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A Guide on How Long Outdoor Decks Last

New Orleans with its sunny climate is perfect for every homeowner to have an outdoor deck.

An outdoor deck serves many functions that every family or individual can enjoy daily. Most of the time, it serves as a place of comfortable bonding with loved ones.

Having your own outdoor deck is something that should not be taken lightly as you will definitely spend costs that are not really cheap.

Sometimes, it can even go expensive depending on the kind of deck you want.

So it would be advisable for every homeowner to know every facet in building one such as how long these outdoor decks can last.

Knowing more about outdoor decks including the entire process of construction is of utmost importance.

These things will help you make the right choices while eradicating the possibility of regret in the future.

Outdoor Deck vs Patio

First, we have to establish a picture of what an outdoor deck is as opposed to a patio.

Sometimes, these two are used interchangeably although these are two entirely different things.

Base Material. The most obvious and noticeable difference between the two is the base material used.

An outdoor deck is almost entirely made out of wood, especially the flooring.

This makes the deck look very natural because of the material and wooden color. On the other hand, a patio is made out of concrete.

With the material being used, you may deduce how long a patio or an outdoor deck last.

Because a patio is made out of concrete, it may last longer than a deck.

Meanwhile, since a deck is made out of wood or sometimes vinyl, it may not last long as you think. Good maintenance can give it some 15 years or even more.

Construction. Generally, an outdoor deck doesn’t have any roofing on it.

This is only reasonable since it is a place to enjoy outdoor living under the sun.

But you can always add some cantilever umbrellas if needed. In terms of construction location, an outdoor deck can either be attached or detached to the house.

What is more important is how it is laid out.

The woods used must be raised from the ground.

A support system like a concrete or some strong foundation needs to be placed below the wooden deck itself.

This is a way to protect the wood from rotting as it might be exposed to the soil’s moisture if directly on the ground.

Meanwhile, a patio is usually an extension of the house that has a roofing system. It can be directly attached to the ground because it is made out of concrete materials.

Pricing and ROI. Constructing a wooden outdoor deck is a little bit more expensive than the patio.

Treated redwood and cedar do not come off as cheap.

However, the costs will definitely be worth it because having this deck will definitely increase your home value.

While a patio is relatively cheaper, it will not increase your home value that much because most houses have concrete patios and porches already.

Patio Covers

Considerations in Building an Outdoor Deck

Knowing the basic considerations in building an outdoor deck can be more important than what you think.

Thinking about it right from the start will save you from any trouble that might come out in the future.

1. Outdoor Decks Design. The design is like the backbone of the process of constructing your deck. There are a lot of styles and designs you can choose from but you can also design your own. Since you are going to spend some money here, might as well choose a design that you really like.

If not, some popular design or types you can use include:

  • Island or Detached Deck
  • Multi-level Deck
  • Customized Deck (Swimming Pool, Planter-Edged, and more…)

2. Researching for More Outdoor Decks Ideas. You might already have a design in mind but searching for more options will do no harm.

You can find a lot of designs and ideas regarding decks across various search engines and apps such as Pinterest. This will help you arrive at a final design choice.

3. Location. The location of the outdoor deck can be strategic and based on your own preference. You can either connect it directly to the house or have it placed somewhere in your yard.

The more important thing is, the wooden base should not be placed directly to the ground. It should be raised or be stacked above a concrete flooring.

4. Budget. Apart from the design, the budget is the biggest consideration. Your finance resources will of course affect every single thing in your outdoor deck plans. If you can shell out more money, the better. Besides, it will increase your home value in the end.

5. Choice of Materials. Overall, the choices of materials are the biggest factors in the costs to be incurred.

For the wooden base, you may opt for Redwood, Cedar, pressure-treated wood, oak, or others. Other materials you may need will depend on your design.

If you intend to have railings, this will add more costs. Moreover, you may also plan the furniture you want before the construction even begins.

These additional costs should be added to the budget. Usual furniture placed on decks includes chairs and tables.

outdoor home decks in New Orleans - Big Easy Landscaping

Check out the best wood stains for outdoor decks.

6. Contractor. Hiring the best contractor of professional landscapers is definitely a must.

To be sure of the quality of the deck to be built or installed, you may consider tapping the services of Big Easy Landscaping in New Orleans.

Whatever purpose an outdoor deck will serve you, it will surely be worth the costs. Call us at 504-608-5550 for more backyard decks ideas.

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