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Trusted Residential Mandeville Landscaping Services by Big Easy Landscaping

Everyone has a dream of what their perfect yard should look like. From flowering gardens and whimsical walkways to outdoor kitchens and patios for entertaining, the possibilities are virtually endless.

No matter what your goal is, from simple maintenance to a full-on outdoor renovation of your yard, our team here at Big Easy Landscaping can make it happen. Big or small, we’ve done it all.

Mandeville is a beautiful area, and we are proud to offer our services to its residents for over 14 years and counting. Every yard needs maintenance and care, so why not go with the trusted professionals here at Big Easy Landscaping?

We guarantee you’ll be impressed.

  • Big Easy Landscaping is a trusted landscaper in Mandeville
  • We have a team of landscape designers and architects who will deliver excellent landscaping services that will benefit not only your properties but also your life
  • Our landscape services will transform your outdoor spaces into a beautiful work of art

Landscaping your Mandeville Property

Landscaping isn’t just about beautification and impressive visuals, it’s also about form, function and purpose. Our services are loaded with benefits, many of which go well beyond aesthetics.

Consider the following:

Natural Cooling Effect – a properly maintained lawn can be up to 20 degrees cool, keeping the air around your home and under your feet a more pleasant temperature in the hot summer months.

Energy Reduction – shade, insulation, and windbreaks from strategically placed plants and trees can keep your house cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winder, resulting in 15% or higher energy reduction costs.

Respiratory Health – Greenery and foliage can detoxify the air, removing impurities and improving the air that circulates into your home.

Reduced Noise Pollution – Do you live in an area where the noise from traffic or others in the neighborhood drives you nuts? Landscaping can help. Shrubs, bushes, and other plants can help reduce the level of noise and improve the peace and serenity of your outdoor spaces.

Protect Against Run-off – carefully installed landscaping can help prevent the buildup of toxins from runoff and enhance drainage.

Improved Property Values – Studies have shown that landscaping can increase the value of your property by up to 12-15%.

Prevent Erosion, Improve Drainage and Reduce Damage – Improper drainage and erosion can wreak havoc to your home’s foundation, driveways and walkways, causing cracks, flooding, and uneven surfaces or sinking. Landscaping can help.

Ready to learn more about how our trusted and affordable landscaper services can benefit you and your property for years to come? Call us today!

Affordable and High-Quality Landscaper Services

Our many quality landscaping services will transform your yard into a space you have always wanted.  Below are just some of our valued and trusted services:

  • Landscape enhancements – We’ll work with your yard’s natural beauty to enhance it with just the right accents.
  • Landscape lighting – A well-lit path helps you see better, improves security, and enhances the look of your yard.
  • Drainage systems – This will help with toxic run-off and prevent water from stagnating in your yard or flooding your basement.
  • Water Features – Fountains and other water features can transform any yard into a work of art.
  • Concrete and Pavestone Driveways – Need to restore a driveway or need a new one? Our professional workers have experience!
  • Pergolas and Gazebos – These adornments make beautiful resting places.
  • Outdoor Kitchens – Having a neighborhood soiree? Why be stuck in the kitchen when you can cook in the middle of the party?

Servicing the Beautiful Mandeville and Surrounding Areas

We cater to residents in different areas of Louisiana. Avail of our landscaping services in Madisonville, Abita Springs, or get quality landscape services in Covington, New Orleans, Slidell, and Metairie.

Mandeville is home to Lake Pontchartrain and the Mandeville Trailhead. This area is a fun place to play for boaters and swimmers. There’s an area for children to enjoy being outdoors, an amphitheatre, and a farmer’s market, among other attractions.

Also home to a bird sanctuary, Mandeville offers many wonderful experiences to explore. There are many places to shop and eat, as well as a depot museum to explore.

Authority Resources

Need to learn more about your yard before diving into your landscaping plans? At Big Easy Landscaping, our trusted staff can help you in this area, but here are a few other resources to check out to learn more about flowers, soil, and landscaping ideas:

We also have certified arborists on staff, so feel free to ask any questions!

Community Involvement

Here at Big Easy Landscaping, we have been providing our landscaper and lawn care services for many years. Just listen to what our customers think!

“The workers were efficient and professional. They came on time and started working right away. I’ll definitely get their services again.” – George M.

“These guys are the only landscaping company I’d use at this point. They do a really good job of making it MORE than “just a landscaping service”. They’re really friendly, and every time they come over now, I make it a point to go outside and have a quick conversation to see how everyone is, and even offer them snacks & water while they’re over, because I have a pretty large property. I never did that with any other landscaper because I felt like the other ones just came in and out as fast as they could.” – Kent S.

“These guys do an incredible job. The most important thing I look for in a landscaping company is accountability, cleanliness, and being on time. They come every Saturday morning at 10 AM promptly, week after week, and when they do hedges, the cleanup job is pristine, so scraps left all over my lawn, driveway, and patio.” – Mark J.

It’s easy to see that our customers appreciate our superb service, and you will, too! Beyond aesthetics, proper lawn care:

  1. Improves your health
  2. Improves your curb appeal
  3. Saves you money on “surprise” big repairs

Our business arose from a passion to spend our lives doing something that we have always enjoyed doing on our own property. Fourteen years later, we would not change anything. Come see what makes Big Easy Landscaping so special!

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