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Outdoor Kitchen in New Orleans

New Orleans Outdoor Kitchen Must-Have

Why should you underutilize your backyard with a grill when you can set up a full-fledged outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can transform the look of your house completely. You may start with a makeshift kitchen but slowly convert it into a full-time kitchen where you can enjoy cooking during the fall and in winters.

Moreover, houses with two kitchens get more value when they are put up for sale.

If you want to sell your house later, you may get a significant amount of money for an additional kitchen in your backyard. And that amount will be much more than what it takes to set up the kitchen in the first place.

In fact, if you don’t usually use your backyard, adding a kitchen makes more sense.

You can spend your get-togethers with your friends and relatives in the backyard instead of doing everything inside your home.

It saves electricity, doesn’t make your rooms dirty, and you can enjoy dining amidst nature.

Unique Outdoor Kitchen Ideas And How To Build Them

outdoor kitchens New Orleans - Big Easy Landscaping

Whether you want to convert your deck into a grilling area or build a kitchen on it from scratch, you will need a concrete plan to get things rolling.

Here are a few outdoor kitchen designs that you can keep in mind and consult with the professional about the possibilities of their installation in your backyard.

1. Deck Kitchen

With a deck in your backyard, you are already halfway through to building an outdoor kitchen.
All you need to do is set up the necessary kitchen items like cooktop, grills, cabinets, and appropriate shade to keep the kitchen safe from rain and snow.

A deck kitchen is comparatively easy to build as you don’t need to purchase too many things. In addition to the kitchen supplies, you can hire patio services to get appropriate patio furniture for everyone to enjoy a meal outdoors.

2. Stone Covered Grill

bbq island - Big Easy Landscaping

This is more than just a grill. The setup will function as the kitchen inside your house.

It is one of the most innovative outdoor kitchen designs that many celebrities have in their backyards.

Like a deck kitchen, this New Orleans outdoor kitchen design for your home will also not cost a fortune. Plus, you can build it within a small space.

You will need a sturdy wooden structure to support the stones. Keep the grill and cooktop in appropriate places inside the wooden structure.

Then place the stones and cover the wooden unit. It will make the kitchen look natural, especially if there are trees around.

3. Kitchen With Concrete Countertops

Outdoor kitchens new orleans - Big Easy Landscaping

You can build a permanent concrete kitchen in your backyard without spending a fortune.

Concrete kitchen setups are available in a variety of sizes. You can talk to a landscape construction company about the possible varieties of concrete kitchen setups that will look good in your backyard.

You can then move to install the unit within a limited space. For example, install the kitchen in a corner and use the rest of the backyard to enjoy the meal with your friends.

Usually, kitchens with concrete countertops come with stainless steel doors to provide a contrasting effect.

Both concrete and stainless steel are weather-resistant. This means you don’t need to worry about the weather conditions even if you leave the kitchen open with no shade on top.

To make the unit look fabulous, you may add tempered glass inlays to give a new dimension to the concrete countertops.

4. Rebuilding BBQ Grill

outdoor kitchen style - Big Easy Landscaping

You can go through rebuild outdoor kitchen ideas to check out how you can make your grilling machine the centerpiece and develop a kitchen around it.

Many people who are fond of barbecuing buy big barbecue grills that they install in their backyard. If you have a similar unit, you can create a full-fledged kitchen by adding only a few things.

Like a deck kitchen, with a BBQ grill around, you are already halfway through to building an outdoor kitchen.

Talk to a professional landscape design company that can offer unique ideas about how to turn the BBQ grill into a kitchen in your backyard.

You may need a wooden structure that would fit the entire BBQ grill. In addition to the grill, you should also make space for the cooktop, a couple of cabinets, and a polished countertop.

You can choose from granite or glass countertop, depending on your budget. Try to develop an arch design or a semi-circular design with the BBQ grill in the middle.

5. Wood And Brick Outdoor Kitchen

Since outdoor kitchens add value to your house, make sure you build a kitchen that’s there to stay for years.

One of the most unique landscape ideas to improve your home’s outlook is building a wood and brick outdoor kitchen. The setup is easy to make. There will be two units that you can later join together.

One unit will contain the cooktop, grilling machine, and kitchen cabinets. This will work as your cooking area.
The second part will contain a sink and another cabinet that will consist of the dishes or essential cooking utensils.

Once you create both these parts, slide and attach them together. Use bricks to make the sides and back of the kitchen unit.

For the front and top, you can use wood. Also, don’t forget to use a glass countertop so that the wood doesn’t come in contact with water too often.

It is also possible to convert the kitchen into an outdoor dining room. You will need to add a pergola, a dining table, and a few chairs.

It is challenging to pick the best outdoor kitchen idea from these five options. All of them are worthy of getting the top spot.

Now, it depends on you and the space you can provide in your backyard for your outdoor kitchen. If you want to explore more ideas of outdoor kitchens, get in touch with us.

Big Easy Landscaping not only provides unique outdoor kitchen designs but also installs the unit while you sit indoors and watch your backyard transform.

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