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How to Expand Your Yard: 8 Types of Landscapes to Help You

Would you rather prefer walking past a bed of flowering plants or broken furniture and damaged appliances dumped in the corner of your yard?

Which setting do you think your guests will appreciate more?

There are many factors to consider, really: the one with beds of flowering plants will provide a warm welcome to everyone.

An aesthetically pleasing yard highlights your house even more.

But you need to have specific landscaping ideas to implement them in your yard. Here are a few ideas you can try to expand your yard and make it look beautiful.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas For a Larger Yard Space

1. Planting Beds

The crucial part of planting a new flower bed is visualizing its future. landscape architecture New Orleans - Big Easy Landscaping

You need to figure out how the plants will look once they grow up.

Talk to a flower specialist instead of guessing the plants’ colors, heights, and textures.

Ideally, you should mix and match perennial and annual plants so that the yard not only sees flowers throughout the year but the different color themes make your yard look colorful.

You should also keep seasonal plants on different sides.

For example, the plants that produce flowers in summer and spring should be kept away from the ones that give flowers in the fall and winter.

2. Fountains


Stone fountains can make an ordinary yard look charming.

There are tons of designs available for stone fountains and you can choose one that suits the size of your yard.


The ones that stand on a small pond made of stone and concealed by rocks look beautiful on any type of yard, irrespective of their size.


You will need sand, river rock, grate, shovel, preformed pond liner, carpenter’s level, pump, tubing for the pump, back brace, and stone fountain piece to set up the fountain. If you don’t want to do it alone, call a professional.

3. Fences

Fences are not just to keep intruders away from your house premises.White Fences - Landscaping

They also demarcate your yard from your neighbor’s.

There is no better way to create a boundary for your yard than installing a fence around your house. With various types of fencing materials available, you can choose one that suits your pocket and the aesthetics of your home.

For example, iron fences are durable but they are costly. Wooden or bamboo fences are comparatively cheaper but come in a variety of designs. Choose the design that makes your yard look like an extension of your house.

4. Green Lawns

It is a priceless feeling to walk out of your house and step onto a lush green carpet of grass.

On the other hand, a concrete yard looks mundane.

You can convert it into a green lawn by installing artificial grass.

They look so real that you won’t be able to tell the difference. Plus, they don’t cost a fortune. You will not have to maintain your lawn like a real grass lawn. And it would provide the perfect background for the plants in your yard.

5. Water Gardens

You will need a big yard for this. Create an artificial pond just like the way you had created a stone fountain. Make sure the fountain receives at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. Pond flowers thrive where they get enough sunlight.

Don’t use tap water. It contains chlorine that might affect the plants.

Try using filtered water to fill up the pond. Now add water lilies, pitcher plants, papyrus, and lotuses. You can also make the stone fountain the centerpiece and create the water garden around it. The trickling sound of water is very soothing.

6. Stone Walkway

You can create a specific path from your house to the main gate through the yard. A stone walkway provides that path. Moreover, it gives a definite shape to your yard, according to which you can arrange the plants and fountains.

With lots of materials to choose from, you should select one that suits the overall theme of your yard.

For example, if you have already installed a stone fountain, you should get a stone walkway.

But if there are only potted plants with no theme, you can go for a concrete pathway. Concrete pathways are comparatively cheaper as the installations don’t take time. But they don’t provide the classy look as stone walkways.

7. Foundation Plantings

Talk about creating a theme in your yard and foundation plantings will provide the best background for it. Foundation plantings mostly consist of shrubs that you can install along the line of your yard.Garden - Flowers

Don’t forget to choose from the shrubs that produce impressive autumn flowers, berries, and fall foliage. Some of the shrubs not only produce flowers in autumn but also in spring.

Try adding foundation plantings consisting of rose bushes, common lilacs, red twig dogwood, hibiscus, and forsythia bushes.

Foundation plantings ensure that people understand that your house has greenery all around.

A couple of potted plants scattered throughout the yard doesn’t qualify as expanding your yard. You need to plan the entire setting and foundation plantings should be your starting point. Choose flowering plants that complement the color of flowers that your foundation plantings produce.

8. Driveway

Your yard needs to be considered big to create a driveway.

If you want to park your car right in front of your house because you don’t have a garage, then developing a driveway in your yard makes sense. In that case, you need to make a concrete or stone pathway from the main entrance to where you want to keep your car.

You may have to give up on a few landscaping ideas above, such as installing a green lawn or creating a stone fountain unless the yard is significantly big.

All these landscaping ideas can literally transform your average-looking yard into something that your neighbors will envy.

Let Big Easy Landscaping be a part of that transformation. We can provide all the above landscaping services and also suggest many more ideas, depending on the size of your yard.

With experienced workers always ready to provide high-quality landscaping services, you can expect only the very best from us. Call us at 504 608 5553 to set up an appointment soon.

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