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What Benefits Do Pergolas Have?

It is terrible to live in a well-constructed home with fantastic décor and leave your outdoor space neglected. 

The garden should match the interior as it gives your visitors the first impression of how your place looks like. 

Most people disregard the outdoor spaces with the notion that it does not help much but ask those who relax in their gardens, and they will tell you how the experience is breathtaking. 

One common assumption is that a proper yard is all about the grass and trees, but several other fixtures can be installed to make the place a haven.

pergolas for the garden - Big Easy Landscaping

Grass and flowers are just the basics, but some of these fixtures can be distinguished with an average yard from an exquisite one. 

A notable fixture that can transform your garden are pergolas for the garden, and how they help bring your garden a more charming touch. 

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an architectural feature that is made of a framework of vertical pillars that support beams and an open roof. 

In most cases, the supporting posts and free roof support climbing plants.

These fixtures are often confused with arbor; the latter being somehow similar to pergolas, but they are smaller and less sophisticated. 

Most common fixtures include seats and have curved arches on top. 

Pergolas are larger and embedded in houses. 

Some people use the term arbor and pergolas in the same context, and it is vital to spell out the difference to ensure that you do not get the wrong thing if you wish to put one in your yard.

You can also accompany your pergolas with a patio. Ask your contractor for covered patio ideas from sizes to designs that will mesh well with your covered pergola. 

The Top Benefits of a Pergola

Aesthetic Value

When designing your yard, it is vital to install fixtures that will improve the aesthetic value. Pergolas have a unique beauty that makes your garden special. 

covered pergola - Big Easy LandscapingTheir sculptural and architectural design attracts the attention of anyone, and this helps to transform a basic yard to a top one. 

Luckily, pergola plans come in different designs and forms, giving you the option of picking one that fits your existing landscape design or your home. 

Their structure gives you a perfect opportunity to display the beauty of your plants.




Here are some more ideas to make your home more attractive

Support for Plants

It is advisable to have a blend of plants in your gardens. 

Climbing plants or vines are needed for a proper garden combination, and they need support to help them crawl and thrive. 

Pergolas offer support to these climbing plants such as vines and ivy. 

They can maneuver through the supporting beams and to the roof, making the place look better. 

You should choose the climbing plants for the pergola wisely as some varieties such as wisteria and clematis can significantly add to the aesthetic value and make the place look stunning. 

Don’t just pick any climbing plant you come across as it could degrade the aesthetic value offered by the pergola (but if you’re a savvy gardener or aspiring interior designer, you can always make it work). 

Another option of leveraging the support of the pergola is by hanging plant pots on the sides. 

This way, you can always direct these plants to follow the path you desire and have them grow in a way that makes the structure look organized and beautiful.

Improve Outdoor Space Usage

One of the most common pergola ideas is utilizing outdoor space.

At times, you can have limited space yet a plethora of ideas that need to be put into your home.  

Well, segmenting your yard can help to achieve most of what you want and what better way to do it than to install a pergola. 

It helps to take advantage of your outdoor space since you can add more furniture in it with the assurance that it is protected from the elements of the weather. 

This is particularly practical if you choose to install it attached to the wall of your house or any structure within the compound. 

A free-standing one can still offer the same benefit, but only if you build it in a protected area. 

You can make use of this space to sit and relax or entertain your guests when you want to feel the outdoor vibe but still do not wish to be fully exposed to the weather elements such as the sun and rain.


Pergolas come in varying designs, and it is easy to find one that falls within your budget. 

If you want to make a significant impact on your outdoor space without breaking the bank, pergolas offer you the perfect solution. They are low cost and easy to build if you want one constructed from scratch. 

They can be complemented with climbing plants and outdoor lighting to become the highlight of your yard at a budget. The high-end ones will cost a significant amount, but an average one is easy to find and won’t cost much.

These structures do not require a lot of maintenance, especially if you choose a material such as vinyl which does not rot or fade. 

Once they are installed, all you might be required to do is to top up the paint after a couple of years and make them look brand new.

Boost Home Value

Your outdoor space plays a huge role in how much you can get if you decide to sell the home. 

A pergola is a single structure that has the power of transforming your garden, something that makes it suitable for your home value. 

pergola ideas - Big Easy Landscaping

It makes your investment worthwhile and will help attract clients if you might look to dispose of the home at any time.

Some of the benefits of installing a pergola have been discussed, and if you want to transform your yard instantly, consider getting one. 

Pergolas come in different sizes and structures, making it easy for you to find one that will serve your desired purpose. 

If you are having any trouble figuring out how a pergola will fit in your garden, contact a landscaping expert and have them advise you. 

They can find you the right pergola for your existing outdoor décor and choose the best plants that will complement it. 

They help achieve several purposes, and if you want one today, be sure to contact https://www.bigeasylandscaping.com/ for that quality pergolas in New Orleans, and have them recommend the best one for your garden.

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