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How to Build a Deck: 5 Simple Tips to Get Started

Do you feel that your home is incomplete without a deck? 

Do you want to enjoy your outdoor space more as summer is approaching? 

Regardless of your motivation, a deck is an essential feature of any home, both aesthetically and functionally. 

It adds value to your home and lets you have a pleasant and comfortable place to sit and enjoy the cool and fresh air. 

If you have a garden, a deck is an invaluable asset as it connects your home and the yard, giving you a complete home.

Deckbuilding projects are not straightforward in any way, and you should plan well if you want to get it right. 

Most of us have budget caps when taking on these projects, and it is vital to ensure that you get a good deck at the right price. 

Here are some of the tips for building a deck

1. Get Your Size Right

It is easy to get carried away by the idea of having a deck on your property and start imagining one that will cost you an arm and a leg. 

Well, if you have an unlimited amount of money to work with, all the best, but for the rest of us, it is necessary to determine the right size. 

Look at the amount of deck space you want to create. 

How many people will be seated at the deck most of the time? 

home deck size - Big Easy Landscaping

Do you want to add features such as a picnic table, benches and a grill on the deck?

Will you add built-in seaters or have ones that can be carried away? 

How much space will these seaters take? How long do you want the deck stairs to be?

Do you have the rough size in mind once you discuss this with custom deck builders?

Note that the size of the deck should be determined in relation to the house for you to achieve the proper visual balance. 

Deck specialists recommend that one that is less than 20% of the house should give this balance. 

But there are exceptions to these if you want to emphasize the outdoor space. 

2. Foundation is the Key

The deck foundation is one of the most essential parts of it, and there are a few options to go about it. 

deck foundation - Big Easy Landscaping

Regardless of the type of base you stick with, be sure that it offers the required level of strength needed. 

Try and find out what can make your deck shift and build one meant to avoid it. 

If you stay in places with long and cold winter seasons, you are advised to go at least five feet below the ground for the base. 

This keeps the ground below the post from freezing and heaving.

Screw piles are the other option a deck builder New Orleans will use, and they are posts that are screwed into the ground to a significant depth. 

These posts work well as long as they are strong enough and are drilled into the right holes that leave them very little room to wiggle about. 

Floating deck blocks are another safe option, but you have to maintain them over time if they are to stay level. 

They sit on top of the ground and are more vulnerable to movement, but if the field you are building them on is consistent, they won’t move much. 

Deck builders understand the best foundation options for your area and will guide you on which one fits the type of deck you want and the budget.

3. Choose the Deck Surface

Just as it is with the foundation, you have a few options to choose from when picking deck surface material. 

You might be thinking that all decks are made of wood, but not all types of wood are the same. 

home deck floor - Big Easy Landscaping

Pressurized wood is not as toxic as it was in the past years, but its gentleness cannot be compared to that of natural wood. 

It could last longer theoretically but the only definite way of making any type of wood to last long is by using the recommended durability measures.

Cedar is one of the most popular natural decking materials and can be left raw and still last a long time. 

However, staining it will only extend its lifespan and protect it from fading as a result of exposure to UV rays.

You can get composite recycled plastic materials today that are made to mimic wooden boards. 

They are more resistant to the effects of weather elements and are made to provide a non-slip surface, especially if you are in a damp zone.

4. Be Prepared to Stain the Deck Regularly

Your deck might be installed and look aesthetically pleasing, but be prepared to keep it in top condition. 

It involves some work, and you have to stain it at selected times for it to offer the aesthetic value you desire. 

Don’t just stain the deck any time and observe the weather and season before doing it. 

outdoor deck painting - Big Easy Landscaping

This is because the stain needs to dry up for it to have the desired impact, something that makes it better to do it during the warm seasons. 

Most stains will have a specified functional temperature range for the application and adhere to this.

5. Finding the Best Deck Builders

Unless you are going DIY, the choice of getting a professional deck builder goes a long way in determining how the project turns out to be. 

You will find a plethora of them telling you why they are your best option but do some due diligence and find the best one. 

Look at their reputation and what their previous clients have to say about the services they offer. 

Are they friendly? 

Are they keen on listening to your requirements before coming up with a design? 

Do they have a portfolio of previous decks they have built? 

professional deck builders - Big Easy Landscaping

You want to deal with a deck specialist that has the right experience and expertise to build your dream deck. 

They should follow it up with advice and support on how to keep your deck in top condition.

A deck improves your home and acts as a useful landscape enhancement

Building one is a critical project, and if you are looking for a reliable custom deck builder, contact Big Easy Landscaping today, and we will be glad to help.

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