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How to Build An Eco-Friendly Landscape: Your Road To Sustainable Living

We invest so much in many things and that includes our landscaping.

We expect results from our choices but we tend to forget that these can also affect the environment. Having an eco-friendly landscape can seem impossible when you want your lawn to look good. But that should not be the case.

You can start with your landscaping and turn it into a green space!

What Is Environmentally Friendly Landscaping?

Sustainable landscaping aims to have attractive landscapes while being kind to the environment.

This includes saving energy and resources while reducing the effects of pollution.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals, Inc. calls it “the use of sustainable practices to protect natural resources.”


eco garden ideas

What Are The Benefits Of Sustainable Landscaping?

There are so many benefits of an eco-friendly landscape that will encourage you to go green. Here is some good that affects you and the environment.

  • Limits the harmful chemicals that get in the environment even the food that we eat and the water we drink.
  • It helps restore balance in the air and water resources.
  • It protects native plant and animal species that we need every day of our life.

Start With These Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Whether you are starting a new landscape or have an existing garden you want to transform, these are for you.

You can follow these eco-friendly landscape ideas to start!

1. Practice Sustainable Irrigation

Irrigation is a key element of landscaping that you can’t skip.

Nobody wants their lawn or plants to look unhealthy and parched.

That is why many people risk paying large water bills and wasting water through watering.

When done the wrong way, irrigation can become wasted instead of beautifying.

There is no alternative that can replace watering but there are smarter ways available to do it.

Installing automatic sprinklers is effective to regulate your watering levels and costs.

There are systems controls through remote, switches, or even phone apps.

You can place your sprinklers in strategic places or have landscaping experts do it. This can ensure your plants get enough water.

Check for damages or leaks so you can avoid wasting water that goes to sidewalks, streets, or walkways.

If you have tried sprinklers, you can upgrade to drip-irrigation systems.

The drip system introduces water to the ground so the water goes directly to the roots.

Watering early in the morning or in the evening is the best time to keep moisture in the plants.

2. Reduce Or Replace Your Lawn Space

The hardest part of landscaping to maintain is the lawn.

Most of the irrigation in households goes to watering the lawns.

On top of that, you would also need to weed, fertilize, and mow it so it will be in its best condition.

Reducing your grass space can help you cut costs and spending resources.

One way to lessen lawn space is to convert parts of it for hardscaping. This will add more design and depth to your landscaping.

Add walkways or pathways and even seating areas. Creating outdoor areas like decks, patios, and kitchens can help replace lawn grass.

You can contact landscape experts for integrating hardscaping and outdoor areas.

3. Adapt Xeriscaping For Eco-Friendly Landscape Design

Xeriscaping can help areas survive even the harshest of droughts.

That was the idea when they started doing it in 1981. Now, it’s not only for arid areas experiencing droughts.

It can also be for those who wish to conserve water and resources. You can start by arranging plants with the same water needs together.

Place thirsty plants near grasses so they are easier to water too.

You can continue by replacing common grasses with drought-resistant ones. Choose from yellow pampas grass or blue oat grass or purple fountain grass.

Decorating with succulents like agave and crassula can level up your landscaping.

Here are other ways to upgrade your landscape without resorting to harmful chemicals.

4. Consider Using Artificial Grass

If you can’t give up on your lawn space, you can opt for artificial turf of grass instead. This is getting popular with homeowners because they do little to no maintenance. They can cut back on watering, fertilizing, mowing, and weeding.

5. Turn To Edible Gardening

You can add more function and dimension to your landscaping with planting edibles.

This can help you save on food costs as well while making your garden more friendly to nature and wildlife.

6. Go For Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

What is the point of improving your landscape when you will not be able to appreciate it at night? Installing outdoor lighting can help you highlight beautiful spots in your landscaping.

It can also increase security for your property.

Choosing solar-powered lighting can help you save on costs and energy. You can choose motion sensor lighting too.

7. Reuse and Recycle: Eco Garden Ideas

Recycle or reuse as many items as you can find for your gardening.

Container gardening is a great way to recycle or upcycle containers for planting. You can do it with flowers, shrubs, and even herbs.

This also gives you more options for designs because you can transfer them anywhere.

Recycling rainwater is another smart option for eco-friendly landscaping.

Start by collecting rainwater during precipitation and keep it for later use. You can use it for watering and even cleaning!

Here are other ways to conserve water in your yard.

environmentally friendly landscaping

8. Nourish Your Soil

One common problem with soil is that it can lose important nutrients it needs to sustain life. You can use organic fertilizers or compost approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. You can supply needed nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. Mulching is also a great way to nourish and aerate soil.

Eco-friendly landscape can help you be more aware of your carbon footprint.

This will help you commit to practices in all areas of your life that will protect the environment. This does not only affect the environment. It will also impact your yard, health, and budget.

Start Your Way Towards Sustainable Landscapes

You can start now to be more sustainable.

You can trust our experts in Big Easy Landscaping to help you make eco-friendly changes.

We will take care of you and your landscaping needs!

Is this post helpful? Tell us in the comments below!

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