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15 Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Yard

Light your outdoor space beautifully with the right lights for an ideal outdoor experience. Gather your friends and family in your outdoor living space and stay up until dawn with lights that increase the comfort and improve the ambiance of your landscape.

When the weather is great, you can set up a cozy nook outside your home with warm lighting for your landscape. There are many garden lighting ideas that will make you want to spend more time in your outdoor space. Here are just some of them:

1. Create a Simple Centerpiece

Dining with candles- Big easy landscaping

Use pots and other naturally made containers that you can fill in with sand and soil and place candles to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Lit candles are a favorite light choice for landscapes because of their classic feel.

2. Create a Water Feature for Your Lighting

A beautiful water feature that is well lit can be a beautiful focal point in your landscape. The delicate figure of water that has light features can bring an exotic feel to your landscape.

You can use LED lights to bring the water feature alive. The stunning shadows that are cast by the light of this water feature will make you enjoy an alfresco late at night out in your outdoor living space.

3. Traditional Lighting

Classic styles of lighting your landscape can make you feel that there’s a park outside your home. Traditional lighting is ideal for front and back landscapes. You can choose solar lights with classic designs beside pots filled with flowers.

Traditional lamps can add an extra dose of elegance to a woody walking path, a driveway entry, and a front door entry.

4. Hang Lights on Your Balcony

landscape lighting - Big Easy Landscaping

If you live in a building with no yard, you can decorate the landscape of your balcony with hanging lights.

Even with limited space, some great lighting ideas can make your balcony feel big.

For example, use Festoon lighting and hang them beautifully along the wall or railing of your balcony or candles in glass lanterns that can soften the atmosphere.

5. Create Levels of Lighting

A landscape can have various levels that you can light. Make the most of lighting your outdoor space by considering how you can position lights on the different levels of your landscape.

Strategically place lights on the floor, on the walls, and overhead. Building up on layers of lighting can create a well secluded private space and control the atmosphere of your outdoor living space.

6. Use Directional Lighting

Directional lighting is great for landscaping that has features that look really great when highlighted. You can use it to illuminate features in your landscape that you want to focus on. This can draw the eyes to different areas in your landscape that can create a comforting and enlightening mood.

7. Light Up an Outdoor Structure

Lighted Gazebo-Big Easy landscaping

If you have pergolas on your landscape, you can focus on putting lights on them to accent the space and structural form.

Place lights overhead and on different levels so that light is not centered only above the structure.

8. Path Lighting

Illuminate paths in your landscape to create a directional view of your yard. Garden paths can be hazardous after heavy rain or when snow starts to melt.

So if you want to make safe use of your outdoor living space, sporadically place lights like downlighters to brighten the underfoot.

You can also use border lights that can soften the glow of garden paths. Solar lights are one of the best choices for path lighting your landscape because they are easy to install.

9. Diffused Glow With Discrete LED Lighting

Garden trends include the use of LED lighting that is more energy-efficient and easier to maintain. LED lighting for your landscape can come in many forms but the most popular is the use of LED strip lights that create a soft, diffused glow on specific structures like steps and borderlines.

10. Garden Pendant Lights That Add Drama

You can have one pendant light hanging over a focal point of your landscape if you have limited space outdoors. This can create a boundary between your indoor and outdoor living space by concentrating light on an area where you can relax.

11. Sociable Lighting

Mix different kinds of light that creates a sociable atmosphere. You can choose to use candles, festoon lights, and an outdoor log burner all together to create the ambiance that you desire.

Think about how you and your guests would like to feel when you spend time outdoors and decide on the types of lights and the layout of these lights that will help you achieve that feeling.

12. Use Solar Powered Lights

Think about being energy efficient and contributing to saving the environment by using solar-powered lights.

They are a popular choice for landscape lighting because you will not be stressed about laying out wires and directing them to a power source. They are practically less disruptive and cheaper to use.

13. Light Your Driveway

Make your driveway safer by placing lights along its edges. Use low-voltage lighting that is easy to install and uses less energy. Solar lights can also light up your driveway effectively.

Lighting your driveway is very useful in establishing a boundary to guide anyone who drives on it. Ground lights or very low path lights are perfect for this lighting design.

14. Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns create a dreamy feeling on your landscape. It is one of the favorite lighting features that you can use for structures in your outdoor living space like pergolas, porches, and others.

15. Hardscape Lighting

Glowing spheres - Big Easy LandscapingThe hardscapes in your landscape will look more elegant when you place lights on them.

You can use downlighting on retaining walls, a natural stone path, a paver patio, an outdoor fireplace, a driveway, and other hardscape features on your landscape to highlight the space around them and the craftsmanship of each hardscape.

These inventive ways to illuminate your landscape can create the ambiance that you desire for the outdoor spaces of your home.

A welcoming home will have beautifully placed lighting features around it. Landscape lighting can make your home glow with elegance and style.

Landscape Lighting Ideas Perfect for Any Outdoor Space

Deciding on what kind of landscape lighting to use in your outdoor space can be tricky. You want to find something that will not only look good but also be functional. Big Easy Landscaping can help you choose the right type of lighting for your home.

Getting excited about adding some new landscape lighting to your yard? Call us today at (504)-229-6519 to get started!

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