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A landscape is a place of endless possibilities when it comes to enhancing and developing its beauty. If you go to someone’s house and see how well they take care of their landscape, chances are you’ll see the effort and passion they exert on it through the way they arrange their shrubs and flower beds or what type of outdoor decorations they have.

Here at Big Easy Landscaping, our services are not confined to just maintenance and water drainage landscape service: our landscape designers in New Orleans also provide our clients with various possibilities to make their landscape their house’s center of attention and attract the eyes of their family and visitors alike. The water features that we offer in the city will make your landscape look extraordinary, making it more enjoyable for you, as well as for your family and friends.


  • We use the top backyard water feature kits for superb quality
  • We have a wide range of high quality small outdoor water features
  • We also have affordable small water features for your patio
  • Big Easy Landscaping only offers excellent outdoor wall water features in New Orleans
  • We have a selection of beautiful outdoor wall waterfalls
  • We also offer water features in these areas: Covington, Abita Springs, Mandeville, Madisonville, Metairie, and Slidell.


Water features offer a calm and serene atmosphere in your landscape. They emit a tranquil vibe, making your landscape a good spot to hold different gatherings or just commune with nature outdoors. Water features also happen to be great stress relievers when you come home from a long day at work.

Your water feature doesn’t need to be expensive. Big Easy Landscaping offers water feature services that won’t break the bank and make an affordable installation look like a luxury investment. Water features allow you to enjoy your outside space creating an area of peace, and tranquility, and luxurious beauty. There are many popular water features that can draw you into a peaceful retreat area or take you to a different place.

Residential & Commercial Water Features

We create popular water features such as:

Water Feature Bubble Fountain - Big Easy LandscapingBubbling and Pouring Pot Fountains: Bubbling and pouring pot fountains create an atmosphere of being in one with nature, imitating the sound and movement of a relaxing bubbling brook. It’s a perfect area if you have a small corner landscape. The sound of running water transports you to a calm state and they even make it a perfect attraction for your landscape-loving friends. Whether you want to read a book or have a relaxing conversation with friends or family members, a bubbling or pot fountain is your best company.

Water Feature Tiered Fountain - Big Easy LandscapingTiered Fountains: If you want to add a touch of old-world charm to your landscape, tiered fountains are for you. We have fountains of any size, guaranteed to make your landscape aesthetically pleasing to your visitors. Fountains are popular choices for clients who want to make them a focal point around the landscape.


Container Water Garden - Big Easy LandscapingContainer Water Gardens: Looking for a low key water feature? Container water gardens work best if you really have a tiny landscape area and you don’t want the hassle of a huge pond. Container water gardens are easier to install, clean, and maintain. Plus, they will get the same attention as bigger ponds.


Water Feature Koi Pond - Big Easy LandscapingKoi Ponds: If you feel like your landscape is boring with all the foliage and flora, you can bring more life to it by availing to our koi pond installation. This water feature has gained popularity over the years due to health and growth promotion of Japanese ornamental carps or also known as koi fishes.



Water Features For Your Commercial Property in New Orleans

For business owners who are looking for ways to add water features to their property, you’ve come to the right place. Our skilled landscapers in New Orleans have helped many commercial businesses achieve a better atmosphere with our landscaping services which includes water features. With our experience, you can only guarantee the best service from us.

Having a water feature on your commercial property can attract clients and it can also improve your corporate image and will create a sense of tranquility to the work environment. Our landscaping contractors will help you select the best water feature for your commercial property but there are also some tips from our professionals:

Consider Your Brand

When it comes to adding a water feature as part of your commercial property, you have to take into consideration your brand as well. Your water feature should clearly represent your brand, as well as your customers, will associate you with it. The good news is that here at Big Easy Landscaping, we offer a wide variety of materials and styles for commercial water features which means that you can find something that will perfectly fit your property.

Consider The Space

How big is the space you want to put the water feature in? Determining the amount of available space will help you choose the best water feature for that area. In the case that you don’t have enough space for a fountain or any huge water feature, you don’t have to worry because our landscape construction specialist will find something for you. We can add wall fountains that don’t take a lot of space and other options that you will surely love.


Let’s face it, most of the time the main reason why commercial businesses add a water feature is for aesthetic purposes. And yes, this is really a pleasant addition but have you ever thought about adding more functionality to it? For example, a wall fountain can create a veil of privacy that can protect your clients’ information. So, think about the functionality as well because these water features aren’t just there for show.

Here at Big Easy Landscaping, we will help you create a place for serenity on your property. With our landscape designers, you can guarantee the best designs and low-maintenance water features that are full of rich and vibrant colors. We will be adding architectural components as well for that dramatic effect.

Our landscape designers will work with you to create, design, and execute a plan that will perfectly fit your property. They will explain to you everything that you need to know about your chosen water feature. Complete them with our available landscape sod in New Orleans so your fountain or pond has a strong foundation once it’s installed.

We can offer an outdoor water feature to fit any size, style, and type of waterscape you’ve been envisioning. Our team is skilled and well-versed in water features design and installation, customized to fit your needs, as well as the size of your landscape. We won’t fall short on your expectations and just simply build a basic pond or fountain and call it a day; we will take your ideas and preferences and make them a reality.

Whether you opt for a customized water feature or the ones we have in store, Big Easy Landscaping water features will turn your landscape into a haven of relaxation and comfort.

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