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Get Your Home New Orleans Patio Covers from One of The Leading Landscapers in the City

At Big Easy Landscaping, we believe that one of the best ways to dress up a backyard is by installing a patio cover area.

It is not only beautiful next to a home, but they also make a shady spot for when that Louisiana sun gets too hot to handle.

We have a team of experienced and highly qualified personnel who can handle the task within a timely schedule.

Whether you are planning a simple, practical cover or custom building structure, our New Orleans patio set covers are ready to assist you in creating your much-needed shade.

Outdoor Covered Patio in New Orleans for Any Type of Home

New Orleans Patio Covers

Take advantage of Big Easy Landscaping’s knowledge, experience, and creative mind to help you design and install your backyard patio retreat where you can barbecue, get a cup of coffee or relax.

For homeowners that expect more from their contractors and might want top quality at competitive prices, we would like to extend our first-class benefits.

Your choice of material is crucial, considering this would determine the quality of the end product.

Materials have to be strong enough to withstand the elements for an extended period. But, they have to be lightweight as well to keep you comfortable while relaxing.

At the same time, different patio covers offer your home other optical effects. That is why you need to pick the one which fulfills your intention.

The patio is as much a decorative piece in the home as it is also functional.

What is the best material for patio covers?

Once you have decided to install a patio cover, the next thing to agree is the type of material:

  • Wood Patio Covers: When it comes to wood, the most appealing factor is that it is quite attractive. The feeling of nature as well adds to the backyard. It may be easily resized as well, and it does enhance the styling of the home. The trouble with wood is it is prone to rot and warping.
  • Vinyl Patio Covers: If you are searching for a material that needs low maintenance, then vinyl is the best alternative. It happens to be much sturdier, and it does not need repainting every few years. The trouble is it is limited to a few colors that fade with time.
  • Aluminum Patio Covers: Aluminum is also lightweight, durable, and incredibly low costing. It may provide the best comfort as well without having to compromise on quality. Aluminum, yet, is generally the most economical material for patio covers. Aluminum may, however, become uncomfortable during hot days. Being a metal, it is a good conductor of heat, and you could get standing under it on a hot day.

Types of Free-Standing Patio Covers

Patio Covers in New Orleans

There are several different patio over types that each have unique features and advantages.

The right style is going to depend on how you want the covering to appear and what protection you would like.

If you are not sure about the patio shade that you would like, consider the following option:

  • Awning: an awning extends from the roof at a downward angle and may be made entirely of metal or have a metal frame with a cloth or vinyl that is made out of different patterns or colors. One of the best attributes of awnings is they appear retractable, which means you only need to put it out when you need a patio shade in New Orleans.
  • Pergolas: If the idea is nature and beauty while having a garden around you, Pergolas will give the option of covering the patio with climbing plants. From roses to honeysuckle, passionflower, and wisteria, you can add to the yard by installing pergolas.
  • Flat roof: the flat roof cover is a simple structure that blends in with a home exterior. These patio options offer enough protection against the elements. If you would like more light to enter, then skylights would be advisable. Cutouts can be set to the center as well.
  • Canopies: These are adequate when it comes to ambiance. If you would like to host events in the backyard, then canopies are the best way to make the surroundings seem either more festive or relaxed, depending on what you want to do.
  • Thatched roof: these are for those who would like traditional decorations. Others would want it because it represents tropical getaways. Thatched roofing would allow you to give the patio the Caribbean feel while on a private beach.
  • Gable: It is a patio cover that has an A-type roof style, which is classic in form and overall shape. The high overload space is going to allow the wind to pass through so that it is possible to enjoy summer breezes in the shade.
  • Curved: the curved patio covers as well are particularly unique, and it would give a different style to the house. Several curve patio shades still protect against the elements.

Advantages of Patio Covers

  • Patio shades reflect the harmful UV rays of the sun. These can break down chemical bonds of objects every day, causing them to fade. Solar damage can easily make your valuables dull if given a chance.
  • The patio cover also makes these areas more accessible. Inclement weather stops you from taking advantage of the ample living space.
    By installing a cover, the patio can become a year-round venue that you would enjoy with your family.
    The most significant but least appreciated reward when it comes to installing these covers is the solar heat gain mitigation.
  • The patio can be the home’s primary layer of defense against the infrared rays of the sun.

Since they are the first structure that sunlight hits, it draws away from the UV light from home.

Apart from also protecting your furniture from damage from the sun, your new patio cover also essentially acts as a heat shield.

Finally, they also lend to the exterior design.

Get Your Own Patio Roof and Covers in New Orleans, LA

Big Easy Landscaping’s patio covers are customizable to the last detail, which means they can lend more interest to the exterior home design.

Whatever the aesthetic needs, it tends to be accommodated with work.

Get a patio cover for your home by calling us today!


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