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Your Best Looking Garden Yet: Landscaping Trends This 2020

Outdoor spaces are all the rage these days for homeowners. With the limited places that we can go to nowadays, people are looking for ways to vamp their yards and lawns. Whether it is small or big projects, more people are willing to invest their time in these activities.

No matter how we look at it, basic landscaping designs never go out of style. But as current situations change, so does landscaping trends this 2020.

The good thing about these innovations is that they are easy to adapt no matter the budget and space. Even beginner gardeners can find perfect trends that will suit their personal style.

Landscaping Trends of 2020

The National Association of Landscape Professionals announced trends at the beginning of 2020. These predictions aim to help Americans get started on their landscaping and gardening. 

What makes these landscaping and gardening trends cool is that it speaks to everyone. Whether you have an acre of land to till or have enough bare space in your apartment, you can adapt these trends. It also benefits not only the homeowner but also the environment. 

Lavender is becoming more popular these days. This plant is well-known for its low maintenance, fragrance, and pollinator friendliness. 2020 was also declared as the Year of the Lavender by The National Garden Bureau.

Ornate Hardscaping Patterns

Homeowners can choose intricate designs like chevron, basket-weave, or lattice patterns for hardscaping. Home decor patterns are being introduced to outdoor spaces for depth and design.

Porcelain tiles, popular in bathrooms, are now used for garden design trends this 2020. The idea is to make outdoor spaces like patios more livable and fresh. Natural stones are still in season for installation in walkways and retaining walls.

Functional Contemporary Designs

The NALP says that homeowners are leaning towards “multi-season functionality”. This also dictates their choices for heat lamps, native plants, and protective structures. 

With the more demand for outdoor kitchen set-ups, designers see more contemporary designs. Over-the-top landscaping is a thing of the past and quality materials that lasts longer are in. Even more outdoor fabrics like acrylic fibers protect outdoor furniture and spaces.

One smart suggestion is to add fountains or even birdbaths (do it for the birds!) to help add a natural feel to your garden. Imagine the warmth and life open water can do to your relaxation area. 

Native plants that are easy to maintain during any season are gaining traction. These are beneficial to local pollination and aids a more responsible planting. Popular native plant choices in North America are Liatris, asters, and goldenrod.

2020 Color of the Year

Calm and inspiring. Soothing and inspiring. Warm and familiar. This is the effect that the color blue has on many of us which makes it 2020’s color of the year. Pantone chose Classic Blue, PPG has Chinese Porcelain while Sherwin-Williams elects Naval. All are unique shades of blue that will dominate landscaping and gardening palettes. This natural color will liven up a lot of gardens in New Orleans this 2020.

NALP suggests introducing plants like blue fortune, hydrangea, globe thistle, or grape hyacinth. You can also choose from hyssop, blue star, catmint, and May Night salvia. Outdoor spaces can adapt the color of the year with blue pieces and even water installations.

Gardening: Do It Your Way

A lot of people are turning to the garden and landscaping as ways to cope with everyday worries. Instead of norms like fertilizing or seasonal plants, you are in charge of everything. 

Many are still requesting landscaping services for a low maintenance yet pleasing designs. This makes personal changes and other 2020 gardening tips possible. Drought tolerant plants and minimal turfgrass are essentials to achieve sustainability.

  • Vertical Gardening – Vertical gardening is a top landscaping trend. This gardening and landscaping hype suits anyone and anywhere. Even owners of small homes or condo renters can enjoy vertical gardening. Simple techniques like hanging wall planters to wall trellising are popular options.  Many are incorporating vertical gardens to grow herbs right in their kitchens. Other ideas include elevated planters in their balconies and decks.

vertical garden - Big Easy Landscaping

  • Blended Gardening – More and more people are becoming conscious of what they are eating and how it was grown. Aside from growing pretty ornamental plants, they combine it with edible plants. Home gardening becomes more exciting as you can harvest and cook with your plants. Ideas for events include picking fresh ingredients and cooking them in your backyard. Now, it will also be a good idea to share some of your produce with your neighbors right?

  • DIY Projects – It would be such a waste to throw away old outdoor pieces like birdbaths and even old wall sinks. Some are “repurposing” and turning them to functional planters. More people are becoming aware of the negative effects of consumerism this year. This has awakened a heightened sense of creativity in even beginners.

  • Virtual Landscaping – Virtual landscaping is becoming an option for DIY landscapers. Free landscaping apps are available for homeowners to start or reinvent their yards. It would be easier to materialize your landscaping vision before consulting with experts. It had 2-D and 3-D layout features and wide choices for trees, shrubs, and plants.

High-tech Water Solutions

Gone are the days of wasteful irrigation and watering practices. With the rise of technological advancements, home irrigation is also riding this innovation. Irrigation systems are now within the control of your fingertips. They have added WiFi, Bluetooth, and even smartphone app features. It is not just about saving water but it can save you a couple of bucks too. 

These trends can be a little overwhelming but remember that these are guides by experts. What works and what you want should dictate how your landscaping should go. Consider the available space, your budget, and the maintenance you can do.

If you want experts to handle your trendy 2020 landscaping, call Big Easy Landscaping. Our professional team is willing to work with you and make sure that your vision comes alive.

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