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Landscape Lighting – Path Lighting & Accent Lighting
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New Orleans Landscape Lighting Designed For You – Light Up Your Landscape After Dark

You carefully design a landscape that’s sweepingly beautiful, that gives you a calm retreat, or that allows you to host friends and family in an outdoor setting. Don’t let the sunset interfere with your plans to enjoy that landscape – from spotlights to path lights to soft ambient lighting, our outdoor lighting contractors can help you set up the backyard of your dreams for both daytime and after dark. Big Easy Landscaping a New Orleans landscape lighting designer specializing in lighting that provides both mood and safety for you and your guests.

Landscapes should still shine, even after the sun goes down. Provide your landscape with illumination with Big Easy Landscaping’s various outdoor lighting services and our efficient New Orleans landscape enhancements which we offered here in the city. Whether you want to add lighting as a decoration or use one for safety, our selection of outdoor lighting design installation will ensure that your landscape receives the treatment and safety it deserves.

Ambient lightings also create a certain mood in the area, making your landscape a tempting place to laze around, even at night. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere ambient lights bring under the moon and stars with outdoor lighting in  Big Easy Landscaping – New Orleans, Louisiana.


Landscaping Services in New Orleans That Can Transform Your Backyard

  • Whether you’re starting from scratch and need landscape lighting ideas, or you have a specific vision for your yard and would like our reliable outdoor lighting provider to install lighting for you, our landscape lighting designer can help.
  • We can also design other elements of your landscape. Sometimes, as you design a lighting plan for your backyard, you realize you’d like to add or change an existing feature.
  • We offer services that can help you improve your entire landscape – not just the lighting, but the overall look of your yard as well.
  • Showcase your garden with a spotlight, or install lights along a pathway to avoid dangerous tripping hazards when you’re walking to and from the patio.
  • If you’re thinking of hosting a large event, talk to us for backyard lighting ideas for your party; we’re happy to help make sure you have everything you need to make memories in your beautifully-landscaped yard with your guests.
  • Our landscape lighting techniques, installed by our professional landscaper can brighten your garden, give your home a welcoming ambiance, and allow you to enjoy company without leaving your patio when the sun sets.

Contact us today to speak with our landscape architect about the different types of landscape lighting, and what would fit your garden space best.

We also serve clients in Metairie, Abita Springs, Madisonville, Slidell Covington, and Mandeville.

The Rise of Landscape Lights

Outdoor illumination has become increasingly popular to not only enhance your home but also your landscape. Yard lighting can highlight or accent a favorite planting or feature and will provide a dramatic effect exactly as it was meant to be. Lighting can also increase security around your home or create the/an ambiance glowing from your sculptured landscape. Simple soft path lighting will invite a guest right to your front door.


Types of Accent Lighting

There are so many varieties of lighting to choose from. They can either enhance the appearance of your landscape or keep your home safe.

Spotlight Lighting

Speaking of safety, spotlights have got that covered. They also happen to highlight special features of your landscape, so if you want your flower beds or fountains to be visible even at night, then this is the perfect light for you.

Low-Voltage Lighting

This type of lighting usually comes with a photocell, wiring, timer, and a transformer. It can also be plugged in an outlet or an installation box. Make sure that you have a credible technician to have it set up in your lawn.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can enhance many elements of your landscape, yard, foliage and other features, as well as extending the use of your space well into the evening hours.

Here are a few key benefits of landscape lighting to consider:

Appearance – Proper lighting and positioning can highlight architecture and improve curb appeal

Functionality – Landscape lighting can play a large role in how you are able to best utilize your space, providing you the opportunity to safely host guests on outdoor patios, decks and along pathways.

Safety and Security – Well-lit yards have been proven to be detrimental to intruders and would-be burglars

Big Easy Landscaping is Your Go-To Outdoor Lighting Provider

We provide both traditional incandescent fixture systems, as well as low voltage LED lighting that can give you the look you want at the cost you deserve.


  • We deliver high-quality landscape path lighting
  • We make use of the best landscape lighting kits
  • You can count on an excellent landscape lighting design for your home
  • We have the professional landscapers in New Orleans to keep your garden attractive
  • We are considered the top provider in the city for landscape lighting fixtures


Safe Exterior Lighting from Our Team of Experts

Big Easy Landscaping outdoor lighting designers are some of the best-trained experts in the industry today. With experience and skills, our lighting design specialists are well-versed in light installations specifically for landscapes.

Safety is Key

Besides the following skill sets, our team of specialists always practice the standard safety precautions during installation, as well as ensure that the following outdoor or ambient lightings in your landscape won’t bring serious injury to you and your home. Our free consultation will give you a head start in a lighting installation.

