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Beat The Heat: Have You Prepared Your Landscape For Summer?

Landscape for Summer

Summer is an exciting time of the year for all. This season signals that there are more activities that you can do. Though summer this year is different from past summers, the parties shouldn’t stop. You can still take the party outdoors: on the lawn or in your backyard.

But before you take out your coolers and grill for the party, check something first. Have you prepared your landscape for summer?

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Landscape Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Summer

Preparing your landscape for summer should not alarm you. You don’t need grand and expensive ways to welcome the hot season. You would want to incorporate changes that can still make it to other seasons. Here are eight ideas and designs for landscaping this summer.

1. A Healthy Lawn Is For All Seasons

Taking care of your lawn is a year-round commitment and maintenance. All seasonal guides that you can follow will tell you to focus on this. It is an essential task for both beginner and expert gardeners and landscapers. A well taken care of lawn makes a big difference. As every season can bring problems for yards, summer brings specific challenges too. Here are basic dos and don’ts for yards during summer.


  • Let your grass aerate. It will help your lawn grow stronger grass. Water, air, and nutrients can reach the roots better through aeration.
  • Check your current soil pH. One common reason why gardens do not become as vibrant as it should is because of its pH. You can have local landscape or lawn professionals to check your soil’s pH.
  • Remove weeds in your grass, so they do not compete with your soil’s nutrients.
  • Fertilizing can ensure better health of your lawn.


  • Don’t cut your grass too short. If you think a shorter grass is better, forget that. The National Association of Landscape Professionals suggests a “longer, finished out height.” It would also mean less watering. It also helps the grass get more sunlight while protecting the soil, not to lose too much moisture.
  • Don’t water when the sun is hot out. It would cause your lawn to lose too much moisture and will ruin it.

2. Invest In Smarter Watering

Hydration is essential to keep your landscaping lush and alive. The heat can make you think that you should be watering more often. That is not true. What’s important is that the water goes deep and reaches the roots. Watering in the early morning or evening time is best. One inch of water is best for your grass once a week.

Droughts are something that we can experience during the summer. Low-water landscaping can help lessen your worries about enough watering. There are also smarter ways for irrigation now with better technology. Sprinklers are now programmable to release a certain amount of water only. There are ones wired to apps so you can control water through your phone.

3. Liven Up Your Outdoor Spaces

You might have installed outdoor decks or patios. It will be a perfect place to have your parties and gatherings. Make sure to check these places regularly so you can make necessary repairs. If maintenance is beyond your skills, you can call professionals for your deck and patios.

Installing outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and gazebos are perfect for doing during the summer. This addition will help enhance your outdoor spaces. If you have existing patios but don’t have a patio cover, you can install one. The sun shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your patio.

4. Color Blocking

Color blocking is not just something that you can do with clothes and accessories. You can liven up your outdoor spaces by using colors to highlight them. You can frame your plants by using a flash of reds or blues. You can paint an accent wall on your outdoor kitchen or patio. Dress up furniture instead with bold colors if you don’t have barriers to paint. A colored outdoor rug is another way to bring something new to your space.

5. Hanging Gardens

Having your garden is still the rage these days. Other people are not sure how to set up their yards. They either worry about space or that pets can ruin their plants. Well, this summer, you can try a vertical garden!

It is also a perfect way to start your edible garden. You wouldn’t need to worry about pets or kids messing with your vegetables. You can set up your plants at a height where they will be out of their reach.

Space will not be a problem with hanging plants. If you have a business, you can also opt to decorate your place through vertical gardening.

6. Work On Your Hardscape

Cold climates can ruin your walkways, pathways, and other hardscaping. The summer is a time you can also work on these features. Seal visible cracks and dents. It will help avoid accidents that can happen because of uneven walkways if you want to add other stone features, better not to wait when it’s cold to do it.

7. Natural And Minimalist Designs

This year, more people are leaning towards natural and old-fashioned additions for landscaping. It gives off a more livable and breathing vibe. It connects the idea of spending time outdoors in your yard or lawn, rather than looking at it from inside. You can add swings sets, garden benches, and other outdoor furniture.

These upgrades are great ways to make your landscaping ready this summer. If you want high-quality garden and installations, call here at Big Easy Landscaping.


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