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5 Ways to Prepare Your Landscape For Summer

Investing in your landscaping makes your outdoor spaces look top-notch.
This can become a challenge during summer when the sun’s too high and landscaping can be quite the chore.

But you need to take care of your yard for the scheduled parties you have for the season.

Before you can indulge yourself, you will need to prepare your landscape for summer.

Tips To Get The Perfect Summer Landscaping Look

Summer can be the perfect time for you to pay attention to your landscape. Do you love summer and basking under the summer sun?

Summer landscaping can be another activity that will help you enjoy the season.

Or are you the kind that can barely tolerate the heat? Don’t turn your back on your landscaping now!

Taking a break here and there is okay, but make sure you never neglect your yard.

Beautiful summer landscapes can help your property to stand out.

Keep in mind that during summer, sticking to the basics plus adding upgrades will help you a long way.

Here are steps to have a clean-cut summer landscape.

designs for landscaping

Summer Landscaping Tip #1: Correct Irrigation Means Better Plants

If you need enough hydration to make it through summer, so does your landscaping. The key to efficient watering is not doing it as frequently but doing it as deep as you can.

Water should soak deep into the soil for your plants and lawn to have healthier roots. This would also help them keep enough moisture and avoid water loss.

Your lawn should only get at least one inch of water every week.

Watering at the right time is key for irrigation.

Watering early in the morning, around 5 to 6 AM is best. Avoid doing it at night as overnight moisture can cause fungal growth and other diseases.

You can also opt for drip irrigation instead of regular sprinklers. Water from sprinklers tends to evaporate faster on summer days. You end up not watering plants but also spend more for water costs.

Summer Landscaping Tip #2: Help Your Lawn Stay Healthy

First of all, long lawn lengths are best for summer days. If you risk cutting your lawn too short, you can say goodbye to your green, luscious lawn dreams. Make sure you do not cut your lawn less than three inches.

Good lawn length is a natural coping mechanism grasses have to help them fight water loss. This also helps them fight off other lawn hazards like pests, diseases, and loss of nutrients.

Fertilizing is another way you can aid in the better growth development of your lawn and plants. It can bring key nutrients like nitrogen that plants need.

Appropriate fertilizer can depend on your location and climate. The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy lists New Orleans under the hot-humid Region.

You can consult local garden centers for the right fertilizer. Make sure you avoid fertilizing on days over 90 degrees as some fertilizers can harm under high heat.

Summer Landscaping Tip #3: Watch Out For Pests and Weeds

Pests and weeds can abound in lawns and landscapes that are not well kept.

Regular inspection can help you identify problems and act on a solution so it will not get worse.

Once weeds and pests have settled for too long in your landscape, it can become a headache to remove.

You can invest in pest control for pests that are present in your area. Whatever pest control you use, make sure it doesn’t harm pollinators like bees.

If you don’t want to risk using chemicals, you can plant bad smelling or tasting plants for pests like basil. If you have larger animals invading your yard, you can install garden fences.

Some weeds like dandelion may seem harmless but they can do more damage if you let them grow.

They will steal nutrients and moisture from your lawn and plants.

Summer Landscaping Tip #4: Choose The Right Plants

Having the right plants can help save you from worries.

You can get annuals and perennials that are drought-tolerant. Native species like goldenrods, asters, and bee balm are perfect.

If you are looking for summer vegetable garden ideas, plant these drought-tolerant florae:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cowpeas
  • Peppers
  • Okra
  • Eggplants

Vegetables like carrots, radishes and lettuces prefer cooler temperatures.

They might produce bitter edibles during hot temperatures. These plants would focus on surviving the heat rather than producing.

For hot-humid areas like New Orleans, plant shade trees that still allow sun during winter.

This can be great focal points and can help lower your energy costs as well.

Here are more plants that are perfect for summer.

spring landscape

Summer Landscaping Tip #5: Add The Personal Flairs

Adding your much-planned upgrades can help spruce up your designs for landscaping.

This season will be a good time to contact landscape professionals and start on new projects. Here are some landscape design ideas you can add to your plans.

Outdoor Lighting

Summer nights can be chillier compared to summer days.

You can enjoy your landscaping even at night by installing outdoor lights. You can choose to add lights on specific areas to highlight them.

Adding seating spaces you can enjoy both night and day can also add more activities to enjoy in your yard.

Water Features

Additions like fountains, water ponds or even simple bird baths are great ways to relax. There is more smart technology that helps make them cost efficient.

Outdoor Areas

You can plan more parties and barbeque hangouts with outdoor living areas. Having a deck or outdoor patio is a popular choice among homeowners.

If you’re worried about the sun, adding patio or deck covers can help you enjoy your activities better.

A small gazebo can work with smaller spaces.

Don’t Let the Heat Get You Down

Landscaping during the summer is something you can succeed at.

Being proactive and smart about maintaining your landscape can make a difference.

All your hard work will pay off for the rest of the year and you can enjoy your landscape.

You can also consult our professionals at Big Easy Landscaping.

We have helped many homeowners in New Orleans with beautiful summer landscapes.

Is this post helpful? Tell us in the comments below!

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