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Best Landscape Lighting Ideas To Light Up Your Yard and Your Home

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You spend time, energy, and money to improve your home and your yard. This is your sanctuary, together with your family and friends, you have made memories here. Everything from your house to your lawn is a sight to behold, especially during the day. The sunlight just brings the best out of your property.

Come nighttime, what happens to your house and lawn? Why does it seem to get lost in the night? It could be time that you considered adding landscape lighting. Start with these landscape lighting ideas we have gathered for you.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

When it comes to highlighting your landscaping, the right lighting will help you. During the night, you can completely transform the look of your landscaping. Here are other benefits of adding landscape lighting to your property.

  1. Brings out the best look – Lighting can enhance perspective. If you are planning to sell your house, you need more ways to make your house more attractive. Landscape lighting can help potential buyers, even during the night, to picture the activities they can do in the property.
  2. Helps your house look picturesque – The perfect lighting brings depth and drama. This is also true for your landscaping. Whether in person or in a picture, your house will have no bad angles and spots. Plus points for potential buyers if you are selling the house!
  3. Better home security – Houses with poor to no lighting are more prone to burglary. Thieves and other criminals take advantage of dark, secluded areas to hide. Houses with effective landscape lighting drive away criminal activity. Add heightened security systems and your house will scare more thieves.
  4. Improved curb appeal – You can create aesthetic spaces even during nighttime. This also helps visitors to go around your property with fewer risks to injury or mishaps.
  5. More impressed potential buyers – Consider your house with landscape lighting sold! If you plan to sell your house, lighting helps create a safe atmosphere that attracts buyers. This also adds value to your home and yard.

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Bright Ideas: How To Layout Landscape Lighting

With any landscaping project, there is a right and wrong way to do landscape lighting. You need to be aware of the essentials. Taking note of the trends will also help you improve the lighting choices you will make. For example, HGTV notes that lighting trends go for “energy efficiency” and “quality finishes.”

Common Do’s and Don’ts: Designing A Landscape Lighting

Whether you are not on a budget or you have the cash to spend on your landscape lighting, remember the basics. These do’s and don’ts are all applicable no matter the size or shape of your lawn as well.

  • Do: Place Accent Lights – Use small accent lights for spots that are secluded or do not have fixtures. This will help the lighting be balanced and will also keep unwelcome guests away from your property.
  • Don’t: Forget Out of Sight Places – One aspect of lighting that we need to keep in mind is safety and security. Check for corners and dark spaces. Put lighting on spots that can become vulnerabilities of your property.
  • Do: Use LEDs – LEDs are now better suited even for outdoor or landscape use. They also use less energy than incandescent light bulbs. You don’t have to worry. LED bulbs don’t only come in white, bluish light. There are also warmer tones and are available for downward lighting as well.
  • Don’t: Use Bad Bulbs – Energy efficiency demands that we get rid of using incandescent lights that do not last long. Bulbs that are 40 to 75 watts are perfect for outdoor use. Going beyond the wattage can cause the lights to produce an unattractive glare.
  • Do: Get Creative With the Pathway – Instead of using garden or wall lights, you can opt for downlights to illuminate paths. This creates a clearer and well distributed light that does not look overdone.
  • Don’t: Do Straight Lighting – It might be tempting to place lighting in a straight or uniform manner for a pathway. This can make your lighting look overdone instead.
  • Do: Start With Outdoor House Lighting – Never forget to light your house too. You might be showcasing your landscape, but that does not mean you forget about the house.
  • Don’t: Focus On Landscape Lighting Only – You might get carried away with landscape only. Don’t focus on pathways, outdoor fixtures, or outdoor areas first. You can base these things later after you have figured out house lighting.

Different Fixture Types

Not all lights are the same and the beauty of this variety is they can be placed in different places. They will also create different effects on the overall landscape lighting.

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  • Adjustable downlights – Can be placed in trees or high fixtures. Choose adjustable ones so you can adjust it once the tree grows or if you transfer a fixture.
  • Flush ground lights – also called well lights. Can be installed in lawns, paths, or groundcover. Will need careful installation because it is placed in a metal cylinder in the ground.
  • High powered uplights – a place below trees to illuminate them from below. Some 110-volt floodlights may be used in some cases for high powered uplights.
  • Path lights – Placed on pathways or entryways. Can help avoid injuries from slipping and tripping.
  • Overhead bullet spots – Perfect for overhead structures to highlight fixtures underneath.
  • Architectural lights – mounted from the house and can highlight strategic spots in the property.

How Much Will Landscape Lighting Or Outdoor Lighting Cost?

HomeAdvisor gave a national average cost for outdoor or landscape lighting and it can be between $2,000 and $4,500. A project between $2,000 and $3,000 can include incandescent lighting and deck lights. For motion and solar-powered lights, you can pay about $5,000 to $6,000.

Investing in landscape lighting for your home and lawn will help you improve in many aspects of your property. Find trusted local landscape lighting contractors like Big Easy Landscaping. We will help identify the right landscape lighting placement for you and help you with installation as well.

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