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Reasons Why You Might Need an Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen has always been the favorite part of the house of most homeowners.

Sometimes, it is even called the heart of the house because it is also the liveliest room where families and friends often bond.

In most cases, the kitchen also sees the most renovation and remodeling. Every homeowner wants this place to be as beautiful and functional as it can be. Thus, the ROI of upgrading the kitchen in terms of home value is also great.

But sometimes, having an indoor kitchen seems not enough. There is always that urge to cook outside and have some barbecue with the family.

At the same time, you are breathing the fresh air while basking in all the glory of the sun. This is why you can always take the kitchen and cooking experience to the next level by building your own outdoor kitchen design.

If you are in need of a more relaxed environment, you are probably in need of an outdoor kitchen.

But other than this, there are actual specific reasons why you might need to build one.

  1. Alternative Cooking Experience. The first thing that will pop into your head is of course about cooking. After a very long time of just using your home kitchen, you are probably in need of a new experience.

As opposed to an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen can give you better or at least an alternative cooking experience.

For one, you are in a fresher environment because of the air and sun. This kind of environment can positively affect your mood.

2. Better Entertainment and Bonding. Since you are outdoors, there is more freedom in terms of entertaining your guests and relatives. You are not constrained or confined in the four corners of a room.

Your guests can do some fun activities while others are also enjoying cooking and grilling some food. Some can play card games or just socialize. Besides, it will be more fun for everyone to see the whole process of cooking before enjoying that wonderful meal.

3. More Efficient Energy Usage. Since you will be cooking outside where you will have all the light of the sun, you don’t have to turn on any lights. Moreover, aircon or any type of ventilation won’t be needed as you have a free flow of air outside. Both of these can help cut down your electric bill.

4. Increases Home Value. Every penny that you will spend building this kitchen will be worth it if you plan on selling your property in the future. Having an outdoor kitchen increases the value of your home. One reason is that not every home or backyard has this prized outdoor kitchen. Likewise, it also enhances the appearance of your yard’s landscape.

5. Food Smell is Kept Outside. Let’s admit it, some food, whether delicious or not, doesn’t really smell good.

And sometimes it becomes even worse when this aroma stays inside the house for a longer period of the time. But this won’t be a problem in an outdoor kitchen. The unpleasant smell will immediately dissipate into the air without causing you any stress.

6. Save Costs. If your family loves frequenting fancy restaurants or grill bars, why not have your own at the comfort of your own home? An outdoor kitchen can give you the same ambiance plus you are actually saving some money since you are cooking your own food!

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Popular Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

To help you jumpstart your outdoor kitchen plans, here are some popular outdoor kitchen designs and ideas.

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· Patio Kitchen – A patio repurposed into a kitchen is one of the easiest ways to build an outdoor kitchen. Assuming you already have a porch or patio, you can definitely transform this into an outdoor kitchen. Some additional furniture, fixtures, and appliances will be the only things you are going to be busy about. A theme you can do here is some sort of kitchen dining and entertainment.

· Bar and Grill. A design that can be likened to a bar and grill is one of the most popular ideas for an outdoor kitchen. For families or groups of people who love grilling some barbeques and potatoes, this design is perfect for you. If you are planning on building one, make sure to choose quality materials for your grill and a high table.

· Clay Oven. If you are more inclined to have a traditional look, a clay oven might work for you. This oven will be the centerpiece or at least highlight of your outdoor kitchen. We suggest an oven that can be used for many dishes or kinds of food, including bread and pizzas. To make it more traditional, you can even opt for a wood-fired oven. It can be harder and longer cooking in this way but somehow, it feels better when you see the results of your hard work and patience.

· Bricks and Stones. Like the clay and oven, the use of bricks and stones can give your kitchen a traditional look. The bricks and stones are more of a design element that you can incorporate in any overall theme you want.

· Fireplace and Firepits. For a more intimate bonding experience, consider having a fireplace in your outdoor kitchen. Families, couples, or friends who love having dinner meals outside will definitely love this idea. Besides, you can also cook some mallows in a fire pit.

· DIY Outdoor Kitchen. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to be boxed into a single concept, you can definitely have your own design. You can use your own vision or search for ideas on the internet then maybe combine those into multiple concepts. On top of that, you can also build it yourself if you are confident enough.

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