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Importance of Lighting to Your Yard

When designing yards, most of us tend to focus on plants and forget about other aspects of it. 

Well, plants take center stage in any garden, and the types you pick go a long way in determining how the place turns out to be. 

Exterior lighting adds both aesthetic and functional benefits to your area, and it is essential to consider them when designing your garden. 

Landscape lighting comes in a wide variety of blends, ranging from the small solar ones to the wall-mounted ones that are connected to your home’s electrical line. 

Before you invest in garden lights, it is good to understand the benefits they bring, as this will explain why you need them in your yard.

Benefits of Landscaping Lights

Lighting Your Outdoor Space

If you have a yard that is full of flowers and shrubs, you will notice that it gets incredibly dark at night. 

garden lights - Big Easy Landscaping

This is not good for your home as outdoor spaces can give you an alternative place to relax even when the sun goes down.

You do not have to entertain your guests in the living room every day as you can make the outdoor space an alternative area to relax. 

Outdoor spaces can only be utilized when they are well lit, as no one would like to spend time in the dark. 

Luckily, you can choose any type of outdoor lighting fixtures you want, depending on how you would wish to utilize the outdoor space. 

Smart lights allow you to change the level of brightness. When your kids are playing at night, go for the brighter setting that illuminates the area properly, and allows them to move around. 

When having cool romantic evenings with your spouse, go for the dim light feature.

Lights come in different shapes, and features and the one that suits you goes down to your imagination and how you want the outdoor space to look like.

Improve Your Outdoor Décor

You can invest a lot in your garden and plant the right combination of shrubs and trees that make your outdoor place look stunning. 

However, all this aesthetic quality is lost when the sunlight goes down, and you cannot enjoy the décor at night. 

Garden lighting allows you to enjoy the scenery of your garden both at night and during the day. landscape lights - Big Easy Landscaping

They help to highlight some of the features of the garden and guide you through the pathways and onto the different parts of the home. 

Some features such as ponds, outdoor kitchens, and fountains look great during the day, but illuminating them with special lights during the night takes their aesthetics to another level. 

Positioning lights in the flower beds help to show their blend of colors even when it’s night time. 

Lights allow you to get creative with your garden and can help to transform it into a haven at night. Do not let all the good work you have done fade away during the night and make use of landscape lighting to make your home a fantastic place to be even during the night.

Increases Property Value

You do not want your home to look good for no reason, as aesthetics can increase its value. People like picturesque houses, and what better way to achieve this than by installing landscape lights. 

These lights are an investment that will yield a return on investment as people regard them as an essential quality of any house they would love to buy and move in. 

outdoor lighting - Big Easy Landscaping

Strategically placing your outdoor lights all over the yard while highlighting some of the prominent features increases the curb appeal in no small way. 

These lights are not only used to highlight the plants but can help to point out the unique architectural features of your place. 

A good example is using lights that bring out the moonlight effect, which highlights your home the same way the moon does.


Landscape lighting helps to improve home security. Burglars and criminals like to lurk in the dark where they cannot be seen. 

Burglary is a common threat to your home, and lights are a great way to illuminate some of the corners that a burglar might think of hiding at your place. 

secure outdoor lights - Big Easy Landscaping

Most of the security features in your home, such as surveillance cameras, work with the help of proper outdoor lighting. 

They need this light to help you get a clear view of the area, and with them, you can monitor the place better. 

Lights make your guests and children feel safe when they are spending some time outside the home at night. They are more at ease when they can see the surrounding area.  

Proper visibility is not only good for security but for the safety of people there since they can see their pathways clearly and reduce the risk of falling or slipping around the place. 

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on utility bills by lighting the whole area, consider installing smart lights with motion sensors that only illuminate when something moves around there.

How To Light Your Yard Properly?

It is vital to get the right mix between functionality and aesthetics when designing your outdoor lighting. Note that they come in different forms. 

Some are purely intended to make the place look good by bringing the most out of the garden’s highlights while others help to provide pure light and protect the area from burglars and help you see the place. 

For the aesthetic part, the goal is to see the effect of the light and not seeing it.

This is why you need to consult a landscaping expert who will help you to come up with a proper landscape lighting design.


They handle the project holistically and then break it down to the individual types of lights that will be installed in different areas of the yard. Note that not all experts you come across are not perfect, and it is advisable to shop around and get one that has experience in designing garden lights for you. 

From LED outdoor light to simple post lights, having one in your yard will surely bring out its beauty.

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