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Sod & Fill Dirt
New Orleans Sod and Fill Dirt - Big Easy Landscaping

Repair or Enhance Your  Lawn with High-Quality Sod New Orleans & Fill Dirt

Is your lawn suffering from ‘pothole’ syndrome? Ruts, holes, and low spots in your yard can present safety hazards, catching the unwary ankle or bicycle for an awkward crash. Other pitfalls of uneven landscaping include unappealing dirt spots and areas where the landscaping just doesn’t mesh.

Big Easy Landscaping can help!

With over 14 years of landscaping services under our belt, we understand what NOLA yards need. When it comes to uneven landscaping due to gaps, ruts, holes, and more, we offer high-quality, affordable sod and fill dirt services.

Look No Further for Affordable Sod Installation Services

When you think of Sod, Fill Dirt, and Landscaping, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
Aside from improving the appearance and function of your landscape, it’s likely the cost. For any large project, budgeting and financing can be a concern. That’s why Big Easy Landscaping strives to maintain affordable prices while offering the best bang for your buck with high-quality products and services you can count on.

If you have a project or vision in mind but need to be sure we can fit it within your budget while hitting all of your objectives, give our office a call! We’ll discuss all of your options and help you find the best and most affordable way to implement the look you desire.

Why Use Sod and Fill Dirt?

New Orleans Sod - Big Easy Landscaping


As we mentioned above, ruts and holes in your lawn can be a major safety concern. Fill dirt allows us to smooth these areas over, and sod levels the appearance of grass to smooth the entire look. Fill dirt can also be used for functional purposes such as a berm, aiding in water flow and drainage, and more.


Curb appeal and property value are often tossed around when discussing an aesthetic yard. No one really talks about learning to love your yard! Our lawns are more than just a representation of anyone driving by. They are our space to relax, spend time with family, and perhaps read a good book. A beautiful landscape can take your mind off the worries of the day, and stand out as an impressive display to neighbors, friends, and those passing by.

Lawn Health

Not all lawns are healthy. Whether a previous owner didn’t take proper care of their lawn, or Mother Nature did some disaster decorating, you don’t need to feel ashamed of a yard in need of a helping hand. Sod and fill dirt can help you get a fresh start for your lawn, taking it from drab to fab in no time flat.

Tiered Landscaping

Fill dirt does more than smooth out dips and holes in your lawn. It can also be used to create new dimensions and surface level structures. Want a multi-level terraced garden? Fill dirt can accomplish that. Need a tiered sloping landscape? Fill dirt might be the answer.

You’ve Read What We Have to Say. What About Our Clients?

We get it. You’re on our business site, and its natural to be a bit skeptical about what we have to say about ourselves!
But you don’t have to take our word for it. With over a decade of experience helping New Orleans residents just like yourself, we’ve built up quite a track record and reputation for customer satisfaction and a job well done.

Take a look below at what just a few of our satisfied customers had to say about us:

These guys are the only landscaping company I’d use at this point. They do a really good job of making it MORE than “just a landscaping service”. They’re really friendly, and every time they come over now, I make it a point to go outside and have a quick conversation to see how everyone is, and even offer them snacks & water while they’re over, because I have a pretty large property. I never did that with any other landscaper because I felt like the other ones just came in and out as fast as they could. — Kent S.

These guys do an incredible job. The most important thing I look for in a landscaping company is accountability, cleanliness, and being on time. They come every Saturday morning at 10 AM promptly, week after week, and when they do hedges, the cleanup job is pristine, so scraps left all over my lawn, driveway, and patio. — Mark J.

I do my own landscaping normally, and was actually a landscaper for a couple dozen years, servicing other people’s homes in Georgia. However, now that I’ve retired to NOLA, I wanted to hire a reliable landscaper to do my yard. Big Easy guys are the ones to use, in my professional opinion. — Justin B.

Will you be our next five-star reviewer? Call our office today, and let’s discuss your landscaping!

Fourteen Years of Professional Service

Big Easy Landscaping has worked in New Orleans for over a decade. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, affordable, and professional services to help your lawn shine. Increase your curb appeal and create a paradise in your own yard.

Big Easy Landscaping is…

  • Consistently rated among top landscaping providers
  • Known for the best minds in landscaping design
  • Knowledgeable, friendly, and creative
  • A reputation you can count on
  • A proven track record
  • Excellent customer support and collaboration
  • Experienced in sod installation

Other Helpful Services from Big Easy Landscaping

Sod & Fill Dirt can lead to a great smooth down for your yard. Big Easy Landscaping also offers a variety of other services to enhance or repair your New Orleans property.

  • Concrete Driveways
  • Drainage
  • Landscape Construction
  • Landscape, Path, and Accent Lighting
  • New Orleans Patios
  • Outdoor Home Decks
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pavestone Driveways
  • Pergolas & Gazebos
  • Walkways
  • Water Features

The Big Easy’s Best

Our team doesn’t just work in New Orleans— we live here! We’re invested in the area and the community. Have you seen the best our city has to offer?
New Orleans has something for everyone and everything. We’ve got your landscaping covered, but what about your time? Your appetite? Your adventurer’s spirit?
You ask, and NOLA delivers.

With over 300 years of melting pot history, New Orleans offers beautiful architecture, exquisite international cuisine, and vibrant cultural shows to fit any occasion. Looking for recommendations?

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