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New Orleans Hardscaping
New Orleans Hardscaping

Experience the Best New Orleans Hardscaping from Big Easy Landscaping

Amplify the aesthetics of your outdoor space with New Orleans hardscaping from Big Easy Landscaping.

We create an architectural masterpiece in your outdoor environment and living space that will beautify your home and increase the functionality of your landscape.

Our experienced and well-trained crew uses unique elements of design that blend color, texture, and dimension to bring creative hardscapes into maximizing the beauty of your property.

They are dedicated to ensuring that you get the highest quality and the best creative hardscaping services to spruce up your outdoor space.

Ideal Service from Our New Orleans Hardscape Pavers

We are an experienced hardscape company that offers only ideal hardscaping services that will create dramatic improvements in your outdoor living space.

As a hardscaping company, we use hard landscape materials in your existing outdoor environment and incorporate them into your landscape. We complete creative hardscape projects that can cover your whole yard or a minimal area of your outdoor space.

We prepare everything necessary before the soft landscaping features are involved.

We use quality non-living elements and structures or immovable parts that are naturally available or man-made used specifically for your landscaping needs.

Arbors and Trellises

Creative and High-Quality Hardscape Materials and Elements

To create an impeccably decorated exterior to match your interior aesthetics, we consider various types of hardscape materials and conceptualize them into elements of hardscaping to make it easier to lay out a plan.

We have listed the elements of hardscaping design according to the function of the hardscape materials we use in our hardscaping services:

  • Separating Elements

    We use several materials and structures to subdivide spaces into different areas and provide scale for your surrounding landscape. Our team arranges the materials or structures of your choice to show access or direction. You can choose from:

    • Planter boxes
    • Flower pots (clay, plastic. Glazed ceramic, fiberglass, concrete, foam, metal, self-watering)
    • Fence – gives security from intruders
    • Retaining walls – prevents soil erosion (timber, concrete blocks, stone walls, natural stone blocks)
  • Special Features

    We install added features which indicate activities, event, and safety

    • Paving – these are comfortable surfaces for a pedestrian that indicate the direction in your outdoor space (gravel, cobbles, tarmac, bricks, pebbles, pervious concrete, porous asphalt, grass pavers, plastic grid-drivable grass, tiles)
    • Arbors and Trellises – designing structures that provide support for climbing plants or vines in your garden and can add a tunnel-like passageway in your landscape
    • Water Features – come in a variety of interesting and attractive forms and can serve as a focal point of your landscape (stone fountains, ceramic fountains, inexpensive DIY fountains, and clay pot fountains, pools, and ponds in any size or shape)
  • Linkages

    We use circulation systems by combining linear connectors, circular paths, traffic generators, and events with connectors like:

    • Bridges – durable and weatherproof that link access from one place to another
    • Steps – to link areas of different levels and to indicate access to another space in the landscape
    • Ramps – a flat supporting surface tilted at an angle used as an aid for raising or lowering a load
  • Outdoor Living Space Structures

    Our hardscaping services team will create a comfortable outdoor living space where you can relax together with your friends and family in outdoor living space structures like:

    • Patios – considered an extension of your house and an entertaining area for cookouts, parties, and other gatherings, or simply an area for relaxation.
    • Decks – functions similar to the patio but is installed elevated off the ground.
    • Pergolas and Gazebos – enchanting backyard destinations for small gatherings and relaxation
  • Furnishings

    We include structures to enhance and complete your outdoor living space such as:

    • Seating – located in areas where you can have good and pleasant views (made of wood, stainless steel, cane, plastic, fabric, wicker, wrought iron, or aluminum)
    • Dustbin – for easy garbage disposal and collection (made of galvanized sheet metal, aluminum, timber, fiber-glass, or concrete)
    • Signage – located at appropriate places with a suitable size to convey information (ex. Plants with clear labeling to encourage visitors to interact)
  • Lighting

    The lighting features that we include in our hardscape services will give you these benefits that you will enjoy:

    • Dark and insecure areas will be illuminated
    • A focal point in your garden or outdoor living space will be illuminated and enhanced
    • Provide a suitable mood for occasions
    • Safe and comfortable materials
    • Safe and easy maintenance
    • Installed in three types: road and highway lighting, pedestrian lighting, and decorative lighting

New Orleans Hardscape Pavers

Five Factors to Consider in Your Hardscape Landscape

If you are facing challenges in planning out a hardscaping design, our experienced construction and landscaping design professionals will help you throughout the process from planning to implementation. Here the five factors you should consider to help you decide on hardscape installation:

  1. Budget

    We will prepare and provide a detailed budget that includes all estimates about the materials and labor costs. We guarantee that our hardscaping services are cost-effective.

  2. Quality

    We use the highest quality materials that will not weather over time even in high traffic areas in your landscape.

  3. Drainage

    We install a functional drainage system with every hardscaping project.

  4. Space

    Our hardscaping designs consider size and location as critical considerations relating them to the space for sitting, walking, eating, or entertaining in your outdoor space.

  5. Maintenance

    Our hardscape services include regular maintenance if you do not have the time to do it by yourself. We can periodically check and maintain your entire landscape to retain its beauty and quality.

Creative Hardscapes from Big Easy Landscaping

Our hardscaping installation team is composed of highly skilled professionals that are experienced in all aspects of hardscaping projects.

We will work with you from planning out the hardscaping components that will make a foundation for the landscape of your dreams to creating a beautiful and wholesome landscape that integrates your home to its natural surroundings.

We do not only install hardscaping for its aesthetics, but we make sure that the materials we use will impact the efficiency, flow, and look of your landscaping.

With Big Easy Landscaping, you will experience the most creative and ideal hardscaping in New Orleans that will increase the value of our home.

Learn more about our New Orleans hardscaping services by calling us today!


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