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Swimming Pool Landscaping

The Best Plants for Swimming Pool Landscaping

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, then you know the importance of having good landscaping around it. Not only does it make your pool area look more inviting, but the right plants can also provide privacy and shade.

But with so many different types of plants out there, how do you choose the best ones for your pool?

When it comes to swimming pool landscaping, there are a few things you need to take into account in order to make sure your plants thrive. First and foremost, consider the climate in which you live and choose plants accordingly.

Hardy plants can withstand high temperatures and harsh sunlight, while drought-tolerant varieties will require less water. If you’re looking for native plants that will do well in your area, be sure to check with your local nursery or gardening center.

And finally, when selecting plants for your poolscape, be mindful of invasiveness; non-invasive varieties are best so they don’t crowd out other plantings nearby. With these tips in mind, go forth and create a beautiful oasis around your swimming pool.

Hardy Plants for Swimming Pool Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping around a swimming pool, there are certain plants that will be better suited than others. Hardy plants are those that can withstand high temperatures and direct sunlight, as well as being low maintenance. This makes them ideal for areas such as pool decks and patios where they will be exposed to the elements on a regular basis.

Some of the best hardy plants for swimming pool landscaping include:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera PlantsThis succulent is known for its ability to thrive in hot, dry conditions making it perfect for areas around pools. It is also very low maintenance, only needing to be watered every few weeks.

2. Cactus

Another plant that does well in hot and dry conditions, cacti come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes making them versatile when it comes to landscape design. They are also very easy to care for; simply water them once or twice a month and leave them in an area with full sun exposure.

3. Ivy

A great choice if you’re looking for something green to add contrast against concrete or stone surfaces often found around pools. Ivy is fast-growing so it can quickly cover large areas. It is also tolerant of both heat and drought, making it a low-maintenance option for poolside landscaping.

4. Bougainvillea

A popular choice for adding color to Pool areas, bougainvillea comes in a variety of colors including pink, purple, and red. It is a fast-growing plant so it can quickly cover large areas, however, it does require regular pruning to keep it under control.

5. Hibiscus

Another plant that adds beautiful color to landscapes around pools, hibiscus comes in shades of pink, yellow, orange, and red. They prefer warm climates and need regular watering; about once or twice per week should suffice.

With their vibrant flowers and easy care requirements, these hardy plants are sure to make your swimming pool area more enjoyable all summer long!

Drought-Tolerant Plants for Swimming Pool Landscaping

If you live in an area with little rainfall, or if you simply want to save water, drought-tolerant plants are a great option for your swimming pool landscape. There are many beautiful and hardy plant options that can survive on very little water.

Some of our favorites include cacti, succulents, agave, yucca, and sedum. Drought-tolerant plants are those that can withstand long periods without water.

They typically have deep root systems that allow them to access groundwater reserves during dry spells. Many drought-tolerant plants also have thick leaves or stems that help retains moisture. When choosing drought-tolerant plants for your poolscape, it’s important to consider the climate where you live.

If you live in a hot desert climate, look for plants that can tolerate high temperatures and direct sun exposure; if you live in a cooler climate with more moderate temperatures, look for plants that can tolerate long periods of drought without wilting.

It’s also important to consider the size and shape of your pool when selecting plants.

If you have a small pool, choose smaller-scale plants so they don’t overwhelm the space. If you have a large or rectangular pool, consider planting larger shrubs or trees along the perimeter to create an oasis feel.

Native Plants for Swimming Pool Landscaping

If you’re looking for plants that are well-suited for landscaping around swimming pools, native plants are a great option. Native plants are adapted to the local climate and don’t require as much water or maintenance as non-native species.

Plus, they can provide valuable habitats for wildlife. Some good native plant options for New Orleans, Louisiana include iris setosa (Dixie flag), lobelia cardinalis (cardinal flower), and gaillardia pulchella (Firewheel).

These and other natives will add color and interest to your pool area while helping to conserve water and attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Non-Invasive Plants for Swimming Pool Landscaping

One of the most important things is choosing plants that won’t become invasive and crowd out other plant life. Non-invasive plants are a great choice for this type of landscaping because they will not spread uncontrollably.

Here are some of the best non-invasive plants for swimming pool landscaping:

  • HibiscusHibiscus: This flowering plant is a beautiful addition to any poolscape. It comes in many different colors and blooms throughout the summer months. Hibiscus is also salt tolerant, making it a good choice for coastal areas.
  • Lantana: Another beautiful flowering plant, lantana adds color and interest to your poolscape with its clusters of small flowers. It’s heat tolerant and does well in full sun or partial shade locations.
  • Ivy: Ivy is a classic choice for poolside landscaping. It’s easy to grow and maintain, and it provides green foliage year-round. Ivy is also salt tolerant, so it can be used in coastal areas.
  • Ficus: Ficus is a Popular choice for poolside landscaping because it’s salt tolerant and can handle full Sun or partial shade. It’s also a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require much water.

If you live in an area with hot summers, these plants are all great choices for your swimming pool landscape. They will add color and interest to your yard while being easy to care for.

Best Foliage Colors For Your Pool

When it comes to foliage colors for your poolscape, there are many options to choose from. Depending on the look you want to achieve, different colors can be used to great effect.

Dark greens and burgundy tones will give a more formal feel while bright chartreuse or lime green leaves will add a touch of fun and whimsy. Foliage with variegated patterns can also be very striking set against the backdrop of blue water.

Ultimately, choose what looks best to you and fits with the overall style of your landscaping.

What Kind of Plants Can You Plant Around a Pool?

There are many different types of plants that can be planted around a pool, but some of the best include:

1. Canna Lilies: These Beautiful Flowers Add a Touch of Elegance to Any Poolscape and Their Large Leaves Help to Create a Natural Privacy Screen. Plus, they’re very easy to care for and maintain.

2. Hibiscus: Another tropical plant that is perfect for adding color and life to your Pool area. Hibiscus come in many different colors including pink, red, yellow, and orange which makes them great for creating a vibrant atmosphere. They also have large blooms that make them stand out amongst other plants.

3. Elephant Ears: A must-have for any Louisiana landscape! Not only do elephant ears look amazing with their huge leaves, but they also provide natural shade and cooling properties making them ideal for hot summer days spent by the poolside.

Palm Trees4. Palms: These are classic poolside plants that add a touch of the tropics to any landscape. They come in many different varieties, but all offer tall, slender trunks and large leaves that provide plenty of shade.

5. Sago Palms: Another type of palm that is perfect for landscaping around pools. Sagos have a more compact growth habit which makes them ideal for smaller spaces or areas where you don’t want the plants to overpower the pool area.

Choose The Best Plants for Your Pool Landscaping Today!

Looking to take your swimming pool landscaping up a notch? Big Easy Landscaping can help! We know all the best plants for New Orleans poolsides and can create a custom design that will make your outdoor oasis even more enjoyable. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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