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Add a Sunroom to your House and Business for an Extraordinary Outdoor Space

If you are looking for a way to increase the living space in your home or business, adding a sunroom might well be the answer to your woes. Big Easy Landscaping will give you ideas about adding a sunroom to your house.

The sunroom has been a popular choice over the conventional solid wall and roof room because of a great deal of progress in its practicality and efficiency. Advancements in glass technology have made it possible for home and business owners to enjoy the open comfort of a sunroom throughout the year.

Today’s sunrooms bring a smooth transition from the inside to the outside. It is like stepping to a more relaxing space that brings you closer to nature without being exposed to the elements.

Let the Sunshine In through a Sunroom

Frequently called a solarium, garden conservatory, patio room, sun parlor, sun porch, or winter garden, a sunroom is a home or business structure addition that permits abundant sunlight and views of the landscape while providing protection from outside elements and adverse weather.

A sunroom can give your home or business an enjoyable spot of summer, a tropical room of fun, and the simple joy of natural light and greenery.

Since glass is the main element of a sunroom, windows and more windows are the reason why you get the most amount of light. So, let the sunshine in!

Basic Sunroom Types for your Home and Business

Four-Season Room

Has climate control features like “knee walls” that cover the load-bearing needs for heat, air conditioning, and high-end windows to make the room functional throughout the year in any weather condition.

Three-Season Room

Built to enjoy during the spring, summer, and fall since they aren’t constructed to provide enough thermal resistance or insulation capacity. In short, they aren’t equipped with heating or air conditioning.

During summer, windows can be opened wide to accommodate breeze and ceiling fans can be installed to allow air movement.

Solarium or Conservatory

A full glass living space that provides an uncovered view of the beauty of the outdoors and a starlit sky at night.


The main purpose of this sunroom is to provide a home for plants that you can have access to if you want to enjoy the greenery on the other side of your wall. It can include pieces of furniture where you can sit down and relax amidst nature.

Screen Room or Porch

A more economical sunroom with mesh-screen windows or walls rather than typical glass so it is only habitable in agreeable weather conditions.

ideas for sunrooms - Big Easy Landscaping

Pros and Cons of a Sunroom

Pros of a Sunroom

  • Natural Light at its best. Sunrooms can reduce your cost of using electric lights inside that space.

Tiny sunrooms can look big because of the windows and the amount of light that enters the room.

  • Versatility. Use your sunroom for endless possible reasons. It can be a playroom, office, library, game room, TV room, craft room, or a lounging area where you can sit down and chill.

You can experiment with colors, patterns, and furniture to design your sunroom and make it your own definitive space.

It can be an extra creative outdoor space in your business to host guests. A sunroom can serve as a bar and restaurant living space, a daycare shelter, an employee’s lounge, or whatever commercial purpose it may serve.

  • Built for Energy Efficiency. A sunroom built with the most cost-effective strategy to reduce heating and cooling bills.

A sunroom can be a year-round living area that has a minimum glare, moderate humidity, comfortable temperatures, and energy-efficient windows that are well-shaded in the summer to stabilize temperature extremes.

Cons of a Sunroom

    • High additional cost. A large unused space that will be converted into a sunroom or building and a new addition to your building structure can cost a lot and will require a hefty amount of investment.
  • Lack of privacy. Sunrooms provide the view outdoors but likewise the view indoors. It allows others to see in your sunroom space. You may consider long curtains that can also add luxury and elegance to your sunroom.

Keep in mind though that sunrooms built to let the light shine in.

  • Might not improve your home or business’s resale value. The U.S. World News and Report reported that additional rooms like a sunroom do not fare well in return on investment (ROI).

Generally, you might only get a 51% return when you sell your property.

Technologies for a Sunroom

According to Energy Saver, the U.S. Department of Energy’s consumer resource on saving energy and using renewable energy technologies at home, a sunroom “should face due south, but 30 degrees east or west of due south will provide 90% of the maximum static solar collection potential.”

In addition, these certain technologies for a sunroom can optimize the functionality of your room:

  • Window Glazing with the right angle and type. Vertical glazing maximizes heat gain in the winter and is easier to shade and produces less heat gain as the sun rises during summer. It is also more aesthetic, less expensive, easier to install and insulate, and not as prone to leaking, fogging, breaking, and other glazing failures.
  • Solid insulated sidewalls will reduce unwanted solar gain and heat loss during nighttime.
  • Operable vents at the top and bottom of the sunroom that can be thermostatically controlled.
  • Shades or movable window insulation that function as climate controls and can operate with electric timers or sensors.
  • Solar panels to power your sunroom’s technological features and promote sustainability.

    Home and Business Improvement with a Sunroom

A sunroom attached to your home or business serves these purposes: to give your space natural heat and light, provide space to grow plants, and to serve as a pleasant and relaxing living area.

All of the above purposes add to the improvement of your home and business as sunrooms change the entire atmosphere of your living space. This indoor-outdoor room is a creative place for your family and your guests to enjoy and commune with nature. Invite the joy and wonder of the outdoors with a sunroom.

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