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Landscaping renovation

How to Save Money on Landscape Renovations

Nature is a force to reckon with and it affects many aspects of our lives like landscaping.

We invest so much to maintain and beautify, but we can only do so much. When worse comes to worst, it can be time to do landscaping renovation.

Saving on Landscape Renovation Cost

The first thing you need to consider is your landscape’s situation. Are there problems that only need maintenance like weeding or fertilizing?

Has the situation been happening for too long and maintenance can no longer fix it?

If there are things that are getting out of control, then it is time for landscaping renovation.

Landscaping Maintenance

Landscaping Maintenance vs. Landscaping Renovation

You might be wondering: I’m already paying for or doing landscape maintenance. Would I even need to renovate my landscaping?

Landscaping maintenance aims to keep the current state of your landscape. You would do this on a regular basis, like every day, week, month, or year.

Maintenance can include regular mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and pest control.

Renovation goes deeper than maintenance. When your landscape does not improve or even worsens, it can be time to renovate.

Landscaping renovation may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Tree Problems – Trees can grow bigger than planned and can affect the whole landscaping.Trees getting in the way of each other can present problems in the future. Trees can grow in the direction of a house and can cause damage if it takes up too much space. Similar situations like these can warrant landscaping renovation.
  2. Plant Services – Plants you place in your landscape are not permanent.
    Even after maintaining, some plants do not survive as they do not get enough nutrients they need.Some choose renovation to change whole flower beds and plant new ones.
    Removing and replacing plants will also need renovation. You will need to assess your soil’s situation like soil pH. Soil aeration is also an important step for healthier soil and healthier plants.
  3. In Need Of New Turf – Do you notice dead, drying, or yellow spots in your turf that never go away no matter what you do? This could mean that there are problems in the soil or in the turf itself. You can consider looking for better species of turf that is more drought and pest resistant.
  4. Seasonal Changes – If you use your yard for special events, you can renovate your landscaping. You can do this every time so it can fit whatever event you have like parties or weddings.
  5. Weather Extremes – Natural events can cause serious damages to your landscaping. In case of heavy snow, flooding, and drought, you can do a renovation to rescue your landscaping.

Landscape renovation cost

How Much Does Landscaping Renovation Cost?

A common concern that homeowners have about their landscaping is the cost. You have already invested in your current landscape.

A need for renovation will mean more expenses. How much would you spend for landscape renovation?

HomeAdvisor has averaged the landscaping expenses of their customers.

A complete renovation would cost between $15,000 to $50,000. A starter renovation would be around $5,000 and this would include sodding and replanting.

If you are looking to install an outdoor kitchen, it can cost between $4,600-$22,000. A patio installation would be $1,800-$5,000 while a deck will be around $4,100-$10,700.

The cost for installing a pool would be $14,000-$42,000. The most expensive one they listed was for ” a pool, patio, outdoor kitchen, and lounge area. This cost an average of $100,000..

Where Should My Budget For Landscaping Renovation Go?

Once you have decided on a landscape renovation, it might seem hard to focus on certain aspects only.

The deal with landscape renovations is that you do not need to haul your landscape.

You can identify weak points in your landscaping and start renovating there. We have rounded up some aspects of landscaping that you can focus on for your renovation.

Build A Landscape Focal Point

An effective way to tie your landscaping’s design together is through a focal point.

Houzz suggests choosing one element that can stand out in your landscaping. It can be a seating area, a patio or a fruit tree.

Fix Recurring Landscaping Problems

If you have had recurring problems like pest infestation or faulty drainage, it’s time for you to fix it.

Look for contractors that have years of experience fixing these types of problems.

You can ask around your neighborhood and look for others who encountered the same as yours. Learn from what they did and who they hired for more help.

Invest In Landscape Or Path Lighting

One thing that gives dramatic changes is landscape lighting. It makes landscaping stand out no matter the day.

You can also place lighting in strategic points like pathways and seating areas.

Make A Master Plan To Follow

If you are embarking on a major renovation for your backyard, a master plan can make the difference.

Work with a landscape architect so you can both work on points like plants and hardscaping.

Fees can be around $1,000 to $5,000 and depending on the size of your project can cost even more.

Focus On Good Irrigation

The importance of effective and smart irrigation is something that homeowners should know.

With faulty irrigation, you already waste money plus you are also harming your plants. You can invest in drip irrigation and sprinklers with automatic sensors.

Most irrigation devices available in the market can sense temperature. It would activate if the temperature is right for watering.

After looking at your landscaping, it can seem like everything will need renovation.

Renovating all at once is not the brightest idea, especially when you do not have the budget for it.

You can start working on one problem at a time and observe the improvements you will make. Star small and work your way up.

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