This also means having to sit down and talk with us, along with our lighting specialists to go over the details of your landscape area that needs a light installation.

Outdoor Accent Lighting For a More Beautiful Landscape

Accent lightings are also available in our roster of landscape lighting service for clients who want to add more beauty to their landscape. They provide a unique aesthetic to a landscape, even if you opt for a simple light system or have a single light installed in the area.

Your landscape walkways deserve a glow even in the darkness of nights. All these are possible with Big Easy Landscaping lighting services in Louisiana. Visit us now for a free consultation or get a quote from our page or call us at 504-229-6519


Some of the other services we offer:

Drainage systems can keep your plants from drowning in water and keep your home from sustaining water damage by directing excess water away from these areas.

Irrigation Systems & In-Ground Sprinklers keep your lawn looking lush and green even during dry seasons.

Landscaping Enhancements such as walking trails, plants, and lighting can bring a new dimension to your space and encourage you to spend more time outdoors.

Landscape Lighting, Path Lighting, and Accent Lighting showcase your beautiful yard after the sun goes down and provide an added level of safety against trip and fall hazards.

Landscape Maintenance ensures your lawn looks its best year-round, even when you’re busy, tired, or don’t have the proper tools for lawn care on-hand.

Sod & Fill Dirt can cover “bald spots” in your lawn caused by erosion, roots, or heavy objects sitting on your grass, or help you start a new lawn area in your yard.

Water Features such as fountains and koi ponds – or, on a smaller scale, bubbling fountains and container water gardens – add interest by creating variety in your landscape.

Concrete Driveways can be repaired, cleaned of oil spots, stained different colors, stamped for texture, and more – creating a welcoming look for your home.

Landscape Construction is the full process of creating a new landscape for your yard, whether that involves water features, decks, and outdoor kitchens or flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs.

Outdoor Kitchens give you the opportunity to cook for your guests and enjoy the beautiful outdoors at the same time, from a beautifully-constructed patio area.

Walkways around your home can provide slip protection after rain, and invite you to wander around your garden when it’s sunny.

Pergolas & Gazebos give shade from the hot sun while adding style to a backyard – they even make great areas to host parties and family events.

Pavestone Driveways are a textured, nearly maintenance-free way to pave the way to you front door – and come in a variety of shapes, from X-shaped to keyhole.

Patios use durable materials such as bricks, pebbles, cobblestone, and tile to give you the New Orleans style patio you’ve been wanting in your backyard.

Outdoor Home Decks don’t just boost the value of your home, but also give your guests a place to congregate conveniently-located near your house while you barbeque or relax over the summer.

About Big Easy Landscaping

At Big Easy Landscaping, we believe in the magic of living in a home with a beautiful landscape. We’re a husband-and-wife team who loved landscaping our own backyard, and decided to bring that beauty to others as well. We’ve been working as New Orleans landscaping designers for over 14 years, helping residents create gardens, patios, water features, and pathways that stand out in both daytime and nighttime.

  • Our team will be happy to install your lighting safely, using quality kits and techniques, in a way that complements your landscaping for years to come.
  • Our professional reputation from over 14 years of service speaks for itself – we work to help client after client turn their vision into reality.
  • Our landscaping experience makes us the credible choice for a lighting design that is not only beautiful, but also functional.
  • As a trusted New Orleans LA landscape designer, we take your project seriously, and will never install lighting without your permission or pressure you to design your garden in a way you are uncomfortable with.
  • You need reliable landscape lighting techniques, and we can advise you based on our years of experience on the ideal lighting that will both look beautiful and function well on a consistent basis for the next several years – not break in a few weeks or end up useless.
  • Our efficient outdoor lighting provider can help you complete your project on time; if you have a deadline, maybe a big family event or a birthday party you’re hosting, we can meet it.
  • At Big Easy Landscaping, we have the essential tools for implementing lighting and landscaping features in ways that will last and give a quality appearance.
  • With many, many previous projects over our many years of service in the NOLA area, you can rest easy knowing an experienced landscape lighting designer is handling your project.
  • Our trustworthy outdoor lighting contractors don’t cut corners or half-install your lighting; instead, we make sure you’re happy with your project from beginning to end, giving you the quality yard you desire.
  • If you have questions about landscape lighting spacing, or the different types of landscape lighting, you can ask us for help – our knowledgeable professionals will gladly introduce you to the many options and designs available for your design.
  • As proud community members of New Orleans, Louisiana, we’re passionate about beautifying our city one yard at a time.

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