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New Orleans Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architect New Orleans - Big Easy Landscaping

Landscape Architect Services In New Orleans

There are hundreds of landscape architecture firms in New Orleans. But all of these services are not created equal. Choosing a reliable architect is not an easy task due to this reason. In fact, your research becomes the most important factor when choosing the best landscape architect for your home.

That is where Big Easy Landscaping comes in handy. We offer the best services in the area.


Why Choose Our Landscaping Firm

Big Easy Landscaping is a landscape architecture firm that creates thoughtful, award-winning, and sustainable landscape designs. From design to delivery, our expert team works on a diverse range of landscape architecture projects at all scales and geographies. Our landscape designs tackle pressing challenges on your property. In fact, our landscape solutions help create inspiring places through better resource management strategies. We offer a wide range of services that are designed to transform and harmonize your outdoor space. Our team specializes in garden design and seek to meet the unique requirements of each client in the area.

Our residential garden design solutions strive to involve the client throughout the process. Our vision and expertise will help you realize a design theme that fits your architectural style. Big Easy Landscaping oversees every aspect of the project design, development, implementation, and maintenance. Our main landscape architectural services include:


Our Landscape Design Process

Our company follows a series of steps in every garden design project. That way, the client will understand the entire process. The free consultation session offered by our expert architects is the first step in any garden design project we undertake. This is a risk-free way for you to understand the superior design possibilities of our team.

It is important that you seek out a professionals with whom you can easily collaborate with. In fact, a successful design depends on solid communication and an open mind on your part. You will have the confidence that the final product we offer will surpass all your expectations. Our team will discuss design and cost-saving options so that you can save money in the process.

Landscape Architecture With A Local Touch

Our experts plan to seamlessly integrate the natural elements in your garden when designing the project. In fact, they can adapt to any garden or landscape design to suit your property.

We have been serving our customers for more than 14 years with passion and commitment to serve them. If you are looking for an honest and trustworthy comprehensive landscaping service.

Our team is highly skilled and trained industrious professionals who are serious about providing the highest value to the customer. In fact, we guarantee excellent service and quality results at all times.

A properly maintained landscape can increase the resale value of your property. Also, beautiful and healthy plants will improve the air quality in your property. Our professionals can help eliminate any problems in your landscape and enhance your lawn in the process. There could be many hidden factors lurking underneath your lawn which can affect the beauty of your landscape. Our experienced landscape architects can assist you with all the upkeep requirements.

Contact Us Today & Get A Free Consultation!

Our experts will help make your garden the center of attraction in your home. We assure a healthy environment for you, your family, and friends. Our landscaping architects in New Orleans will make all of these possible at an affordable price.

If you are searching for honest, trustworthy, and experienced landscaping professionals in , there is no better solution than Big Easy Landscaping. In fact, we offer a comprehensive and affordable service to all our customers. Call us today at 505-229-6519 and get a free consultation.




Big Easy Landscaping & Property Management is dedicated to keeping your lawns beautiful and well-maitained. We specialize in commercial and.

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