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Outdoor Plants

Your Journey To Gardening: How To Better Take Care Of Your Outdoor Plants

Plants are important aspects of landscaping. There is no outdoor addition that can compensate for bad outdoor plants. Choosing plants can make a difference in your home’s appeal and value. Big Easy Landscaping will help you choose the best plants for your backyard.

6 Common Mistakes About Outdoor Plants

It is easy to feel overwhelmed about plants in general. Mother Nature has a natural course that you can follow so you can avoid making mistakes.

Poor Watering Habits

Watering can make or break your plants. The first watering mistake anyone can make is to overwater. It is a false idea that too much water will not do damage. It is possible for plants to drown and this stops their growth.

Others do not distribute the water and they end up watering the top surface only. Water will not benefit if it does not reach the entire soil. You can dig the soil after somebody watered and see that as you go deeper, the soil is still dry. For outdoor potted plants, try poking around the soil to make sure water seeps into the soil better.

Never commit the mistake of watering at the wrong time. Watering in the heat of the day can cause your plants to lose moisture due to evaporation. HGTV suggests watering either early in the morning or at night so plants stay cool and moist.

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“Right Plant, Right Place”

Proper research can help you know where to put your plant. Plants need sunlight, but not all plants should receive the same amount of sunlight. There are plants that love to bathe in sunlight and there are others that bloom even under the shade.

Pay attention to the tags you get after buying a plant. Ask for help from where you are buying about the place to put that plant you have been eyeing for a while. Some common sun requirements are:

  • Full Sun – Plants who need full sun should get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Partial Sun – These plants can get at least 3-6 hours of sunlight. It can be in the morning or early afternoon.
  • Partial Shade – Partial shade plants need 3-6 hours of sun but should not be direct light. There should be some form of shade like trees.
  • Full Shade – Plants like these need less than 3 hours of sunlight.

If you plant on pots, make sure you use the correct size. You can choose to plant on a large pot as this means the plant gets the most room for growth. If it’s too big, your plant can sink in the soil. It also causes shifting, overwatering, or drying out. Outdoor potted plants might start to need repotting once roots have started to stick out.

Plant Crowding

Planting too close to each other can affect your plants’ growth. Plants need ample space so they do not compete for nutrients, water or even air. Spacing intervals help your plants to grow at the same rate and pace. This also helps lessen diseases from spreading to other plants, if one gets infected. There are plant-specific spacing that you need to consider for your plants to thrive.

Lack Of Plant Variety

If you want your garden or lawn to look manicured and uniform, it does not mean getting too much of one thing. Outdoor plants and flowers look better when you plant different varieties. It can be tempting to have too many flowers or no flowers. Mix it up with some succulents, shrubs, or even a tree.

Take time to consider what you want you to want your landscaping to look like. Then work on your vision by choosing plants that blend well together. Consider also having a mix of annuals and perennials. If you need professional help, look for landscapers that have a wide variety of plants too.

Bad Pruning

Pruning is a smart move only if it’s done the right way. Shaping plants like shrubs or flowering plants can affect their growth. If you pruned a plant and wonder why it’s not blooming like it usually does, you could have taken out its new blooms.

Not Having A Plan For Your Plants

Landscaping with outdoor plants is an exciting idea. But before you undertake this, make sure you are ready to commit it to it till the end. Plants are living things that need attention and care. It will be better to start with a plan. Consider how you want them to look and how they will blend with your house. Never be afraid to ask help from professional landscapers.

Low-Maintenance Plants You Can Grow

Choosing plants is crucial. If you prefer easy maintenance plants, here are outdoor plants and flowers that need less TLC. Keep in mind that even if you choose easy to maintain plants, you will still need to take care of them.

  • Hydrangea – These are flowering shrubs that grow in various colors. They are also perfect outdoor potted plants. Make sure to plant them in moist soil and that they get full sun to part shade.
  • Ribbon Grass – This ornamental grass is a perennial plant. They also grow fast which makes them perfect to cover ground.
  • Coneflowers – These flowers are popular choices for landscaping. They grow even on poor soil and are great for attracting pollinators.
  • Knockout Roses – These plants have single and double blooming varieties. They are perfect for all gardeners as they resist diseases but they will need sunlight.
  • Peony – Peonies are everybody’s favorite resilient flower. They are fragrant, spring flowers that come with reds or pinks. This is also a plant that is resistant to rabbits and deers. Make sure to harvest the flowers as they are heavy and can droop.

Knowledge is power when it comes to outdoor plants. Even if you made mistakes, nature can heal and grow back again. Decide on what you want your landscaping to look like and learn from previous bad habits. Make sure to research well before making changes or much better, look for experts that can help you.

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