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Create a Stunning First Impression with Our New Orleans Pavestone Driveways

“A home is a castle” – or at least it should be. Cracks, heaving areas, and stains can all decrease the aesthetic appeal of an aging driveway. If you don’t feel like royalty when you pull up in your garage, consider upgrading your driveway with a gorgeous pavestone design.

In contrast, pavestone tends to last longer, require less maintenance, and looks more sophisticated than other options. When it comes to improving their home’s appearance, many homeowners prefer upgrading to pavestone driveways for that luxurious look and low maintenance cost.

At Big Easy Landscaping, we offer high-quality New Orleans pavestone driveways for homes, businesses, and budgets of all sizes. Call us today to find out more about the options we provide or ask about our custom driveways today!

New Orleans Pavestone Designs

Pavestone driveways can be laid using a wide variety of designs and patterns. Many of our clients appreciate the high level of customization available in pavestone driveways: from basketweave to X-shaped, our New Orleans pavers are able to replicate your favorite stone shape and pattern.

Diverse Colors and Variety

Pavestones can also be ordered in a variety of colors, from heather grey to rich reds, to calm sandy tones. Consult with one of our patio pavers to learn about the color palette that best complements the colors of your home or business. Our design specialists can help you find the perfect match.

Low Maintenance

In addition, pavestone driveways are shockingly low-maintenance. New Orleans pavestone driveways do not need resealing every two years, even with inclement weather and regular wear. If a vehicle leaks oil onto the driveway, only the stained stones must be replaced – not the entire driveway. Cracked stones can be replaced individually, keeping the remainder of the driveway intact. Pavestone driveways are not just gorgeous – they’re also easy to keep spotless.

Increase the Value and Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property

Finally, if you’re planning to sell your property, a pavestone driveway can increase the value of your home significantly. Curb appeal accounts for a large part of the value of a home.

Landscaping alone can add tens of thousands of dollars to a home’s value. A pavestone driveway creates a powerful impression. If you’d like to sell your home in the near future, a pavestone driveway can help maximize your selling price. It is also one of the easiest to keep pristine until you sell your home: simply replace any stained or broken stones when it’s time to list your house, and your driveway will be buyer-ready.

Types of Pavestone Driveways

Pavestone Driveway New OrleansOur pavers can create the driveway of your dreams. We offer a wide range of pavestone patterns – and colors – to suit any budget.

Not only are our pavestones attractive, but they’re also exceptionally strong. Our pavers use some of New Orleans’ best pavestones: made from higher-tensile concrete, these stones are less apt to crack and chip with time and weight. This quality is especially important for families with larger vehicles, families who host guests frequently, and professionals who bring home heavy trucks and equipment. Learn about our concrete driveway services.

Here are a few of the types of New Orleans pavestone designs we offer for our New Orleans pavestone driveways:

Stone shapes:



Running Bond
Basket Weave
Circular Fan
Combination of Patterns/Custom

If you’re unsure which pavestone patterns would look best, just ask our New Orleans pavers. They’ve installed countless pavestone driveways and can advise on the best style to match your home and landscaping.

Why Choose Big Easy Landscaping

Big Easy Landscaping offers some of the best patio and driveway pavers in New Orleans. We take pride in our excellent customer service and look forward to creating your perfect driveway with you.

Here are a few qualities that set us apart:

Our New Orleans pavers only select high-quality materials. This ensures long-lasting results.
We have worked with many individuals from a variety of income levels. We’ll work with you to find options within your budget.

Your satisfaction is our priority. To us, the job isn’t done until you’re happy with the look of your new driveway.
Interested in matching your driveway to your patio? Our patio pavers can match your New Orleans driveway and patio for a unified aesthetic.

What Our Clients Are Saying

It’s important to our New Orleans pavers that every homeowner loves their new driveway. Because of our dedication to customer service, we often receive positive feedback from our customers.

Take a look at what just a couple of our happy customers have said about us:

Peter Mereno ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“Big Easy Landscaping has made several landscaping projects here in our area. My neighbors are satisfied with their work and I can see why. Their crew is professional and courteous and they arrive on time for schedules they set with me. I love the work they did with my pavestone driveway!”

