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Cool Landscape Designs

8 Cool Landscape Designs for Your Home

Creating the landscape fit for your home can be a bit stressful at first. It demands your time, full attention, and some reasonable budget.

But ultimately once you see the progression come into fruition little by little, all the efforts and money you spent will all be worth it.

Now that many are in a work from home setup due to the coronavirus pandemic, you probably can dedicate more time for that landscape you are dreaming and dreading to have. That is why you can opt not just for regular ones but more so for cool landscape designs.

What are Considerations to Think About in Landscaping?

For a starter, you need an idea or vision of the landscaping style you want.

Surfing the internet for some references of landscape design plans and pictures would definitely help you in arriving at a decision.

A huge factor in this is of course the budget or money you are willing to shell out.

The more elements or structure you add, the more costs are added.

In this whole process, the design you are aiming for should conform to the principles of design that can also be applied to landscaping.

It should at least have any semblance of unity, proportion, order, balance, repetition, and emphasis.

And whether you are planning to landscape on your own or do it with a landscaping company like Big Easy Landscaping, being meticulously involved is your best weapon.

You would not want all that money and energy wasted on something that you will not enjoy seeing in the long run.

But you don’t have to fret because we have listed 8 cool landscape designs you can choose from!

These styles are all varied from one another; some fit for your porch and some are landscaping ideas for your backyard.

  1. English Style Garden. This design which originated from England is one of the most popular home landscapes you can see on the internet.There is a high chance that you have probably seen it in Hollywood movies where the actors are seen strolling around a huge garden with a sweeping lawn, bed of roses, and a body of water.But of course in a home setting, you don’t have to do all these elements.

    The English garden is characterized by its signature elements like organized flowerbeds, lines, and an emphasized space where you can chill and enjoy the view.

    Common plants found in a typical English Garden are roses, lavender, foxglove, and delphinium.

    Water Fountain

  2. Water Fountain. A popular addition to any garden or regular landscape design is a fountain.A fountain in your backyard or lawn where water flows continuously can be therapeutic especially with that pleasing sight and calming sound.

    A water fountain gives the design element of emphasis to your home garden. If you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to splurge much.

    There are cheaper fountains with lower levels or elevation like self-contained and birdbath fountains. If you have an extra budget, you can even have a customized one that will fit with your taste.

  3. Topiary Garden. Why not consider topiaries to your landscape? If you have seen movies like Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland, your attention was probably caught by the lifelike appearances of some plants and trees.Some topiaries can be the center of attraction of your prized home landscape.

    The best and most common topiary plants that you may consider to have been the European or boxwood shrubs, yew bushes, and arborvitae shrubs.

    These plants can be trimmed into the shapes you want like animals or geometric shapes.

    Shaded Patio

  4. Shaded Patio. If you live in areas like New Orleans where weather temperatures are usually high, you are in need of a shaded patio.There are various ways and options that you can choose from for you to have that beautiful patio.

    The most natural way is by adding small trees. This can also be the cheapest option for you although growing this tree can take a longer time.

    Other than trees, a cheap way to add some shade is by installing some stylish umbrellas. Umbrellas can be great especially if you love chilling outside, reading a book or bonding with the family.

    The great thing about this is you can even order it online and skies are the limit for the options in terms of colors, design, and sizes.

    It would be better if you opt for offset umbrellas because these are fit and made for patios.

    On the other hand, if you are willing to spend more, you can build a gazebo or pergola. These structures are perfect places for relaxing and entertaining your guests as you sip those cold beverages.

  5. Multi-use yard. This landscaping idea is a perfect fit for a family or a group of people who loves doing activities.In this design, you are maximizing the space you have. You may add some tables and chairs, a swing set, potted plants, and of course a spacious lawn for some fun activities.
  6. Kitchen Garden. If you want to have a landscape that serves a better purpose, you may consider putting up a kitchen garden in your backyard. This may either be a part of your residential garden or separated from it.A kitchen garden involves planting and growing of organic vegetables and herbs, all of which can be harvested and consumed.

    Of course, you can make your kitchen garden way cooler by having plots that are designed with wood and concrete.

  7. Elevated Steps. A cool way to improve the way your front yard looks is by adding stairs lined with plants.The great thing about steps is they can be easily customized and designed to any way you want.

    You can do terracing stairs, steps with flowering plants on the side, steps with different sizes, and you can even have stones as stairs if it can be stacked well.

    Trailing plants, creeping chamomile, and succulents are some plants you can pair with your steps.

  8. Garden Screen and Walls. Another cool landscaping design that serves another purpose is a garden screen. If you have nosy neighbors (I hope not), you definitely need this! A garden screen and wall are usually made of wood or concrete.These screens are then adorned with creeping plants or vines like clematis and wisteria.
    If you want a natural way of having a screen while providing some shade, you may opt for some bamboo.

The Possibilities are Endless!

With these cool design ideas, landscaping can be extra fun!

You can always go out if that’s what you’re into. It;s your landscape, after all. Happy gardening!

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