plants Ornament a Landscape or Garden

Understanding the flowering strategies of plants in the summer is good for you and your garden.  You get to delight in the diversity of colors, fragrance, and distinct design of flowers and how they all blend to form a spectacular show on your garden or landscape stage.

Flower perennials bloom year after year and usually cost more.  Flower annuals are typically planted as seeds and may require replanting every year.  Knowing these flowering strategies of flowering plants in summer will help you decide on how you place or position your plants in your garden or landscape design.

You can choose plant combinations with perennials taking a stable part and then supplementing them with hints of color from annual plants.  You can showcase a variety of landscape flowers for summer in strategic areas in your garden or landscape for a picturesque display. Call us now for more landscape ideas 504-608-5550.

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