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Pavestone Driveways
New Orleans Pavestone Driveways - Big Easy Landscaping


Pavestone driveways are such a welcomed sight. The use of pavestones can transform landscapes into a beautiful scenery and there is no wonder why a lot of people are opting for this landscaping material.

Big Easy Landscaping is a known provider of landscaping services. Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation through the delivery of outstanding work to our clients. We also specialize in pavestone driveways and we carry the highest quality of pavestone products to provide you with what you want to achieve for your driveway and other areas in your home.

Our landscapers are experts in pavestone, which guarantees you only the best results with the help of our high-end tools and equipment.

Why Pavestone For Your Driveway

  • We offer affordable pavestone driveways here in New Orleans
  • We offer an excellent selection of pavestone patterns
  • We are known to be the best New Orleans pavestone designs company
  • We have the top rated landscape designers in Louisiana


The use of pavestone guarantees a longer lasting surface, which is why it is a popular choice amongst homeowners today. Although more expensive than concrete, this material is worth it. Perfect for driveways, the pavestone can withstand the pressure from vehicles — thanks to its individual pieces that are tightly interlocked together that can handle movements from vehicles and the climate.

Aside from this, pavestone is less prone to cracking and here at Big Easy Landscaping, we use high quality made of higher tensile concrete that makes them four times stronger. We also offer a huge variety of colors and styles available for you to choose from.

Big Easy Landscaping Thorough Process

For driveways, paver stones do really look fantastic and they are very ideal to be used for driveways. Since there is a huge variety of pavers that you can choose from, you can definitely have something that will best suit your personal style.

Our pavers here at Big Easy Landscaping also offers low moisture absorption and they are virtually maintenance free.

Some of the shapes that you can choose from:

  • W-shaped
  • X-shaped
  • Fan shaped
  • Keyhole

Some patterns that you can choose from:

  • Running bond
  • Herringbone
  • Basket Weave
  • Circular fan
  • Combination of patterns

These are just some examples of shapes and patterns that you can choose from. As mentioned above, we offer a huge variety of pavers available for you, which can be overwhelming especially if this is your first time to avail of landscaping services. The good news is, our contractors aren’t here just to install and make your landscape beautiful, you can also consult them to to find the best style that will best suit your home.

You can count on our contractors to help you throughout the whole process — from deciding what style to choose down to the laying of the last stone on your driveway. Rest assured, we are on-call for you during the entire process to answer all your questions.

Give us a call today and inquire about our pavestone services. You will not regret this when you go with Big Easy Landscaping.




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