Mark Johnson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“These guys do an incredible job. The most important thing I look for in a landscaping company is accountability, cleanliness, and being on time. They come every Saturday morning at 10 AM promptly, week after week, and when they do hedges, the cleanup job is pristine, so scraps left all over my lawn, driveway, and patio.”

Daniel Seitz ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“The job they did on my driveway has left me feeling nothing short of astounded. We wanted to make the driveway look like a true entrance of a palace of sorts, something significant, and eventful, and we decided to do so by having an assortment of beautifully colored flowers and hedges along the sides of the driveway. These guys absolutely nailed it”

 About Big Easy Landscaping

Big Easy Landscaping started out as a husband-and-wife team. We were – and are – passionate about New Orleans landscaping. Over the ten years, we’ve spent working together, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with some of the best pavers, landscapers, and contractors in the city.

We’ve met hundreds of wonderful clients and beautified countless yards. We’re looking forward to another 10 years (and more!) of serving this fantastic New Orleans community.

Our Other Landscaping Services

Is your driveway just one of the many things you’d like to redo in your landscaping? No problem! Big Easy Landscaping offers patio pavers and more in New Orleans, and we’ll be happy to take on any landscaping project that sparks your interest.

Our landscaping services include:

Walkways: Walkways can increase the safety of your landscaping while adding a beautiful feature to your garden. During heavy rains, a walkway won’t erode, turn into mud, or become as slippery as soil or grass.

Patio Pavers: Interested in a new patio? We can construct and pave a custom patio, or offer a selection of designs for you to choose from.

Water Features: Another customer favorite, this is a great way to create a memorable first impression. We can install a koi pond, tiered fountain, water garden, or other water feature to create a peaceful retreat in your yard.

Landscape Lighting: This is especially important for families who enjoy hosting outdoors – landscape lighting illuminates a safe path to and from commonly-used areas, keeping kids and adults from stepping on sharp objects or wandering into flower beds in the dark. It can also highlight key features of your landscaping and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

If you’d like us to work on something we haven’t listed here, just give us a call! We’ll be happy to discuss your upcoming project, from laying sod to building an outdoor kitchen.

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Our Reputation Precedes Us

We’ve been serving New Orleans and the surrounding areas for over 14 years, creating several satisfied customers and life-long relationships. You don’t have to take our word on the quality of our service— just listen to what our clients have to say!

They arrived at my dad’s place an hour before so they can discuss the type of concrete driveway needed to install. I love how professional these guys are and know what they’re talking about. I’ll definitely get a service for my own yard soon.

Kevin Hope

January 21, 2020 via Google

I enlisted Big Easy Landscaping help since I don’t know much about landscape upkeep. I wanted to do something for my mother since she loves to stay in her garden all the time. She loved what you guys did with her yard and was delighted with the new flowerbeds.

Louis Sellers

January 14, 2020 via Google

I enlisted Big Easy Landscaping help since I don’t know much about landscape upkeep. I wanted to do something for my mother since she loves to stay in her garden all the time. She loved what you guys did with her yard and was delighted with the new flowerbeds.

Douglas Ward

November 20, 2019 via Google

A lot of have recommended Big Easy Landscaping to me and sure enough, this company did a great job on my yard. I love the pavestone driveway they put in my small garden. Looking forward to get more of their services!

Steven Walls

December 4, 2019 via Google

My sister recommended Big Easy Landscaping to me so I gave it a go. I wanted to have a pergola near the foyer, so I drove to their office and told them what I need. The guys arrived on time, they did some measurements and before I know it they’re done. Fast, smooth, and hassle-free…

James Tang

December 27, 2019 via Google

So my husband and I bought a house with a large yard and decided to ask Big Easy Landscaping to work their magic. It took about a month or so, but the wait is worth it. The once barren area is now a beautiful lush area perfect for morning coffee and brunch with family and friends.

Mina Foreman

November 25, 2019 via Google

I love what they did to my garden! It’s nice seeing it everytime I wake up in the morning. Plus, I got their maintenance service to help keep my yard constantly beautiful.

Dominga Stclair

November 18, 2019 via Google

Who would’ve known that I can find affordable landscaping from this place? Love the discounts and the people behind it because of their professionalism and dedication to quality services. I wouldn’t trade it for another landscaping company.

Louis Teeple

January 1, 2020 via Google