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How to Choose the Right Landscape Architect

How to Choose the Right Landscape Architect

When you’ve got a big landscaping project that’s beyond the scope of what you can do yourself it can be rough transitioning from the difficulties associated with your yard renovation projects to the difficulty of finding a contractor and landscape designer or architect that can help you make your dream yard a reality. 

But before you go off shopping for a contractor, there are a few things that you need to establish that will help you find the right landscape architect in New Orleans to get your job done. 

Designer or Architect?

First off, you need to have an idea of what kind of work needs to be done in your yard. Some jobs, such as retaining walls and site drainage, will require you to use a landscape architect for the design. 

But for matters concerning lawns, plants, flowers, and trees as well as minor features like walkways and irrigation systems, you can actually make do with just a landscape designer. The difference between the two matters as they can be radically different price points for similar projects. 

Your Budget

When you start calling over architects to do the initial survey, you will want an idea of what your price range is for what you would like to spend on the project as well as your hard limits.

In fact, your budget will be especially important when comparing different designers who’ve visited your property and heard what you would like done and for what price. This may even force you to reconsider some design elements you had planned but then learned were impractically expensive to put in or perhaps there was a general consensus among architects that they weren’t a good idea or investment. 

If you have no idea what is appropriate for a budget for a whole yard renovation then one metric that is often gone with is 5% of the houses value should net you a decent budget that should still turn you a profit in the long run if the renovated yard is maintained and well kept at the time you choose to sell the house.

The Scope of the Project

The other key details to have down before meeting with a landscape architect is the scope and priorities of your project. The scope concerns just how much of the property is to be overhauled by the project, from everything to as little as setting up a nice area around your backyard BBQ for the family to enjoy on summer days. 

Knowing what you want to achieve with the project helps the architect know how to focus their efforts and get them on the right track. 

The Consultation

Now that you’re armed with your project info, you need to start setting out to find the right person to do the job of designing it for you. Cities can be full of all sorts of designers and architects leaving you spoiled for options to call and ask to view your property and hear your designs out. Most offices will offer a free first consultation so that you can get an idea of their service style and the ideas they have to offer and you should take advantage of this.

While you have them on your turf you need to ask them some questions while they check things out so you can get an idea if they’re really the right person for your project. 

One big indicator that a job can go smoothly is if they have experience in a project like this one, ask them about their previous projects, etc. You should also ask them how exactly they charge for their service. 

But in New Orleans, it’s easy to find the best designers and architects for your project. 

Big Easy Landscaping has the best landscape architects in New Orleans as well as the best landscape designers to ensure your project is met with confidence and a fair price. 


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