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What You Can Expect with Our Landscape Lighting in New Orleans

Did you last check your outdoor lighting? 

Do you have outdoor lights, to begin with? 

If you want your outdoor space to look great, you have to invest in outdoor lighting and ensure that it maintains its aesthetic value even after the sun goes down. 

These light fixtures have a host of benefits and can provide you with additional safety and security for your home and family.

If you happen to be in the Crescent City and want to install outdoor lights, work with an expert to design a proper landscape lighting in New Orleans plan that will offer you the desired functionality and give you some aesthetic value.

How to Add Light Around Your House

A proper New Orleans outdoor lighting plan should blend differing components and strategies for different parts of the house. 

More from Big Easy Landscaping: How Important is Outdoor Lighting? 

Here are some of the critical areas you should consider in your lighting plan and the ways to go about it;


Pathway lighting is vital for safety as it helps people walking in your garden to see the way and avoid tripping and any other accident. 

Aside from helping you to see, you can easily detect people who are coming into your house. 

pathway lights - Big Easy Landscaping

For the pathways, it is recommended that you go for the low voltage lights that are close to the ground. 

You can either go for solar or electrical, but they should form a small post with a light on top. This helps to spread the glow around. 

Pathway lights are some of the most common ones in any outdoor space.


Stairs can be considered as pathways, but they also require distinct lights to help you see each step you take. 

They are easy to set up and can make the stairway very beautiful, depending on the specific lights you settle on. 

garden stairway lights - Big Easy Landscaping

The same lights can be used for the walls, swimming pools, and other entertainment spaces to create a uniform feel across your garden. Motion lights are a modern-day solution that can save you money on energy costs.


Your pathway lights can serve as driveway lights, but this depends on how your garden is designed. 

There are many ways to light up your driveway, but the lights should not be very bright since your car has lights and doesn’t depend much on the illumination of the garden lights.

 Try and avoid making the driveway look like a runway by giving some considerable space between each light. 

driveway lights - Big Easy Landscaping

The primary purpose of driveway lights is to enhance security and safety. 

They are needed at the entrance, and where there might be a change of direction. 

They should also highlight any obstacle close to the driveway, such as trees, walls, and boulders, among others. Make the entrance of your driveway stand out by putting a decorative lamp post with a unique design.

Doors and Other Entries

The front door is one of the most prominent parts of a house looking from a garden. 

door lights - Big Easy Landscaping

You need to find the best lights to illuminate this place and complement the house architecture and make it easy for people to navigate their way through the pathway and onto the door. 

These lights also help to illuminate the space, especially when you are opening the door and need to see the keyhole. 

You can go for a wall-mounted or a ceiling-mounted light depending on what your expert suggests, but there are lots of options to choose from.


If your garden is full of trees and bushes, you have to illuminate them and avoid having a dark garden. 

Lights brighten the shadows and give you a different view of the garden making the place look beautiful at night. 

lights for plants - Big Easy Landscaping

The most common option for trees is the low ground lights that are shined upward. They can also be put on the trees, especially high up in the branches, directed downwards to create a moonlight effect.

Here are more ideas for landscape lighting

Our Landscape Lighting Services

Here at Big Easy Landscaping, we offer you quality landscape lighting services and can design an outdoor lighting plan from scratch. 

We are one of the leading lighting companies in NOLA with a dedicated team committed to delivering the best services to our clients.

Do you need a completely new landscape lighting plan? 

Are you lost for ideas on which lights should go where? 

We are here to help you achieve your vision of a perfect yard and will work with you to design a custom solution for your garden. 

We can gladly design other elements of your landscape since you might find that you want to add or change features based on the lighting plan. 

We are a full landscape design company that offers services aimed at improving your entire landscape and not just the lighting. 

When you work with us, be assured that we will leave your yard looking good as new. 

If you want to host an event and require a temporary landscape lighting solution for your yard, contact us today, and we will be happy to help.

Why Choose Big Easy Landscaping Lighting Services

  • Offering top-quality landscaping light fixtures.
  • We make use of the best lighting kits available today.
  • We guarantee you an excellent landscape lighting design that will improve the appearance of your yard.
  • Our landscapers are experts who have been offering customers top lighting solutions for several years now.
  • Our clients have left positive reviews about the services we provide and they are our top ambassadors.
  • We offer a wide range of landscaping services and are your one-stop-shop for all landscaping needs.

We believe that you should live in a house with a fantastic landscape. 

We are a couple that built our landscape and designed to share the beauty and magic with you as well. 

We have been offering top quality services to people in New Orleans for over 14 years, and contact us today for a fantastic outdoor lighting solution.

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