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Screen Enclosure
Screen Enclosure- Big Easy Landscaping

New Orleans Screen Enclosures to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Home

Your patio offers an excellent place to lounge around while spending quality time with family and friends.

Big Easy Landscaping is here to offer New Orleans screen enclosures in line with the best new additions to your home that money can buy.

When you’re ready to get started on your new screen enclosure, give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll get a game plan in place.

You deserve to have one built to your specification, while not costing an arm and a leg, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Our team of skilled contractors has years of experience and ready to help meet your needs whenever you’re ready to start.

Before we begin, though, let’s talk about some of the types of outdoor screen enclosures you might be most interested in.

Types of Patio Screen Enclosures

Screen room enclosures come in different types and some depend on the structure of your house.

Regardless of your house’s needs, structure, and style, a screen enclosure can protect you and your home from external elements such as insects, frost winds, and sunlight.

Choosing the best screen involves determining the type and materials to use when building one for your house.

New Orleans screen room enclosure - Big Easy Landscaping

Screen Roof Enclosure

These have a structural aluminum roof that has screen mesh on top, and it projects outward from the footprint of the hosting structure.

Screen roofs are great at keeping annoying insects away from you and your family while offering an upward view of the sky.

They also obstruct small debris like leaves and allow a regular dose of vitamin D.

These screened enclosures can also be custom designed and constructed using high-quality materials.

But even with that being the case, they are cheap to install.

The aluminum framing and baked coat finish are impervious to the elements.

There’s an array of options to choose from, resulting in an outdoor living space suited to what you would need for your home environment.

Under-truss Screen Enclosures

These screen enclosures are built within openings under an already present truss roof.

For this screened space, there is no need for a metal structure or concrete work as they are all under the current roof of the house and built on an existing footprint.

The aluminum framing would be fabricated to spec so that it accommodates the opening with a screen door. Any screen type from fiberglass to polyester is a sufficient choice for this style.

With under-truss screen enclosures, architectural elements like buttress columns or arches are often encountered, but these don’t pose much of a challenge for installation or design.

When it comes to legal documentation, most neighborhoods in New Orleans don’t require a permit for installing an under-truss screen enclosure since they don’t have any required structure work. They are also priced, though that is often dependent on the nature of the design.

Solid Roof Screen Enclosures

These are a great option for those who don’t have plenty of patio space, especially since they deliver a roof over an area that didn’t before, making space that can now be used outdoors even if it’s raining.

For a long-lasting, well-sealed structure, the goal is to ensure the roof is constructed from aluminum composites.

These panels have an aluminum shell and high-density foam core. It increases longevity while providing insulation, and they are optimized for minimal leakage.

New Orleans Patio screen Enclosure - Big Easy landscaping

Advantages of Screen Enclosures

When most people consider getting a screen enclosure, one of the primary reasons is to keep the insects out.

Whether you want screen enclosures for decks or for your patio, there are several other ways the enclosure would enhance your outdoor living experience.

  • Better shade: a screen enclosure allows for sufficient sunlight to get into the outdoor area while preventing direct sunlight. The light filtering element is not only healthier, considering it protects from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, but it is also more comfortable. It would come in handy during barbecues and yard parties.
  • Screen enclosures offer the best of two worlds: screen enclosures straddle the line between the indoors and the outdoor scene. These create a space that allows you to get the best of both environments. For example, with the screened-in porch, it would be much easier to soak in the beauty of the yard without worrying about pesky hassles associated with spending time outside.
  • Keep the insects at bay: Mosquitoes, ticks, and other nasty insects can make the outdoor experience lousy, particularly in the summer. Having these pests in your area and some bites are potentially dangerous as they may result in any number of tropical diseases. You may opt for a pest repellent, but they are usually harsh on the senses and require a lot of application. A screen enclosure prevents you from having to go through the trouble.
  • Reduced maintenance needs: patios and porches are beautiful features though they require tending to remain so. A screen enclosure would reduce your burden as they prevent branches, leaves, and other debris from intruding. They also protect the patio furniture and the other surfaces from the sun, hence reducing the wear and fade.
  • Additional visual charm: screen enclosures do not come as a one size fits all package. Depending on what you prefer, they come in an array of sizes. Custom structures may be designed skillfully to complement the styling of your residence, making for an attractive addition.

Things to Consider

Though the advantages of having a screen enclosure are numerous, there are factors you need to consider before having one installed.

During the assessment phase, we heavily take into consideration the size of the outdoor area and the location of the proposed structure.

The area may have a lot of shedding trees or situated on a slope.

Cost is also a factor depending on your preference of material, layout, and design, though we do ensure economic quotes regardless of the option chosen.

There are also both on-site fabrication as well as prefabricated options available.

At Big Easy Landscaping, we prefer to go with your personal preference because the screen enclosure will serve you for several years and require minimal maintenance.

Screens may need occasionally replacing from rips or tears or pool chemicals, gradually causing the screen material to become brittle.

We are there to assist with this should it happen.

Our customer service line is always open, and a member of the team will contact you as soon as you put in a request.

Our team is invested in making your home as beautiful as possible without forcing you to go through the needless hassle.

Give us a call for an estimate or consultation.


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