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Professional New Orleans Wood Fence Contractors

Big Easy Landscaping is one of the leading landscaping companies in New Orleans and the surrounding area who also happen to offer a couple of flexible home services, wood fences installation being one of them.

Our experienced staff is ready to install and repair your wood fence, whether for residential, agricultural, or commercial needs.

The aim of our wood fence contractors is to give customers exactly what they need while also issuing sound advice on fencing, gate, and materials.

Why is Wood the Primary Choice?

Wood is an optimal material choice in that it sets up a natural feel for the home and garden.

Still, since it is such a versatile material, it can also be used for several landscaping projects, such as wood picket fences around your garden or as a planked walkway.

It also comes in different styles from Pickering to ranch rail. It’s also great for custom fencing for clients with specific needs.

Our New Orleans LA wood fence contractors can also provide a wide range of caps that can be fashioned for use with any wooden fence.

The diversity and the ability of this material towards customization are what make it especially popular for landscaping around NOLA.

New Orleans Wood Fence

How Long do Wood Fences Last?

One of the main things New Orleans wood fence contractors consider at first is how long the fence is going to last. It has to do with the lifespan of the wood chosen to do the task.

Most types of wood used for fences are made of pine, cedar, or spruce.

Depending on the species, cedars are usually suitable for between 15 and 30 years. Spruce has a notably shorter lifespan of four to seven years.

Pine options may last from five to twelve years.

Most treatment companies note that when fence planks are treated, the lumber will easily last for more than two decades.

That would hold when it comes to spruce and pine, but cedar wood lasts for a much longer time – up to 40 years. That being said, treated wood is a better investment overall, but it will cost a little more.

It almost goes without saying, but treated wood offers a much better value in the long run.

The Downside of Having a Wood Fence

The biggest issue that leads to the premature aging of wood fences is water damage, which is especially prevalent in New Orleans.

The best thing to do is to make sure that none of the fence panels penetrate the ground.

Even so, a fence is just as strong as the weakest link, and grounds that have high moisture content tend to reduce the life of fence posts by at least three years.

Because of this, Big Easy Landscaping makes sure our posts are stained and treated before installing them.

Additionally, we use the concrete filling for post holes to keep moisture at bay.

new orleans wood fences - Big Easy Landscaping

Wood Fence Maintenance

Some of the leading maintenance concerns when it comes to wooden fences are continuous and extreme changes in our weather conditions.

The maintenance plan has to be geared to combat issues that are caused by water absorption.

The plan has to be designed to tackle the problems caused by water damage, mildew growth, and eventual discoloration due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Continuous absorption of water and water loss used for the fence will cause natural defects to the surface.

An aging fence will experience a few of these characteristics, though the extent can be reduced through occasional maintenance and other protective measures.

What You Should Do

  • Every year, you should walk along the fence line and make a visual inspection.
    Check the pickets for any loose nails. If there are any, take them out and replace them or simply hammer them back into place.
  • Search for any decomposing or broken pickets as well, which will need to be changed. That is one of the main benefits that come with a wood fence – the individual pickets or the panels can easily be replaced.
  • It’s also advised to search for insect damage on your wooden fence. Invasive bugs like termites are one of the main reasons behind natural damage to fences. Termites can reduce the structural integrity of the fence to almost nothing within a short amount of time.
  • Also, make sure to keep bushes and vines clear from the fence. While it might look nice to have vines climbing your fence, that pleasant look also means unchecked moisture and added weight that your fence will have to support.

Types of Wood Fences

  • Solid cedar fence: Cedar-wood is softwood that can be found in the American northwest and Canada.
    Cedar-wood is one of the most durable woods, especially seeing as it’s capable of lasting up to 30 years even when untreated.
  • Pinewood fence: it is a variety of softwood that is located in several parts of the United States.
    It may be softer than hardwood, but it is naturally stiff and can resist a large amount of shock. It is also much easier to work with owing to the smooth texture.
  • Oak fences: Naïve to the northern hemisphere, it is strong and durable.
    The oak fences are identified by their wavy grains as opposed to their color. A unique wood fence finish offers an interesting aesthetic highlight.
    Still, when the natural grain is allowed to show through, wood fences simply shine.
  • Cypress wood fencing: the tone of these fences is lighter though some of the parts can have dark pockets.
    It has a coarse texture with straight grains. The fences tend to be less durable if they are made from younger trees as opposed to older cypress ones.
  • Redwood fences: it is commonly used, but they can be quite costly.
    The reason is the overall quality and aesthetic appeal that bring the appeal.
    The wood is usually rot and pest-resistant, so it is considered one of the best alternatives.

Build Your Home a Fence that Will Last for Years

We have a team of specialists and installers armed with the right qualities to take on this job for you.

  • First, a team member comes to the property and discusses your wants and needs to come up with an estimate.
  • A step-by-step guide and costs are then forwarded to you for approval before we begin.
  • To help things go smoothly for you, our customer service team is also available to answer any extra questions you may have about rates and the types of fencing available.

Our goal is to give you as much value as possible and that you’re satisfied with the final product for years to come.

Prefer gates over fences? Our New Orleans landscape gates can help.


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